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Best Masters In Public Policy – Find the best online MPP programs to learn how to properly evaluate public policy issues that can significantly affect people’s lives.

This is an exciting time for students and professionals to consider careers that make a positive impact on people and society. You may work for a non-profit organization, government agency or private enterprise and are interested in transitioning into a new career field. You may already be working in public policy and want to learn advanced skills for a management position. Either way, an online Master of Public Policy (MPP) can help you achieve your goals. Read on to learn about this year’s top programs, curricula, financial aid options, and careers you can pursue after completing your degree.

Best Masters In Public Policy

To be ranked, universities had to meet the following criteria, based on government data provided by the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS):

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After creating a list of eligible universities, OMD’s data science team assigned weights and ranked the universities based on a combination of affordability, online learning availability and student application performance metrics.

Each ranking in OMD uses up-to-date data from the Integrated Higher Education Data System (IPEDS). IPEDS is self-reported by colleges and universities nationwide through a US Department of Education survey.

Whether students are considering a career in policy research or a Ph.D. follow, the University of Kentucky’s Master of Public Policy can help them achieve their goals. After studying the 28-credit policy core component of the MPP, students can focus on one of four study areas: nonprofit management, public finance management, policy analysis, or social policy. If a student prefers a different specialization, a unique concentration can be created by combining related courses from different departments. The program is classroom-based and offered on the University of Kentucky’s main campus in Lexington, with classes conveniently held in the late afternoon and evening.

Liberty University’s Master of Public Policy program, a joint venture between LU’s School of Law and the Helms School of Government, prepares students for careers in public administration, government and politics. To deepen their understanding and unique interests, students can take a general course or enhance their studies through one of eight possible specializations. Available specializations include studies in campaigns and elections, Chinese affairs, international affairs, leadership, Middle Eastern affairs, policy studies and public administration. All courses are offered online as 8-week courses, so students don’t have to interrupt their busy lives to pursue an advanced degree.

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The Master of Public Policy can be earned 100% online by students at the University of Northern Iowa. When students enter the MPP program, they join a cohort and progress through the two-year program, including the summer. The cohort model allows a group of experts to run the course simultaneously, providing students with accountability and networking opportunities. All classes are held on Tuesday evenings, the autumn and spring course modules are 8 weeks long and the summer sessions are 6 weeks long. As part of the program, students have a dedicated registrar and program coordinator to help them register for classes, understand the course sequence and billing process, and prepare for graduation.

Oregon State University’s online Master of Public Policy is designed to meet the needs of early and mid-career professionals in the public and nonprofit sectors who are advancing on their current career path or transitioning from the private sector to public service. As an on-campus program, the online MPP maintains precise curriculum requirements, mission, and outcomes, but allows students to complete their learning at their own pace using online tools. OU students have several course options to customize and extend their degree. They can choose from four possible policy concentrations, including Energy Policy, Environmental Policy, Rural Policy and Social Policy, and can also obtain additional qualifications from various graduate certificates.

For students looking to further their education, pursue their current career, or enter public policy, the University of Massachusetts’ online master’s degree in public policy can provide a path forward. The MPP is initially structured as a two-year degree, but students can take up to six years to complete their studies. Courses are also offered online, giving students great flexibility to complete their degree in their own semester. UMass requires MPP students to declare a focus area in public administration, environmental policy, or education policy, which will determine their intended academic path. After graduation, students can find employment in state, federal, or city government, non-profit organizations, business, trade, or labor organizations.

Regent’s University’s Masters in Public Law and Public Policy provides students with an extensive knowledge of policy, competitive politics and law from a Christian perspective. During their studies, students will understand how policy, competitive politics and law intersect and influence leadership, government and organisations. Students can complete their degree entirely online, eliminating the need to choose between their current career and graduate study. Upon completion, students will be prepared to provide an in-depth analysis of new and existing regulations, apply an advanced understanding of the United States Constitution to create policy, and develop strategies for legal issues and regulations. Potential careers for graduates include public policy advocates, lobbyists, or non-profit managers.

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Public policy is a complex field and employers need workers with a deep understanding of the legal, social and political factors that influence policy. For those who work in the private or public sector and want to pursue a career in public policy, it is important to find the right online master’s program in public policy. We’ve outlined three accredited programs below to give you a better understanding of what quality programs look like. See if you have the program you’re looking for, or use it as a quality benchmark for other programs you may be considering.

When people apply to the University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth’s online MPP program, they expect to get a bachelor’s degree from an accredited school and score high on the GRE. In addition, during the application process you must submit a statement of purpose, CV and two letters of recommendation explaining why you are interested in pursuing a master’s degree in public policy. Once admitted, students begin working through the department’s core curriculum, including courses in policy analysis, public policy research methods, administrative law, and public policy processes.

Students are also expected to complete classes in areas of concentration. Concentrations in public management include courses in program development, state and local level public finance, and policy management. Students interested in gaining expertise in environmental policy can enroll in this intensive course to take courses in environmental law, marine policy, and the impact of globalization on the environment. Students may also choose to specialize in education policy, including classes on education law, organizational behavior in the field of education, and the public finance of education. In addition, students in the program without at least two years of professional public policy work experience are required to complete an internship in which they apply public policy and public management theory to real-world situations in private businesses, non-profit organizations or government agencies.

Oregon State University’s online master’s degree in public policy is a 62-credit hour program that takes approximately two years to complete. This program combines several disciplines, including political science, economics, statistics and sociology, to give students a comprehensive view of public policy. To provide this understanding, students take core classes in microeconomics, leadership and public organization, qualitative and quantitative research methods, and public policy analysis. In addition, students choose one of four concentrations: Energy Policy, Rural Policy, Social Policy or Environmental Policy.

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After the class, students are expected to participate in a final course in which they work on a project designed to demonstrate their understanding of public policy theory. The project involves writing an essay that contains a solution to a theoretical public policy problem and an argument from ground-breaking research. To enter the program, students must have a bachelor’s degree and a grade point average of 3.0.

Offered by the Richard & Rhoda Goldman School of Public Policy, the University of California, Berkeley’s online Master of Public Policy program is designed to give students a hands-on perspective on how policy is created and implemented. The program enables students to build an understanding of political institutions, the research used to analyze and evaluate public policy programs, and how programs are developed and maintained in bureaucracy. To be admitted to the program, prospective students must submit a resume, GRE scores, statement of purpose for policy, letters of recommendation, and transcripts from their bachelor’s degree programs.

In the first year of the program, Berkeley requires students to complete core classes in public policy economics, law, and politics. During the second year, students take advanced courses covering the organizational aspects of public policy and public policy analysis. Students are also expected to complete focused studies that address important public policy issues.

There are several reasons why professionals enroll in the MPP program and choose programs available online. Here are a few

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