Best Payment Gateway For Gunbroker

Best Payment Gateway For Gunbroker – GunBroker has two “Preferred Payment Methods”. But only one is available for non-commercial sellers, which is very dangerous for buyers. There is a third option, better for both parties.

Some other payment methods are accepted but not listed – in particular, many other payment methods are not accepted, including all payment platforms. In fact, GunBroker expressly prohibits the use of payment platforms:

Best Payment Gateway For Gunbroker

We prohibit the use of Venmo, Zelle, Cash App, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal Friends and Family (PPFF), or any person-to-person cash payment programs. Payments made using these applications will not be covered by the Buyer Protection Program (BPP).

Get An Ffl: California Federal Firearms License

This may be because GunBroker does not want users to file buyer protection program claims for funds confiscated by payment platforms. Funds are often seized because these platforms prohibit weapons-related transactions and seize funds related to them.

Which is better between the two “preferred payment methods”? It’s more a question of what’s available.

When GunBroker refers to “credit card” payments, it refers to the instant payment feature. This feature enables registered businesses to accept credit card payments through GunBroker if certain conditions are met:

To use this feature, sellers must have a merchant account associated with one of’s supported payment gateways.

Another Gunbroker Scam

GunBroker does not offer instant settlement to private, non-business sellers. These sellers will still accept credit card payments, but only through .

For all GunBroker listings that do not have Instant Checkout enabled, USPS Money Order becomes the only “Preferred Payment Method” available. This is crazy because money orders are ridiculously dangerous for buyers.

The great thing about USPS money orders is that sellers don’t need any qualifications to accept them. Anyone can accept a money order as long as they have a mailing address to receive it. But this flexibility comes with a dark side.

Money orders are cash equivalents. Sellers can easily take their money and run. This is why scammers love money orders. It’s easy to steal, but is still considered a normal payment method for gun-related transactions. Consider mailing cash to a complete stranger and hope you don’t get scammed. Sounds crazy, right?

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In addition to being insecure, USPS money orders are also inconvenient. First, you need to go to a USPS location. You may have to wait in line. Then you have to pay in one of 3 ways: cash, debit card or traveler’s checks. Hopefully you have a debit card handy. You must then mail the money order to the seller’s address. Hope you have envelopes and stamps handy. Then you have to wait a week for the seller to receive the money order and cash it (to make sure it’s legit). It couldn’t be more inconvenient.

Now imagine you bought a computer from someone online and they asked you to pay by USPS money order. what would you think It could be something like this:

Pay by money order? It seems so deceptive. Even if it wasn’t a scam, I wouldn’t drive to USPS and wait a week to receive it. I will figure it out.

The only secure payment method for online gun related transactions. Plus, it’s super convenient. Anyone can make a credit card or bank account payment. There are useful guidelines for regulated transactions. Shipping information can even be automatically updated via SMS if you wish. Basically, if you’re going to buy anything gun related online, there’s no better way than to buy a .

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This is especially a great tool for sellers who don’t have GunBroker feedback. This allows buyers to pay complete strangers with total confidence as they are completely protected from scams.

Yeah, it seems odd that GunBroker doesn’t consider one of its “preferred payment methods”. But there is a reason for this. GunBroker avoids mentioning it as it tries to promote a new competitor in which it shares some ownership. It’s that simple – the owners of GunBroker just want to earn extra income from you.

GunBroker does mention it to some extent. GunBroker has an “Escrow” payment method option. This option means, because there is no other gun friendly hosting service.

It is very simple. The only completely safe and convenient way to pay online for gun related transactions. Open a free account now.

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Sellers can pay credit card convenience fees Now sellers can pay credit card convenience fees on behalf of buyers. This allows sellers to eliminate potential buyer objections, which should boost sales. What is a convenience fee? Forced to charge a 3.8% convenience fee on credit card payments. we deserve nothing

Curio & Relic FFL now supports Type 03 “Curio & Relic” FFL. This is one of our most requested features, and we’re excited to help these FFLs make transacting online easier and safer. What is Curio & Relic FFL? The Type 03 Federal Firearms License is for “collectors of curiosities and antiques.” In layman’s terms,

PayPal charges $2,500 for violations (among others) PayPal lists 11 possible penalties for those who violate its user agreement, including charging $2,500 in damages. If you didn’t already know, Guns & Ammo is violating their user agreement. What does the PayPal agreement say? To use PayPal, you must agree to the User Agreement and Acceptable If you sell guns or ammo, you need a Merchant Service Provider who can afford the risk. At Zen Payments, we make it easy with our extensive supplier network, excellent recognition and years of industry experience. We understand your challenges, will help you find solutions that fit your business today, and give you a springboard for future growth.

Get your gun dealer account today. The online gun industry is growing across the country. Gun sales in 2020 exceeded any year in history, with total sales approaching $40 million. January will put 2021 on track to break that figure as well.

Gunbroker Credit Card Processing For Firearms

With sales growing at an incredible rate, now is the perfect time to open a firearms or ammunition dealer account. To handle these high-volume customers, you need a firearms dealer processing company with a proven track record in the industry. This is where Zen Payments comes in.

We have over 15 years of experience helping dealers with firearms suppliers to ensure the safe handling of their business. We make sure our merchants process payments consistently, and they always do so at the best possible price. Let’s get started here and get you approved today!

Firearms and ammunition is a highly regulated industry. They are also one of the few businesses that are automatically considered high risk regardless of their business history, credit score or reputation. Whether you sell products online or in brick-and-mortar stores, high stakes create obstacles to securing payment processing services.

Being flagged as a high-risk merchant means that companies like Stripe, Square, and Paypal can’t process payments for you. These providers cannot service high-risk accounts. If you use it and they find out, you will have your funds frozen under arms industry regulations.

High Risk Merchant Account Provider

If you want to process credit card transactions, you must set up a firearms supplier merchant account with a high-risk merchant. Most industry suppliers will reject you as a customer. If you already work with one of these providers, and they know your industry, they can terminate your account – effective immediately – making it impossible for you to do business.

At Zen Payments, we take the time to make sure your website is always ready to process payments and sell products. Every gun dealer we have goes through a strict underwriting process to ensure accounts remain active and funds are not frozen or held.

We want to keep you in business, and we will take all steps necessary to ensure your success. We offer you 24/7 support, chargeback reduction and protection programs, underwriting to prevent fraud and a variety of payment gateways to ensure compatibility with your platform.

Offering a merchant account to cardless gun sellers is no easy feat! Unlike most processors, we at Zen Payments have spent countless hours learning about the industry and, more importantly, understanding how to closely monitor merchant accounts so we can ensure yours stays open. With us, you never have to worry about your merchant account being strictly closed for operational reasons.

Epic Merchant Systems

While most dealer processors stay away, we welcome gun and ammunition dealers with open arms. With our experience in the industry, it’s no wonder we’re the nation’s preferred provider of gun dealer accounts. We will take care of it, and you can be sure that you are in the right hands.

Your customers buy guns to protect themselves, but you need to protect yourself too. Firearms dealer accounts are high risk, so you should take every precaution to ensure you always process payments. To start selling firearms, the first thing you need to do is obtain a Federal Firearms License, or FFL.

The Administration of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) requires any firearms retailer to offer an FFL. If you’re only selling ammunition or accessories, you don’t have to, but it will ensure that a legally purchased firearm is sold to someone who can legally purchase it and pass a background check. You can apply for FFL online. Once you get your FFL, we will approve you to start

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