Best Led Strip Lights For Ceiling

Best Led Strip Lights For Ceiling – It goes without saying that LED strip lights are one of the most versatile lighting solutions used in both commercial and residential buildings. It not only helps brighten up the space but also enhances its visual appeal. LED strip light is functional and aesthetic, making people attracted to it more than any other artificial light!

Although there are many options, no matter what design scheme you choose, LED strip lights are considered one of the best additions to your home. They can provide excellent light output with several customization options. It can be said that LED strip lights are the best choice to bring your creative vision to life!

Best Led Strip Lights For Ceiling

Best Led Strip Lights For Ceiling

Furthermore, LEDs are known for their energy-saving and long-lasting features. Equipped with this technology, you can expect LED strips to illuminate your home adequately for a long time without compensating for excessive electricity consumption!

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Most people are familiar with single color LED strips. However, did you know that there are other types of light strips that you can get? Here are some of the most common ones that you can’t miss!

Best Led Strip Lights For Ceiling

You can find these light strips in plain white (cool, warm, or natural white), which are commonly used for lighting, or in single-color strips used for branding, decoration, or other special purposes. Apart from just white, the most common colors of this species are yellow, blue, green and red.

If you want a strip of light that can reflect multiple colors at once, you should buy this type. Multi-colored LED strips are usually used for decorative purposes, such as adding a unique lighting design to your bedroom and playroom or making a sign stand out.

Best Led Strip Lights For Ceiling

How And Why To Decorate With Led Strip Lights

Unlike multi-color LED strips that can produce multiple colors simultaneously, RGB LED strips can only display one color at a time. This light strip protects three LED chips (red, blue, green) in one strip. Each channel is wired separately, allowing you to control them separately using a dedicated remote. With this you can mix the three main colors to get the color you want! Some remotes even allow you to set a color changing mode to add vibrancy to your lighting setup!

Are you planning to use the light strip for a more practical and functional purpose? If so, then white LED strips are perfect! You can mount it under kitchen cabinets, wardrobes or display cabinets to add task lighting for better visibility or ambient lighting for a more cozy atmosphere!

Best Led Strip Lights For Ceiling

Knowing the type of light strip only gives you a general idea. To match the LED strip to your needs, you need to determine the features you need. Below are things you should consider.

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How bright should the space be? Depending on the purpose of the room, the level of brightness to include will vary. Also, what is the use of your light strip? If it’s for task lighting, you need something bright. However, something less bright (but still visible enough) is perfect for accent or ambient lighting!

Best Led Strip Lights For Ceiling

Keep in mind that when checking the brightness of an LED strip, don’t look at the wattage, look for the number of lumens. Lumens indicate the level of brightness and watts indicate energy consumption.

This is a variation of the white color that LED light strips can produce. It is measured in Kelvin and the most common options are cool white, warm white and natural white. Again, your choice depends on the purpose of the band. Warm white is perfect for ambient lighting, and choose cool white or natural white for task lighting!

Best Led Strip Lights For Ceiling

Led Strip Lights

You can cut LED strip lights to any size as long as they are within the radius of the cutting line. The distance between the cutting lines varies, some are quite close and others are quite far apart. Therefore, before buying, always check the cut length.

LED strip lights are available with different IP (ingress protection) ratings. The higher the IP rating, the more protected the band is. For indoor applications (living room, bedroom, dining room, closet, etc.) only light strips with IP20 protection rating can be used. However, if you are using LED strips in the bathroom or outside, you should look for strips with an IP65 rating or higher.

Best Led Strip Lights For Ceiling

Most LED strips operate on 12V DC or 24V DC; therefore, it must be converted to a low voltage DC signal. Make sure the power supply you buy has enough capacity to power your strip. Otherwise, the power supply and the strip will be damaged.

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Not all LED strip lights are dimmable or remote control compatible. Therefore, if you want these features, you should look for a light strip that can provide them. Also, when buying a dimmer or remote control, make sure it fits your light strip. Otherwise, it will not work or the strip may not work as expected.

Best Led Strip Lights For Ceiling

Did you know that you can connect your light strip to your smart system? You can do this by buying a smart LED strip or combining a regular light bulb with a smart home LED driver!

After knowing the types and determining the factors in choosing a light strip, there are a few things to think about before buying.

Best Led Strip Lights For Ceiling

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LED strips are easy to install. Follow this simple guide and you’ll be done in no time!

LED strips are known to last for years. You can follow these maintenance tips to keep it in tip-top shape!

Best Led Strip Lights For Ceiling

If you’re thinking about buying LED strip lights, here’s why you research them; this is a sign for you! It is easy to install, energy efficient, flexible and offers a wide range of customization options. Visit our Simple Lighting site if you want to know where to find it now! We have a wide range of LED strips and all the accessories you need to make them work and look great.

Govee Wi Fi Rgbic Led Strip Light 50 Feet Multi H619dad1

If you were designing your own lighting project, what type of fixtures would you choose or have in mind? Most of the time, people… We independently review everything we recommend. We may earn a commission when you purchase through our links. Read more>

Best Led Strip Lights For Ceiling

Smart light strips are versatile. They are a trendy toy for teenagers and are loved by social media influencers for their eye-catching visuals. But it also works well for more grown-up needs, such as table lighting in the kitchen or creating a decorative feature around a fireplace or window. Designed to be more durable than seasonal string lights, smart light strips are made of flexible rubber material with built-in LEDs, and many can be extended or cut with scissors to fit your space. Many have special modes, such as syncing with music, and can be set to Programs or turned on or off by other smart devices. We like the Tapo Smart L930-5 Wi-Fi Light Strip from TP-Link because it offers bright and accurate colors, yet is easy to use and packs some special features at an affordable price.

This Tapo light strip kit is affordable and bright, produces accurate colors, has features that other light strips don’t have, and is very easy to set up and use.

Best Led Strip Lights For Ceiling

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This kit costs a little less than the Tapo kit and has more special effects. But it’s not very bright or easy to use, and it doesn’t work with Apple HomeKit.

This light strip has more LEDs per foot than any other model we’ve tested, making it bright enough for task lighting. The rest of it has the same features (and problems) as our second choice.

Best Led Strip Lights For Ceiling

While it lacks some extra features compared to our other picks, this model produces good color and is the cheapest smart light strip we’ve tested.

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The TP-Link L930-5 Tapo Smart Wi-Fi Light Strip offers the best user experience we’ve found in a smart light strip. There is no learning curve: setup and management are easy, and all features are simple and easy to use. This smart light strip produces the same or better color and brightness accuracy than other similarly priced light strips. The Tapo L930-5 also has more features than others we’ve tested. This feature includes several preset scenes and animations (with different color cycles in the strip), as well as a Remote mode (to turn on the lights at certain settings when you leave the house). The Tapo L930-5 is our only product that supports three major smart home platforms.

Best Led Strip Lights For Ceiling

Govee offers more special effects and customizations than any other brand we’ve tested, and the Govee RGBIC LED Strip Light Kit is slightly cheaper than our top pick, the Tapo L930-5. However, this model is not as bright as the Tapo L930-5 and does not have the same protective coating (so it may be less durable). It is also missing some features such as Remote mode, HomeKit support and energy monitoring. While the suite has a lot of fun and useful extra features, some people may find the learning curve of the companion app overwhelming. Govee’s RGBIC kit is suitable for teenagers and everyone

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