Best Online Giving Platforms For Nonprofits

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Speaking to the Guardian in 2020, Daniel Fluskey – Head of Policy and External Affairs at the Fundraising Institute – spoke about online fundraising platforms:

Best Online Giving Platforms For Nonprofits

“The experience of our members is that having a good site of trust, that it works and reduces fraud is very useful, and it is also important that donors and supporters have access to the right information. If it is professional and does not work well, people will not donate.”

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Having the right fundraising platform for your charity is important. But how to choose when they are all slightly different, with different features and benefits? Even a simple financial comparison can be confusing. Some platforms claim to be free, but ask donors to pay 5% of their contribution to support the platform. Some charge an annual fee, or a one-time membership. There is also a pay-per-view fee, which varies from platform to platform.

Money is not the only issue either. Many platforms offer more than just payment processing and Gift Aid collection. Some offer resources that will help you raise the profile of your campaign and increase your reach. Others provide you with your own microsite. Some of the main actors dominate the scene, while others assist in situations such as donation requests.

Finding the right balance of cost, features, and user experience will help you decide which platform to choose. Your love may benefit from being on more than one platform. We’ve rounded up the best online donation and fundraising platforms in 2022 to help you choose.

DonateFlow is a free online donation platform that we created in the early days of the coronavirus crisis to help charities raise much-needed funds. It allows charities to receive funding directly through their constituents. It’s easy to use (we set it up for you—all you need is a Stripe account or another payment processor) with a simple delivery process. You can find more information about our DonateFlow case study at the end of this page 👇 or at

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Note: No organization has been paid to be included in this article. All information is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of writing and is written in good faith.

We have to start with Just Giving. It’s the platform that helped captain Tom Moore raise a staggering £32.7 million and count over 1.5 million followers during the coronavirus crisis. Just giving is clearly an important driver and can do more than any other organization in online fundraising. It is a for-profit company owned by Blackbaud, Inc. It has 22 million users worldwide. It has all the benefits you’d expect from a great platform, including some great ideas and resources to help charities raise more and get more from the platform. It has an “excellent” rating of 4.5 stars on Trustpilot, out of 1,650 reviews.

Although another major player and Just Giving’s main competitor, its operations were linked to Virgin Money’s support of the London Marathon. With this support ending in 2021, it will also be a donation site that hundreds of thousands of people have used to raise millions for good causes. Consider DonateFlow or another platform in this article as an alternative to Virgin Money Donation.

Crowdfunder offers rewards-based crowdfunding programs that they claim can raise more than direct donations. It also offers “+ Added” money, a game money that will help you collect more money through the platform. Expert training is available, and Crowdfunder encourages you to put your ‘story’ at the heart of your fundraising efforts to get the most out of your project. All donations including Gift Aid are managed by Crowdfunder. It has an “excellent” rating of 4.6 stars on Trustpilot based on 1531 reviews.

Donor Management And Fundraising Software For Nonprofits

As you might guess from its name, Localgiving is on a mission to support charities. It says more than £24m has been raised on the platform, including £3.5m in match funding and £400k in grants. Offers crowdfunding and fundraising campaigns and contests. Individual support, detailed reporting and advice and resources are available to charity members. At the time of writing, £500 in grants are being awarded to charities promoting sport and physical activity.

Givey is a small and medium-sized charity that claims to capture 95% of the market, but only receive 10% of charitable donations. They’ve bucked that trend, saying 90% of Givey donations go to small and medium-sized organizations, focusing on local causes. The UK charity has a strong presence on social media, collecting donations through popular platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. If this sounds like your passion, it’s worth checking out. Like many of these platforms, Givey offers a variety of features and resources to help donors increase their revenue. It is important to note that Givey does not automatically make Gift Aids; you need to download the data and send it to HMRC yourself.

The Good Exchange is an organization that helps connect donors (trusts, foundations, philanthropists, etc.) with charities and other organizations that want to raise money for projects or causes. According to his independent research, only 2 out of 5 grant applications are successful, amounting to “22 working days of wasted effort” per research grant. Good Exchange uses technology to make the process more efficient. For project-based grants, it looks like it could be a game-changer.

The Charity Aid Foundation’s donation platform is used by over 600,000 charities to raise money and manage donations. It offers branded gift pages, campaign pages, gift aid refunds, direct debit, interactive buttons and forms, and many other features. CAF is a charity in itself. It provides a full range of support to charities and also runs its own bank. If you are looking for connected services CAF should appear in your summary.

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GoFundMe bills itself as “the world’s largest community fundraising site” with a network of hundreds of millions of donors. It has a wide range of donation tools covering donations, fundraising and events, with unlimited access to identifying data and intelligence. It provides all the support and resources needed to manage all fundraising activities and free integration with other key systems like Salesforce, Mailchimp.

The Big Give promotes itself as “the UK’s number one match funding platform” and runs the UK’s biggest online match funding campaign, The Christmas Challenge. It primarily brings together individuals, charities and philanthropists (like The Good Exchange) and has helped support over 10,000 donors since 2007. Charities on the platform can participate in Big Give match funding campaigns and build their own fundraising and matching. instead of financial campaigns. Research commissioned by The Big Give found that 84% of respondents believed they would be more likely to make a donation request if they were told donations would be matched.

Any nonprofit anywhere in the world can join GlobalGiving, subject to approval. It offers fundraising, inspiration, training, one-on-one support and game money donation pages. It claims to be the only platform offering Gift Aid and 501c3 equivalent worldwide, reaching 170 countries so far.

Niote: GlobalGiving aims to raise an average of £2 for every £1 spent on fundraising through match money, corporate employee gifts and the like. It says, “Most of our partners receive 0% commission.” Other than that, no other organization does more to help nonprofits improve their day-to-day operations on the ground.

Great Nonprofit Donation Pages [updated For 2020]

Enthuse is a “technology for good” company that offers regular and one-time donations, customizable and designated donation pages, and a gift aid processing platform. Their advocacy platform”

Full Giving claims to be the UK’s fastest growing online fundraising platform – the not-for-profit makes a big show of its features and calls itself a “platform without borders”. Donations go directly to the charity at the time of donation, rather than being transferred periodically. This leads to another big claim that All Giving is “the only platform that 100% guarantees that charities receive their donations.”

Virtually a platform in itself, GiveWP is a complete wordpress plugin that “allows you to boost your online donations, manage your donors, and recognize your efforts,” all directly from your WordPress website. It’s important to note that we’ll never advocate for WordPress, but if you’re already sold, GiveWP offers a number of attractive features and integrations, and they claim 90,000 active installs with over 350 5-star reviews.

Bopp is a new contender on this list and stands out with the development of the QR code system, meaning you don’t need a physical machine to make card payments. Simply ask users to scan a QR code or click a link. You can set a fixed amount or let the payer decide.

Best Online Donation Tools + Software Best Practices

DonateFlow is a new offering from Ten4. It is a simple hosting platform that uses your own domain

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