Best Masters In Counseling Psychology

Best Masters In Counseling Psychology – Alaska Pacific University’s psychology scholarship program has been recognized in recent rankings both this academic year and last year. Best Masters in Psychology recognizes APU as offering the most affordable degree program at a small university. APU ranks 25th on their list, which is determined using data from the NCES College Navigator database. The organizers wrote in our email that their goal is to “connect students with everything they need to know about pursuing a graduate degree in psychology, as well as the practical resources necessary to grow as psychologists. human.”

Another list from gives us 80 points out of a possible 100. This is significant because we are the youngest university to reach this high level, and the only university in Alaska to make the list. Additionally, just last year, we were named to the “Great Small Colleges” list for psychology.

Best Masters In Counseling Psychology

In recent years, the Department of Counseling Psychology at APU has been awarded several statewide awards for their strengths and contributions to global health and mental health. The university prides itself on its efforts to make higher education affordable for its students.

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It is significant to note that we have not offered ourselves as candidates for these lists, and these institutions have decided to consider us on their own – our entry into these ranks is a proud moment for the entire department and the university as a whole. . “They used their own methods, found us through our web presence, and made their own decisions based on the available public information. I think it’s good. ” Professor Renee George of the Department of Counseling Psychology said.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Renee George who has been teaching as an adjunct at APU since 2001 in the Counseling Psychology Department. Renee is a licensed professional counselor and certified by the Alaska State Licensing Board as a Counseling Supervisor. He is a passionate leader in the university, and is interested in understanding the human mind and experience. “I have experience in many human services agencies, including work in the areas of domestic violence and sexual assault, community mental health, and child development,” said Renee. Counseling specialties include working with children, working with groups and working with people with trauma.”

Prof. In George’s email he explained the details of the department and what makes it a successful match for many students: “Because we are a small state school with a small professional psychology community, the department at APU can help students network in ways they otherwise wouldn’t. in areas with large residential or professional communities. Many of these people serve as faculty members and/or in -support our students in practice and work experience. We often have experts from the community as guest speakers in our classes, and our students often visit local companies to get an idea of ​​the great opportunities for those graduate in psychology.”

APU’s central location for mental health issues in the state and Alaska’s population as a whole means that APU students are already in the middle of the job market for psychologists. Especially students seeking a master’s degree and connection to the community, which APU is proud of. These students have an opportunity that would be lost at other schools, students at APU literally graduate directly into the work force needed in the state of Alaska. Many students have found themselves immersed in their careers after graduation and through APU’s community outreach, as they have established a wealth of knowledge and professional connections in the field of community mental health and psychology.

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We also differ from many areas of the country in that mental health, substance abuse, injury and suicide rates are a concern compared to other states. Opportunities to work in this field are available at all training levels, and positions are often filled throughout the state. We recently surveyed our MS graduates (2014) and found that nearly 80% were employed in the field within 5 months of graduation, and nearly so that 90% (88.9) are working in the field using their degree within one year of graduation. . Undergraduate students are often used to work in the field directly from their practical experience before graduation. Because we have all degrees and levels, students are supported if they want to complete BA at APU and continue for MS. Students who complete their MS degree often return later to complete their PsyD with us. Our graduate programs are designed around the needs of working adults and all classes take place during evenings or busy weekends; Other schools ask graduate students to avoid working while completing an advanced degree. – Renee George

The wealth of experience between the departments is fascinating and inspiring. To name a few – the department’s staff includes the likes of:

Nora Miller, who has outdoor experience in occupational therapy; Collaborate with non-profit organizations such as Running Free Alaska, NANA Nordic, Healthy Futures and Kicks for Kids.

Ebony McClain-Owens maintains a private practice in addition to her teaching, which provides links to business and practice fields to stay up-to-date on issues such as financial reform or Medicaid.

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Sue Fallon is a big supporter of student services and has strong ties to the National Organization of Human Services.

Kim Kjersgaard is an expert in development and has advanced training in psychology. She is interested in spirituality and counseling and physical therapy.

Ray Pastorino is also an attorney with a focus on mediator training and has medical expertise in social care and health care.

Stephanie Morgan is a “statistics queen with a deep interest in social justice” as it relates to psychology.

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And of course, “My background is in community mental health and using talk therapy and play,” says Renee George, who helped create this piece about the department.

You can learn more about the Department of Community and Counseling Psychology or about relevant degrees on their web page.

APU School opens on December 16, 2022. We ask you to be careful and reasonable when deciding to attend school. The Master of Art Therapy degree program is designed for those interested in helping others through the arts and creative expression. . Graduates become effective therapists who use a variety of creative tools to help patients understand their emotional struggles and explore their emotions. They use the creative process of performing arts to manage addictions, develop social skills, reduce stress, improve self-esteem and thus help them regain normal life activities. The underlying goal of art therapy is to integrate psychotherapeutic counseling techniques to enhance self-awareness, promote personal growth, and develop coping skills.

A master’s degree in art therapy prepares them for entry-level practice in art therapy. Graduates work in a variety of settings such as rehabilitation centers, hospitals and clinics, nursing homes, schools, day care centers and correctional facilities. The master’s degree curriculum includes clinical training in art therapy and a supervised program, both of which include hands-on learning opportunities.

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Art therapy can benefit a variety of clients, including patients with severe behavioral problems and addictions, people trying to cope with trauma, assault or abuse, people with serious medical conditions, injuries or it is disability, chronic stress, anxiety and dealing with behavioral problems. including people. word

A Master of Art Therapy degree usually takes two years to complete. However, some schools offer flexible options for working students who can choose an extended program and complete it in three years. Others may choose an integrated program and complete their degree in two years, which includes research projects, comprehensive research, and supervised clinical programs. The master of arts program prepares graduates to work with a variety of peers in the therapeutic process.

A master’s degree in art therapy curriculum typically includes the history of art therapy, assessment techniques, art therapy, disability and illness identification, psychology, human development, and psychoanalysis. This course is designed to prepare students to become registered, licensed and board certified. Art therapists should also have a strong understanding of the visual arts, but their patients need not be art experts. They use a variety of techniques to guide clients through the creative process of healing.

In this post, we have reviewed and reviewed schools that offer accredited and recognized Master of Art Therapy degree programs. We’ve ranked in the top 20 schools that offer high-quality programs known to provide the foundational training for a successful art therapy career. We reviewed program offerings, school rankings, program and school credentials, faculty profiles, student support, program capabilities, resources and training opportunities for ranking purposes. Programs are selected based on their potential.

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“Wow” factor – 1 point (everything that shows the program as unique. Unique qualities that make the program stand out from the crowd)

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