Best Masters In Business Schools

Best Masters In Business Schools – July 03, 2018 The МВА program is in 24th place in the world rating of the world rating agency Eduniversal*!

On June 20, the international evaluation agency Eduniversal updated its ranking of the best Masters and MBA programs in the world, available at

Best Masters In Business Schools

According to the ranking results, master and MBA programs enter the 200 best programs in the world, becoming the first in Central Asia!

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First news: The Healthcare Management MBA program is ranked 24th in the global healthcare management MBA program!

Only one Kazakh university () and two Russian schools – State University of Science and Technology of Russia under the leadership of President of the Russian Federation and Higher Business School of Kazan Federal University (in 40 and 50 places). , respectively) entered the TOP-100 rating. read more:

In addition, according to the evaluation results, five master programs and Almaty Management University MBA are included in the top 1 and top 3 professional regional evaluations by Eduniversal, surpassing many famous business schools world including Institute of Technology India (IIT), Management Development Institute (MDI, India), etc. So, each of them enters the world’s 200 best shows.

We remember that, since 2007, Eduniversal (Paris, France), the world’s leading company in the field of higher education, ranks a thousand of the best business schools and 4 (four) thousand master programs of the best and MBA programs in 154 countries every year In giving a summary.

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The ranking process is as follows: Deans / Directors of the best 1000 educational institutions in the world vote on business schools and choose the best business schools based on a number of questions .

The process for ranking MA programs and MBA programs includes 8 guidelines, the most important of which are the following 3:

In addition, the MA and MBA programs receive additional points based on the following conditions – (entry requirements are: registration of representatives of more than 7 countries from at least 3 different geographical areas, o less than 20% of graduates study or work abroad, and use distance learning).

Master’s and MBA programs are evaluated against the above criteria and are ranked top 1 and top 2 in Eduniversal’s regional ranking of specialties in Central Asia, which includes Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Uzbekistan, Pakistan.

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The “Three Palms” institutional award by the Eduversal agency was first awarded in 2008 to the then International Business School. This title was established every year until 2013 when MAB awarded the Four Palms for the first time. Since then, it has won 4 thanks categories for the third consecutive year, which is equivalent to the level of “the best business school with significant international influence”.

In 2013, it was ranked fourth by Eduniversal and became one of the 300 best business schools in the world. Only three Kazakh business schools have the honor of being in the Eduniversal ranking: Bang Business School of Kimep University and Nazarbayev University Business School. 4 palm categories, with a score of 235%, awarded to the University of Almaty; 2 palm branches, with a result of 34% – to KIMEP University – State Business School.

According to the number of palm branches received, the participating institutions are divided into: public business schools with a strong international influence (5 palm trees – 100 schools awarded), – the best business school with a large international influence (4 palm trees – 200 schools), the best business schools – business schools with an increasing international influence (palm trees 3 – 400 schools), the best business schools with a strong local impact (palm trees 2 – 200 schools), business schools with a local impact special (1 palm tree – 100 schools) .

* The final ranking of 1000 international business schools and the detailed ranking can be found on the EDUNIVERSAL website

Qs Global Mba Rankings: Asia 2022

** In Central Asia, Eduniversal includes: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Uzbekistan, Pakistan. What You Should Know About MBA, EMBA, DBA Positions & Certifications (FAQ)1. Are EMAS and your MBA, Executive MBA and DBA programs accredited by the Russian government?

Yes, EMAS is approved by the Russian government. All EMAS MBA, Executive MBA and DBA programs are taught in accordance with the Federal Education Law of the Russian Federation.

2. International and national standards with EMAS? What is the evidence of the quality and value of the EMAS MBA program?

The first thing you should know is that a very small number of business schools are rated in international and national rankings with proven academic quality and giving prestigious degrees. EMAS is one of the few schools (only 200!) whose MBA and Executive MBA programs are listed and highly rated in prestigious international rankings. School programs that do not enter international rankings are not guaranteed.

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The EMAS MBA and Executive MBA programs are accredited by the National Accreditation Council for Business and Management Education (NACBE). (Certificate No. 024/20 and 025/20 dd. 09.24.2020). Accreditation confirms the high quality of EMAS education and diplomas offered by leading employers in the country (the founders of NACBE are associations of leading employers: Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE), Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (RF CCI), public organization. “Russian Business” (“Delovaya Rossiya”), Russian Banking Association, Management Association, Russian Association for Economic Education (RABE ).

3. What does private education coverage mean? Is there any certification for every school in every region of the world? What is the guarantee of the quality of the MBA program? How can I check it?

Private education accreditation is when a school’s teaching methods meet standards set by a private education accreditation agency or the Association of Independent Schools. If you see that a school has a certificate from a private education certification body, it means that the way it teaches the course and supports students during the course meets certain standards set by the owner’s body. Private educational certification does not mean that (1) the quality of education and actual results achieved by students and graduates while in high school, or (2) that the student has a good chance to build an amazing career because of his/her MBA degree, run and earn a high income.

You can only evaluate the learning outcomes (the quality of the degree students receive through their studies and career and income growth) by looking at the national and international MBA / Executive MBA Rankings, as they are based on surveys conducted among high school students representing their satisfaction with the quality of the Na program.

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There is no universal private education certificate that applies to all business schools. In fact, there are hundreds of private school accrediting agencies that compete around the world. Any certification is paid, and that’s how certification companies make money. It is the business of accreditation agencies to provide private education certification to schools.

4. What types of MBA schools are there and what types typically require a private education certificate? Why? Which one is best for me?

Typically, MBA and Executive MBA programs are offered in both types of schools, while the characteristics of a program depend on the respective school type. An intelligent student should choose the school that best meets his goals and expectations. Choosing the wrong type of school can cause dissatisfaction and students will not achieve the expected results.

Category 1 – Academic Business Schools (ABS). Normally, ABS is an affiliated school of a reputed university. They do not have a strong connection to real business and do not go into the current practical needs of real business in class. However, they provide students with good scientific training. This is the best option for small managers who are in lower management positions, not yet familiar with real business issues, or who are too high to make management decisions. ABS is a good start for those who are at the beginning of their careers. While students will not gain extensive practical skills in ABS, it will be enough that they will gain a good theoretical foundation. He/she should acquire hands-on practical skills through further study after completing MBA.

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Most of the private education certificates are designed for ABS. They regulate the education and training process (ie the duration of the training, which subjects must be included in the curriculum, etc.). Accredited schools are not authorized to change their syllabi without the approval of the accrediting body if they do not want to risk losing their certification. This is why accredited ABSs cannot change their policies once they see any new needs from real businesses. These schools primarily provide education. However, with approval, schools receive practical examples of the teaching process

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