Best Project Management Software For Marketing Teams

Best Project Management Software For Marketing Teams – Keeping your team on track with each phase of your marketing project can be difficult, especially if you have multiple projects on the go. Some marketing project managers keep detailed spreadsheets, color-code them, and edit the grid every time a team member changes a milestone or deadline. Some still rely on manual methods, perhaps using whiteboards and colored paper. However, this can easily become a reality, especially in busy firms.

Dedicated project management software simplifies the tasks a marketing manager must accomplish. They help you avoid accidentally skipping a task, which can have a huge impact on the entire project. They help balance work between team members to meet the overall needs of your business. You can usually distribute the necessary tasks in the group and then customize the workflow of each member.

Best Project Management Software For Marketing Teams

There is a surprisingly large selection of marketing project management software. We’ve reviewed a selection of apps and platforms that should help you organize your creative team and understand what they need.

The Rise Of Digital Project Management’s primary goal is to improve your team’s efficiency and workflow. You create boards that represent your workflow, then add codeless automation to them to reduce the chance of human error.

You can make as many boards as you want for any project. includes many templates to give you a starting point. Dashboards are highly customizable, so you can quickly create workflows to meet your specific needs, whether it’s your business or industry. Tasks can be easily moved between team members and even between boards.

An important part of using is the ability to enable automation and integration. Automations are rules based on certain actions taking place on the site. Integrations allow the board to interact with certain other software platforms.

Workfront is a task management platform designed to keep companies running efficiently. You can turn strategy into action, integrate your technology stack, and facilitate digital collaboration.

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You can use Workfront to keep your team and work on track. Customizable smart forms and real-time notifications enable teams to work as one, wherever they are. Your managers can schedule all their tasks through Workfront. Dashboards and reports clearly prioritize work and allocate resources to improve work performance. Resource management, configurable dashboards, and native integrations help you replicate and optimize team work. Workfront aligns teams focused on the most critical work to reduce overhead and speed time to market.

Workfront is integrated with the best collaboration and productivity tools, such as G-Suite, Microsoft Outlook, Teams and OneDrive, Slack, JIRA, Salesforce and more. Adobe must have been impressed by their integration of WorkFront with Adobe Creative Cloud, as they recently announced that they will be acquiring the platform.

Basecamp was one of the first online project management platforms. This is especially true for companies that choose to work remotely.

With Basecamp, you divide your work into separate projects. Every project has everything related to it: related people, every discussion, every document, file, task, important dates and more. Any contact form associated with this project will be attached to it. Each project includes all the essential tools your team needs: message boards, tasks, schedules, documents, file storage, real-time group chat, and automatic check-in questions. This eliminates the need to use separate tools for different tasks and helps keep everything related to the project together.

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You can use Basecamp to centralize notifications, making it easy to stay up-to-date and minimize interruptions.

Wrike is a collaborative task management platform. They claim to increase productivity by 50% and reduce email by 90%.

Wrike uses customizable workspaces to ensure you start each day with the highest priorities. It has customizable dashboards, shared calendars, and multiple ways to organize information.

Wrike makes it easy to collaborate with your team. Collaborate on tasks and projects with live editing. It has built-in proofing and editing features, useful if you have a team of writers creating marketing content.

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Wrike Analyze gives you the insights you need with visual, dynamic reports that you can easily share with your stakeholders.

Wrike Integrate lets you connect Wrike to as many applications as you need, allowing you to synchronize data and fully automate your workflow. It has more than 400 pre-built connectors for cloud and on-premises enterprise applications. You can connect thousands more to Wrike using the universal connector in apps with available APIs.

Workamajig is a comprehensive platform designed specifically for agencies and in-house creative teams. It has everything a creative team needs, including project management, sales CRM, time tracking, resource planning, client billing, finance and reporting. It’s all stored in one place.

Workamajig efficiently manages projects from end to end. All billable time is recorded and invoiced, so employees are accountable for tasks and budgets.

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Workamajig helps creative teams say goodbye to fragmented, flavor-of-the-month project management tools and finally have everything in one place – discussions, approval streams, briefs, tasks, calendars, reports, and more. allows to get It has an intuitive interface that works on any device, from anywhere, with real-time dashboards that provide in-depth information on KPIs, projects, budgets and costs.

Teamwork is project management software trusted by over 20,000 companies. It can be used to easily manage multiple complex projects. It is distributed across platforms.

The software has all the necessary project management basics you need. You can easily create assignments and projects, upload files and add comments. Teamwork puts everything in one place. It has all the advanced features you need: Gantt chart, board view, portfolio management, time tracking, report board, workload management and more.

Whether you’re looking to optimize internal scheduling, keep multiple projects on track, estimate workloads, reduce communication breakdowns, or stay on schedule, FunctionFox has the platform and capabilities to help your business succeed.

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It comes in three editions: Classic (timelines and project control), Premier (highly advanced project management), and In-House (focused on in-house creative teams). Premiere includes everything from the classic version, and In-House includes everything from the premiere.

FunctionFox Classic focuses on simple time and cost tracking. Easy to install and very easy to use. You can track projects and expenses online and get real-time updates when needed. It also offers powerful, real-time reporting, interactive charts and a CEO desktop.

FunctionFox Premier adds project schedules and Gantt charts. Interactive Gantt charts, production schedules, project email notifications, and progress reports help keep everyone on track. Tasks and activity tasks let you know who can do more work, who is working and which projects need additional resources. An internal project block to keep everything in one place and everyone on the same page.

Hive provides a centralized platform where your team can plan projects, track work and execute flawless campaigns. It has multiple project views including Kanban, Gantt, Portfolio, Calendar, Schedule and Summary views. You can easily customize the platform to meet the needs of your team.

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You can see all the activities assigned to you in a simple list called My Activities. Activities can be broken down by project, into current, future, completed, and “assigned by me” tasks.

Hive includes many shapes and patterns. You can use forms to collect and analyze data, and templates to create repeatable tasks and projects in the future.

It includes continuous automation. You can create buttons that trigger a workflow for completion, such as moving a map to another project, changing an assignee, adding labels, performing a sub-action, or applying a template.

Hive Mail combines Gmail and Outlook inboxes into one centralized Hive inbox. You can also chat internally with Hive Chat or integrate existing Slack channels.

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BrightPod describes itself as web-based project management and time tracking software for digital marketing and creative teams. It can be used to organize, manage and track all your SEO, social media, blogging strategies and content marketing projects in one place to save you time. You will always know what is happening and the current status of your projects.

BrightPod also helps you stay up to date with your social media and blog calendars. Plus, you can see everyone’s tasks, content, posting dates, and events in a shared calendar. Recurring ads, campaigns, email newsletters, etc. It also makes it easier to keep track of deadlines and such repetitive tasks.

The app is 100% cloud based, nothing to download. It integrates with Harvest Time Tracking, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box, with more integrations to come.

Asan is a project management software that helps you stay in sync, meet deadlines, and achieve your goals. You can use it to map out every step and organize all the details of your work in one place.

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Asana has a dashboard that provides an overview of tasks, conversations, calendar, progress, and related files. This includes an overview of all your team’s projects. You can get detailed information about any project by clicking on the project name. A project is a list or list of all the tasks related to a specific activity, goal, or larger task

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