Best Online Masters Degrees In Education

Best Online Masters Degrees In Education – Just because you’re a teacher doesn’t mean you stop being a student forever. After all, there is always something to learn, and teachers know this better than anyone.

If you’re looking to move up in your education career – whether it’s a pay raise, expanding the subjects you can teach, advancing to higher education, or even joining a particular school or institution – earning a master’s degree is the logical next step.

Best Online Masters Degrees In Education

Of course, some may choose to pursue a Master of Arts in Teaching, but even with an MAT degree, there are several concentrations to choose from. Others may want to eventually transition entirely from teaching to another role in education, which means opening a completely different degree.

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Fortunately, there are many program options at USC for teachers and education professionals hoping to advance their careers, and most importantly, many of them are .

At the USC Rossier School of Education, prospective students can find several programs to help them grow in their profession and expand their skills. Below we have collected some of them that are worth considering.

Aimed at teachers who will work with students from kindergarten through high school, the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program is ideal for those who want to improve student outcomes in their community.

Both full-time and part-time programs are available for those taking the MAT, and students can take anywhere from one to three years to complete the program.

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There are also two possible concentrations to choose from: a multi-subject teaching concentration (meaning those working with students in grades K-6 are prepared to tackle everything from English to math) and a single-subject teaching concentration (allowing those working with middle and high schools to improve the subject of their choice).

Some of the courses students can take in the program include Integrated Language Development Across the Curriculum, Applying Knowledge and Strategies to Educate All Students, Blended Learning Experiences for Urban School Students, and more.

Fieldwork is also an important part of the MAT, providing students with the practical experience they need to become effective teachers.

Interested in international linguistics and culture? Earning a Master of Arts in Teaching – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages ​​(MAT-TESOL) may be the right path for you.

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This program ensures that teachers can practice in the United States and abroad. Students will learn how to effectively teach English to speakers of other languages ​​and develop the creativity and critical thinking skills needed to close the opportunity gap around the world.

Those with a MAT-TESOL have a variety of career options around the world, with graduates continuing to work abroad as English teachers, private English tutors, college professors, English editors, curriculum developers, and more.

Part-time and full-time tracks are available, and students take one to three years to complete the program.

One emerging field that teachers can join is instructional design, which focuses on creating or redesigning learning experiences, developing a comprehensive curriculum, and learning materials.

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In the Master’s program in Education, Design and Learning Technology (LDT), students will not only learn how to create personalized, technological and blended learning experiences, but will also learn about the latest research on motivation. and gain a better understanding of the learning environment as a whole.

Another exciting part of the program, which consists entirely of live courses, is the practice-oriented capstone. Students will develop their own learning product for real-world settings to demonstrate exactly what they have learned in the program.

Students enroll in two to three courses per semester, and the program is designed to be completed in 21 months.

Another way to apply your love of the school system without going in front of an audience is to earn a Master of Education in School Counseling (SC). Those who join the SC program learn how to effectively support the social, emotional, and academic needs of children in a K-12 setting.

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In addition to weekly live classes, students will also do fieldwork in K-12 schools to hone their skills. Designed for working professionals, the program is comprehensive, and full-time and part-time options are available for prospective students who can complete their coursework in two to three years.

There are also three course tracks: college and career readiness, which focuses on how to support students on their path to success; Restorative Justice, which teaches counselors how to help students overcome institutional barriers, such as poverty and racism, as well as individual barriers, including mental illness and domestic violence; and Trauma Informed Practice, which focuses on the treatment of physical and mental trauma that children and adults may experience.

Of course, not everyone who is passionate about education follows the pedagogical path. Education also requires many administrative roles. That’s where the Master of Education in Enrollment Management and Policy (EMP) program comes in.

Through EMP, students can work to become leaders in admissions, registration, financial aid, orientation, student retention, and more.

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The program, which can be completed in just 21 months, focuses on developing recruitment strategies, determining how institutional positions and policies will affect admissions, how to use financial aid, and how to help new students adjust to the school.

Courses are delivered live in a virtual environment later in the day or evening, so those trying to balance their career and higher education aspirations don’t have to stress about their goals.

So, whether you want to continue your education career in a K-12 environment or are looking for another role that supports students on their educational journey, USC Rossier has several master’s degrees to fit your career goals. The amount of data being created every day is growing exponentially, creating a strong demand for workers who can use, analyze and create value from the data available. Because of this, data science is one of the fastest growing fields today, and one of the best ways to break into this field is to earn a master’s degree in the field. launches its first-ever ranking of the best in-person master’s programs in data science.

The online Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) program prepares the next generation of data science experts and leaders and provides students with a UC Berkeley education without the need to relocate. Students graduate with connections to UC Berkeley’s extensive alumni network in the Bay Area and around the world. All international applicants will be required to provide results from the official Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

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The online Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) program prepares the next generation of data science experts and leaders and provides students with a UC Berkeley education without having to move …

Don’t be left behind as the data processing industry evolves. In just 18 months, earn a master’s degree in applied data science from Syracuse University, ranked #25 for the best online computer information technology graduate programs. Apply today to gain the analytical, technical and managerial knowledge you need to stand out in a competitive job market. GRE is not required.

Data science is one of the fastest-growing fields, with jobs up 480% since 2016, according to Glassdoor. And students who graduate with a master’s degree in data often earn six-figure salaries. The reason this industry is growing rapidly with high-paying jobs is because companies in all industries want data-savvy professionals in this digital age. Data gives companies and organizations the resources they need to make better decisions, and in turn, they need professionals with data skills who know how to understand and analyze data.

The GPA you’ll need to get into a master’s program in data science depends on the school. University of Minnesota, #3 on

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Ranking of the best master’s programs in data science, the average GPA for admitted students for the 2020-2021 academic year is 3.68. During the same period, the University of San Francisco was 3.47, the University of St. Thomas at 3.14, and the University of Michigan at 2.63 – although that’s a bit surprising.

Master’s programs in data science can be offered in person, online, or in a hybrid format – and that can be the difference in what “the best program” means to you.

In the top five in-person programs such as: University of Michigan, Harvard University, University of Minnesota, University of San Francisco, and University of St. Additionally, our ranking of the top five online programs includes: University of Illinois, UC Berkeley, Texas Tech University, Bay Path University, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

On average, it takes about a year and a half to two years to complete a master’s degree in data science, with most programs requiring between 25 and 60 credits to graduate. So it depends on each individual program and whether you choose full-time

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