Best Online Masters In Education Programs

Best Online Masters In Education Programs – Well, here we go. You’ve clicked through this list of 40 online master’s degrees in educational technology from your device. Your motivation may be that you are half guru, half techie/geek cyborg. Maybe you’ve worked long enough to know how fast you need to adapt. This degree is the next step as you feel better about how to adapt to the future by weighing your options and then making the right decisions for you and your family.

You can apply these subtle skills to a variety of positions. In the past, technical support was a traditional position that didn’t require a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Sophistication in today’s industry is nothing new to anyone, especially you. You may be among the technologists serving to deepen the requirements for anyone seeking an online master’s degree in educational technology. Or maybe you learned how important it is to keep up with technological advances, seeing them as a tool, not a rival. This can be your way too.

Best Online Masters In Education Programs

Because of your interest in the tech industry, you’ll already be sold on the value of online learning. As you know, online schools have been around for a long time and have become very adept at providing a solid education through virtual classrooms, cutting out all the ‘twists’. In many cases, online faculties are the same as those taught in brick and mortar buildings. With an online master’s degree in educational technology, you can expect higher earnings and an increased reputation as a “tech guru” in your organization. Some of the job titles you’ll be prepared for include performance support specialist, technology integration specialist, chief learning officer, learning technologist, eLearning developer, learning coordinator, including learning and development specialist, and classroom (K-12) teacher.

Best Online Master’s Degrees In Statistics For 2023

This list of the 40 best online masters degrees in educational technology is based on the following criteria: tuition rate, accreditation, salary expectations for college graduates, and USNews & World Report rankings. If the scores are tied, the school with the lower enrollment is given additional weight. NCATE (National Council for Teacher Education Accreditation) and TEAC (Teacher Education Accreditation Council) merged in 2013 to form CAEP (Teacher Education Accreditation Council).

Regional Accreditation: 5 Points CAEP/NCATE Accreditation: 3 Points #40 – DeSales University Center Valley, PA Online MEd Instructional Technology K-12

As you progress towards DeSales University’s Master of Education in Online Learning Technology, your classes will be scheduled so that you have an opening and closing web conference with each course you take. You’ll attend classes asynchronously for twelve weeks – the summer session makes up half of that. DeSales University’s online MEd in Instructional Technology is open on admissions basis, accepting applications year-round. The application package must include one letter of recommendation and a copy of your teacher’s license (if applicable).

A longtime proponent of technology and pedagogy, Thomas Edison State University has a Master of Arts in Educational Technology and Online Education, and this program is definitely delivered online. You and your group should take courses on fundamentals and leadership, as well as instruction and management. To complete your 36 credit hours working towards a master’s degree in educational technology and online education at Thomas Edison State University, you must successfully complete internships and internships which are very rigorous compared to similar programs.

High Mark For History

Online Master of Education in Educational Technology from Belhaven University. The program website appeals to those who need advanced knowledge to adapt to current teaching needs. The special needs of older students are also highlighted. You need a minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.75 to be accepted, but schools may consider your case. To complete 33 credits, you must complete Leadership Skills in Classroom Instruction. These students may be the students you need to learn best practices for teaching; could be you too. Sensitivity is the tone of Belhaven University’s General Educational Technology online program.

#37 – Wright State University – Main Campus in Dayton, Ohio, MD in Educational Technology – Instructional Design for Online Digital Learning

Wright State University’s Online Master of Education in Educational Technology – Instructional Design for Digital Learning offers two options for waiving the GRE. Otherwise, you need a GRE or MAT score above 50 percent and an undergraduate GPA of at least 2.7 on a 4.0 scale. Wright State University’s MD in Educational Technology – Online Curriculum Design for Digital Learning uses seven-week periods to accelerate learning and fit into your already busy schedule.

A recent redesign has made Fontbonne University’s online Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology more applicable across a wide range of fields. Available specializations include: educational technology; designing student experiences; web development and multimedia production; and mobile application development. Fontbonne University’s industry-oriented online master’s course in Instructional Design and Technology emphasizes that the course is highly relevant to today’s market, especially if you decide to create “learning experiences” in software such as Adobe Cloud Applications.

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The 36-credit Johns Hopkins Online Master of Science in Learning and Educational Technology for the Digital Age was previously known as the Master of Science in Technology for Educators. The core courses cover new learning technologies and sciences, leading to requirements such as culturally sensitive teaching and use of instructional technology. Online application to the MS in Digital Age Studies and Educational Technology at Johns Hopkins University requires an application fee of $80, a current CV, and an essay.

Speaking of East Central University’s online master of education in educational technology, the school teaches you teaching skills that will help you become an instructional leader and for careers such as technology integration trainer and director of ed-tech supporting non-teaching skills. All students are required to study research methods, educational philosophy, and instructional design principles. A capstone or thesis must be completed before you graduate. The department emphasizes that you can apply these skills in K-12 as well as higher education and government jobs. To be eligible for financial aid in the MD in Online Educational Technology at East Central University, you must be enrolled in at least five credits.

The introductory material for SUNY’s Albany online master’s in curriculum development and instructional technology emphasizes the value of investing not just in technology, but in those using these tools in academic and K-12 settings. Teachers and students can develop tools together to become interns, trainers, and co-authors, experimenting with the best software and methods for teaching. Recommended goals include certification and professional development for those who prefer continuing education. If you plan to attend SUNY Albany MS in Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology, you can expect 30 hours of rigorous community-based learning. You will also need to complete a research thesis or seminar.

Through a practical teaching model and universal design of an instructional approach, Framingham State University’s online Master of Education with a focus on educational technology teaches you how to facilitate student learning and engagement through new and cutting-edge technologies. The 30-credit program seeks applicants with a 3.0+ GPA in their undergraduate career. Framingham State University’s educational technology major in medical science has two start dates per year, but accepts application materials year-round.

College Of Education Ranked No. 30 For Best Online Graduate Programs

You will need 30 credits to complete Lehigh University’s online Master of Science in Educational Technology. In order to accommodate as many students as possible, the school includes an 8-day intensive course it calls a summer “institute”. Additional flexibility is possible with an internship – no thesis or compilation required. To apply for Lehigh University’s online instructional technology program, you will need two references, a transcript, a current resume, and a statement explaining your ambitions when demonstrating your skills. The expected completion of the degree is one to three years. Graduates typically find work in highly professional design and teaching positions.

Admission expectations for Emporia State University’s online Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology include a minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.75, two current references, a transcript, resume, and a personal statement to the department explaining why you chose this school — and a demonstrated ability to communicate. Graduates of Emporia State University’s online master’s degree in instructional design and technology will most likely find positions both inside and outside the classroom.

The strengths that exist at the University of Sioux Falls drive the ambition among you to go beyond your bachelor’s degree and pursue a master’s degree in technology education in a leadership position in an academic arena or beyond, such as a technology integrator. An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher is required for admission to the program. In addition, you must have at least one year of certified teaching experience before entering the online mode

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