Best Project Management Software For Creative Teams

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Over the past few years, Microsoft Teams has emerged as a powerful (and integrated) collaboration platform within Microsoft 365.

Best Project Management Software For Creative Teams

Companies that have paid for Office 365 or Microsoft 365 get access to these applications at no additional cost, and they integrate well with other Microsoft 365 suites.

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Out of the box, it’s already an amazing piece of software that allows teams to collaborate on Office documents, use chat and channel-based communication like Slack, and more.

But what makes Microsoft Teams shine is the library of integrations, apps, and add-ons that can transform the stock Teams experience into whatever your organization wants it to be.

If you are a project manager or decision maker in an organization that uses project management software, you can take more advantage of the tool by integrating it with Microsoft Teams.

Project managers and organizations that use multiple project management methodologies tend to rely on one or more specialized project management software. Most of these tools work on their own. However, the real power and value is when organizations integrate project management applications with other tools.

Best Creative Agency Project Management Software In 2023

When you’re looking for the right project management app to integrate with Microsoft Teams, consider these key factors to narrow your search:

One of the most important areas to consider is the integration or customization of certain Teams apps. You will quickly realize that some are deeper than others.

For example, evaluate whether the application allows users to customize dashboards, workflows, reports, and notifications. And when it comes to reporting and notifications, make sure the app allows for one-way or two-way communication (if that’s important to your workflow).

In other words, can Teams trigger notifications in project management tools, and can project management tools trigger events in Teams? Or an application that you consider more than a one-way operation?

List Of Top Project Management Software 2023

Also pay attention to the application’s user interface (UI). Some apps look great in their native or web-based versions, but don’t work or are clunky in Teams.

How do colors, images, and font sizes translate? Do they look as intended, or are they annoying enough that people don’t want to use the app in Teams?

Next, you want to make sure that the Teams app strikes the right balance between powerful yet simple task management.

The Teams app for any task management tool is not designed to replace the standalone experience. So don’t be surprised if some advanced features still require you to switch to the full interface.

The Top 30 Team Management Software Of 2023

However, the core things your team needs to do every day (like meeting deadlines, sending and receiving task update notifications, etc.) should translate well – and be easy to use at the same time.

The best project management apps may not be the flashiest or most feature-packed. It includes all the functionality you need for your organization and workflow and integrates well with other productivity tools you use.

Do you always use Excel, Jira, or kanban boards? Do you rely on Gantt charts to visualize long and complex projects? Do you make a lot of video calls where you need to pull content from other apps? What about time tracking?

Every organization will have its own set of use cases and required features. It’s rare to find an app that does everything you need it to do so well.

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Whatever you need to do in your application outside of the main project management tool, make sure that other tools are easy to integrate, without creating new headaches and obstacles.

Create detailed Gantt charts to manage project timelines and stay on track.

If your business is investing in Microsoft Teams or considering the tool, you’ll want to choose the best project management software to integrate with. Try these 13 project management solutions with the Microsoft Teams app and see if one or more can improve the way you manage projects and collaborate.

One quick note on finding the Microsoft Teams app: Because Teams is part of the broader Microsoft 365 suite, expect the same level of admin oversight. Unlike some of the other popular tools we’ve reviewed, the Teams app store is heavily controlled by your organization’s Microsoft 365 or Teams admin. If you’re looking for an app in this list and it doesn’t appear, you’ll need to contact your admin and ask them to approve the app in your network or organization profile.

Best Online Project Management Tools Of 2023

Is an extensive project management platform with all the necessary business functions to track tasks, work with vendors and clients. It’s ideal for any organization that uses Teams and anyone involved in client work, with advanced features for tracking billable time and more.

Integration with Microsoft Teams enables many functions that make life easier for anyone who uses it. This includes adding Board View, Task View, and Gantt charts to any team in Microsoft Teams.

And by connecting Spaces to Teams, you’ll make it easier for everyone on your team to find content in Teams. Read more about what you can do for your business today – get started today for free.

Monday is a newer project management tool that has seen heavy ad rotation in recent years, touted as the easiest and best way to manage a team. It is more geared towards startups and small businesses, where the person managing it may not be a professional project manager.

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Like other agile options, Monday is intentionally lightweight and very good at doing what it needs to do. This makes project management easy enough for non-specialists but at the cost of features that many businesses need (such as subtasks, task dependencies, client users, and unlimited integration).

Enterprise integration with Teams is quite limited. This allows Monday to send a limited number of notifications to Teams, and that’s about it.

ClickUp is an extensive work management tool that lets you track projects, chat with team members and more. In essence, ClickUp is broad, but not deep: It can be a good choice for smaller, shorter projects.

But this integration lacks the depth needed to tackle longer and more complex projects. It can also be a challenge to learn.

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The ClickUp add-in for Teams enables notifications, content sharing, and task search from within Teams. However, users have to manually set up notifications by subscribing to the right Rooms, Folders, or Lists in ClickUp, which means everyone still has to do something from ClickUp at least some of the time.

Asana takes a task-based approach to project management and is built with the needs of small businesses in mind. It’s a great solution for lightweight task management and work coordination, but it lacks features like time tracking and custom client permissions.

The Asana for Teams app is a quality add-on to Teams, enabling two-way communication between the two apps. If Asana is sufficient for your project management needs, this combination can be very effective for your business.

Asana for Teams allows users to turn Team conversations into actionable Asana tasks, interact with Asana tasks from Teams video/audio meeting rooms, and view Asana items (including Portfolios, tasks, and projects) in Teams.

The Best Project Management Software For Teams (2023)

Wrike is an enterprise-class project management software full of powerful and complex project management tools designed for enterprise organizations. Most of Wrike’s customers use the platform to coordinate work between internal teams within larger organizations.

Because Teams and Wrike are built with the same customers in mind, there’s potential for a very powerful integration here, and Wrike has delivered.

You’ll be able to access most of your Wrike data from within Teams and also make some types of updates from there. Customizable notifications can keep you updated on other people’s progress.

Smartsheet is more of a database tool than a pure project management tool, but many project managers love it for its power and flexibility. It allows users to create new solutions with code-free tools and can also help with project management.

A Guide To The Best Creative Project Management Software

Smartsheet integrates with Teams, Power BI, Outlook, and web apps, and the Teams integration allows limited two-way communication. You can add a sheet to a tab in Teams and update it there, and Smartsheet can send notifications through Teams.

Zoho Projects is another project management tool that seeks to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and types. The web app is integrated with Microsoft Teams, allowing users to access Zoho Projects directly in the Teams tab.

You can import Office (or 365) users into the Zoho project portal, where you specify which projects to view. Overall, Zoho has many integrations with all kinds of major applications. However, the integration of the Team is quite limited.

Hive is a user-generated project management tool that has attracted large companies like Google and Toyota as one of its manufacturers. This is a lesser-known but powerful software solution that can help businesses accelerate new projects and track them

Top 20 Best Project Management Software: An Overview

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