Best Online Masters Programs For Healthcare Administration

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that administrative positions in healthcare and medical services will increase by 32% between 2020 and 2030. The median annual salary for healthcare administrators was $101,340 in 2020.

Best Online Masters Programs For Healthcare Administration

Earning an online master’s degree in healthcare administration prepares students for higher leadership positions in healthcare organizations, therefore the healthcare industry is evolving.

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For students looking to study Health Care Administration at the master’s level, choosing a more convenient online study-at-your-pace program is a viable alternative for those interested in becoming a health care services manager.

Are you interested in joining the healthcare professional field, but not necessarily interested in a hands-on approach, such as becoming a nurse or doctor? This is good because there are many healthcare administrative careers available to those with the right master’s degree in healthcare administration.

In general, healthcare leaders in management positions need a master’s degree. And to make it easier for you, online distance learning opportunities such as Masters in Health Administration are readily available. World Report and Labor Statistics show that healthcare is a trillion dollar industry, so why not get your piece of the pie?

As you journey towards advanced education and training in healthcare organizations, we help you make the best decision for potential healthcare service managers. Here we present the best online schools in the country that offer an online master’s in health administration. These online universities and colleges are listed and ranked in random order based on their program features, course options, tuition, and financial aid. We also highlight the best part of an online school that provides a relevant education in the field of health services.

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For more information on how we selected our top online colleges for Masters in Health Administration, please visit our methodology page.

Looking for a great online master’s program? The University of Southern California offers an online Master of Health Administration (EMHA) program designed for experienced healthcare clinicians, leaders, and managers.

The curriculum of the programs in their healthcare organizations also focuses on innovation and research, with the goal of preparing students to adapt to certain changes in settings – healthcare. It also aims to provide a competitive higher education experience to improve the capabilities of the country’s future leading healthcare professionals.

For potential health service managers, the practical experience provides valuable opportunities to connect with experienced speakers, educators and country managers. Students discover a wide range of outcomes-based and value-based health care management strategies.

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This Master’s program in Healthcare Administration adopts Six Sigma and Learning Metrics tools and methods for its core project. This requires weekly online communication in real time. The online master’s degree in health administration focuses on five curriculum themes that emphasize innovative leadership, effective patient care, efficiency in management and administration, patient safety and quality of care, and organizational effectiveness.

Trinity University offers an online Master of Health Administration (EMHA) program. The program, considered one of the best in the US, features experiential learning that focuses on scholastic theories.

One of the goals of the program’s curriculum is to assist students in proactive financial planning in the healthcare industry. Trinity University’s EMHA program is ideal for those planning to work full-time while studying.

For Health Services Managers, Trinity University’s Executive Master of Health Administration program is designed not only for experienced professionals but also for recent college graduates. One of its best features is its focus on a strong and active healthcare alumni network that “forms a foundation for professional relationships and career development.”

Online Master Of Healthcare Administration (mha)

For a quality graduate program, the University of Scranton offers an online Master of Health Administration (MHA) program. It aims to help students tackle the various challenges of the healthcare industry through education and training for good leadership, sound knowledge and effective decision making.

As a Jesuit institution, the university promotes the highest ethical standards of community service. The Master of Health Administration program is available 100% online.

These healthcare management programs provide a curriculum for aspiring healthcare administrators and follow the American College of Healthcare Executives competency model. Online students can choose an elective between grant writing and medical practice management and administration in addition to the required internship.

Under the Gillings School of Global Public Health, the University of North Carolina offers an online Master of Health Administration (MHA) program. The university has a reputation for demonstrating global impact in health and research.

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Online students are trained to continue creating innovative solutions to a variety of public health challenges. To achieve this goal, this program is aimed at professionals working in healthcare systems.

This is an online master’s in health administration program that does not require previous work experience or coursework to apply. Course activities include creating business teams, effective patient care, creating project concentrations and executing their business plans; a perfect program for aspiring healthcare administrators, nursing home managers or healthcare managers.

The University of Central Florida offers an online Executive Master of Health Administration (EMHA) program in the Department of Health Management. The program is ideal for mid-career professionals with three years of healthcare management experience.

Classes are conducted on a cohort basis to allow instructors to discuss issues in detail and for students to network with their peers. The program is 100% online and students are not required to attend campus meetings.

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A unique feature of this Master of Health Administration degree program is the lock-step course sequence, which means that the course can be completed in a predetermined, detailed sequence. In lieu of more professional experience through internships and practicum, advanced theoretical coursework is recommended.

Under the Milken Institute’s School of Public Health, George Washington University offers an online Master of Health Administration (EMHA) program. GW’s Master of Health Administration opens current working professionals to an immersive educational experience and industry-wide connections.

The program uses state-of-the-art technology to enhance learning interactions and provide a flexible and active learning experience. The curriculum is designed to develop students’ skills in the medical and financial fields of health care.

In addition to online classes, Masters of Health Administration students participate in four-person immersion. It exposes them to the industry through trips to healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics and health care organizations in the state and across the country as they focus on becoming good healthcare administrators.

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Under the guidance of the Keith Busse School of Business and Entrepreneurial Leadership, University of St. Francis offers an online Master of Health Administration (MHA) program with an emphasis in healthcare administration and management.

The program helps professionals aspiring to become a health services manager or health care administrator stay abreast of the changing health care environment through rigorous courses and training topics. including case analyzes and interactive technologies to monitor ethical and legal issues, effective patient care, strategic management . and financial matters.

The online Master of Health Administration degree at the University of St. Francis can be obtained in 15 months, making it one of the shortest programs in terms of completion. Through the program, students will be able to apply the Ethical and Religious Directives (ERDs) set forth by the U.S. bishops for Catholic health care facilities. Franciscan values ​​and ethics are further emphasized in the program.

Under the College of Allied Health Sciences and the Carl H. Lindner College of Business, the University of Cincinnati offers an online master’s degree in health administration. The curriculum combines skills-based coursework with experiential learning.

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The program highlights three major issues in the healthcare system today, namely accessibility, cost and quality. Students can choose their concentration from online programs based on their interests, such as managing local hospitals and other health care providers or creating public health policy.

Before graduation, online master’s students must submit a research topic based solely on a management problem in their healthcare setting. The specified project research will be presented and approved by the university and will be completed in a specified environment.

Are you looking for a quality master’s program? Seton Hall University offers an online master’s degree in health administration designed for experienced health professionals and health professions college graduates.

By developing problem-solving and critical analysis skills, the curriculum provides students with the knowledge and experience to become leaders and managers in the healthcare industry.

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Students in master’s programs who wish to become healthcare administrators must complete a capstone project to contribute to significant research at the university. Online students in this Master of Health Administration program must also come to Seton Hall for two 5-day comprehensive seminars on the various topics covered in the online programs.

Under the Department of Health Administration and the School of Allied Health Professions, Virginia Commonwealth University offers two of the best online master’s programs: the Master of Health Administration (MHA) and the Master of Health Administration (MSHA). – experienced professionals in private and public health care.

The main focus is effective administration and organization as the curriculum includes

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