Best Majors For Physical Therapy

Best Majors For Physical Therapy – Anyone who has dealt with injury pain and gone through the recovery process knows how devastating and terrifying it can be, which is why so many people are inspired to get involved in physical therapy.

Physiotherapists help patients improve their quality of life by working on movement problems and pain relief. But what are the requirements to become a physical therapist and what are the job prospects for those who study physical therapy?

Best Majors For Physical Therapy

To determine what careers are available in the field and what education is required to become a physical therapist, we spoke with two experts from USC’s hybrid/undergraduate Doctor of Physical Therapy program.

Beyond The Clinic: Career Paths For Physical Therapists

Below, Yogi Mataru, professor and director of physical therapy at the University of Southern California Keck Hospital and the University of Southern California Norris Cancer Hospital, and Terry Richardson II, professor of clinical physical therapy, talk about what to expect from the program and the promising. career opportunities for graduates.

Within the medical field, physical therapists help patients regain movement and physical function. While most physical therapy is restorative in nature, physical therapists also work with those who want to prevent future problems and improve overall health.

The goal of physical therapy is to increase mobility, improve physical function, and reduce or eliminate pain, helping patients live healthier and more active lives. These treatments vary from case to case, but include certain exercises, stretches, and movement techniques.

With specialized expertise in muscle and joint movement and function, physical therapists can maximize physical activity without surgery or prescription drugs.

The Best Undergrad Major For Physical Therapy

As with any other medical profession, becoming a physical therapist requires intensive training. First, PT beginners must earn a bachelor’s degree and then apply to the DPT program. After graduation, they must pass the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) and meet all other state requirements to become licensed.

Postdoctoral entry requirements vary from school to school, but USC prospective students must complete a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, complete specifically required courses, and complete 150 hours of clinical experience in a physical therapy setting.

USC’s DPT hybrid pathway is offered full-time only and takes three years to complete. The hybrid pathway includes both classroom and university-based clinical laboratory sessions, both taught by world-leading PT leaders, and students experience clinical experiences in their own communities or across the country.

“The DPT program in particular has a long and proud history. [for decades] USC’s DPT program has been ranked #1 in the nation by US News and World Report. We’re still in the top five right now,” said Richardson.

Physical Therapy Jobs: Top Careers For Grads

In the courses, students review relevant content before meeting in small groups for live sessions with instructors. They can then apply their knowledge in the virtual classroom and then practice in person to develop hands-on clinical experiences with their group and professors.

“Basically, the program is designed to produce the best doctors who can become leaders in their field, who have excellent clinical skills so they can provide care to patients in the community and be valuable members of the healthcare team,” Matara explained.

According to Richardson, one of the program’s greatest strengths is its emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion. Emphasizing the values ​​of DEI is particularly important for aspiring healthcare professionals, as healthcare professionals must treat all members of their community with compassion and equality.

USC’s Department of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy even implemented a department-wide anti-racism plan in 2020, which was created to combat racism and “change the system we live in, especially the health care system,” according to a department statement. video.

Is Physical Therapist A Good Career?

The plan includes the creation of a diversity council focused on recruiting students from underrepresented groups, and even a partnership between USC and Xavier University, a historically black college, so that students “interested in a career in physical therapy can create a fast track for themselves, among others, to get into in the [USC] program.

“As health care professionals, we have a responsibility to educate where we can and encourage people, especially people from underserved and underrepresented communities, to participate in the health process and the health system so that we can ultimately create a better and fairer system for everyone,” it said. video.

Earning a doctorate in physical therapy prepares graduates to work in a variety of health care settings, including hospitals, where they can focus on acute care, inpatient care and rehabilitation, emergency departments, nursing facilities, home health care, outpatient private practice. and more.

PT can also work in more unexpected conditions: “People don’t always know that there are physiotherapists in the school system who work not only on clinical, but also on student access to the educational environment… There is a corporate part that includes injury prevention, health programs. Sometimes they are in fitness centers. You often see people working with sports teams,” explained Mataru.

How To Become A Speech Therapist: Steps To A Meaningful Career

According to Richardson, some program graduates combine their love of physical therapy with their passion for education by becoming professors to pass on the skills they’ve learned. Others become advocates for physical therapy, “lobbying at the local, state and federal level for the profession,” he said.

“We need people who are passionate about the profession and helping the profession grow, getting more information, but also making sure that the law for our profession is a situation where we can earn what we deserve,” Richardson explained.

For those who are a little more established in the field and are looking for a change of pace from direct patient care, PTs can also take advantage of research opportunities.

“The study gives us the evidence that we need to know that the different interventions and the different treatments that we offer are effective and will be able to effectively help these patients recover,” Richardson said.

Best Easiest Physical Therapy Schools To Get Into

The good news for people who want to pursue a career in physical therapy is that it is a rapidly growing field with many job openings. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, PT positions will grow by 17 percent over the next decade, much faster than the average for other occupations.

Although pay can vary by location, experience, and employer, the median salary for physical therapists in 2021 was $96,000, according to the BLS.

Overall, physical therapy is a rewarding, fulfilling, and often life-changing career. PTs not only help their patients live healthier and happier lives, but also provide tremendous stability and competitive compensation.

If you are interested in joining this growing healthcare industry and learning more about USC’s Hybrid/Bachelor of Physiotherapy Doctoral Program, request information today. physical therapy school pre dpt pre pt pre pt main pt school pt school gpa ptcas school October 7, 2019

Doctor Of Physical Therapy (dpt) Degree Program

You may have thought, “How should I major in pre-PT?” Is there anything better? Is there anyone worse? Should I stay away from this? Should I stay away from this?

Is there something you can pick that will set you apart from the rest, that will make you stand out? Will it make you different? The truth is…it really doesn’t matter what major you major in for pre-PT and undergrad. Why? Let’s take a step back and think about it.

When you go to PTCAS or the school website, does it always say they require a certain major? Has it ever been said that they want you to study biology? Did they ever say they wanted you to get a degree in kinesiology? Have they ever said they want you to get a degree in exercise? No.

It talks about your GPA requirements and GRE requirements. It says all sorts of things about letters of recommendation they want, hours and experience, but nothing about the major they want you to have.

Top 5 Online Doctor Of Physical Therapy Degree Programs

So if PTCAS and the school website say it doesn’t really matter what your major is, then no, it doesn’t really matter. No, it’s not even a requirement for them. Thus, it is not so important which specialty to choose.

So here are the myths and facts about what you can actually choose or what is actually being talked about as the “best major” for PT.

You must major in kinesiology, biology, physics, exercise, medical sciences, or similar. They said you should pick one of them, and all Pre-PTs do. This is the “Pre-PT Track”. It will be better for you, and you should. And this is not always true.

You don’t have to choose them. It is not necessary, as we just said, it is not necessary to be one of these specialists.

How Do I Become A Physical Therapist?

You can choose what interests you. You can choose a major that may be the easiest

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