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Best Texting Service For Small Business

Not so long ago, implementing phone service for your small business was a much more daunting and difficult task. Often this would mean talking to some sort of consultant and calling them in to sort out the whole system. It’s changed quite a bit, but here are some of the best business phone services for small businesses.

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For example, do you need a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution or something more traditional? Does your small business consist of several customer support agents, a larger team, or do you manage a freelance operation?

A key part of pricing is how much you are going to charge per user. After that, higher plans offer additional benefits.

8×8 is a VoIP phone service with cloud hosting included. So you don’t need complicated equipment. Internet connected phones and high speed internet will do the trick.

Collaboration is a big part of what makes 8×8 work for small businesses. It includes media storage, instant messaging, and team messaging for powerful internal communication.

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Having things like video conferencing and Salesforce integration brings your office together in one place.

You can find a quick business phone number on the home page and sign up for a system that includes call forwarding, multiple extensions, and voicemail transcription.

Pricing is manageable for small businesses, with three plans and a few extensions for each plan:

The installation process from Antrim is the best in the business. A VoIP configuration means you can connect through all your internet devices – but this is entirely dependent on the quality of your internet.

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Voicemail took a while to configure during testing, but once everything is set up, you should be fine with the voice-to-text tools and the send to different extensions. A few extensions (at no extra cost) should serve your small business well.

In the early days of Internet calling, Vonage became the name for VoIP communications – and is still considered one of the leading solutions, especially for small business startups.

The customer support staff is known for their expertise, while the service offers incredible reliability and an easy-to-use experience for the busiest business owners.

Vonage is known for its promotional offers throughout the year. So, you get a lot more for the Vonage Business Cloud + Salesforce package. That said, we’re only going to cover the standard prices:

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Most small businesses will enjoy the low cost of a mobile plan and forget about the extra features. However, upgrading to Premium gives you:

You can’t beat Vonage’s setup process. Not only are most of the plans cheaper than the competition, but the call quality is clear and reliable from many devices.

The main problem is that Vonage lags behind the competitors on this list in terms of additional small business features. For example, video conferencing has not been added recently, so it is not as powerful as other services.

With hundreds of business application integrations (including AI software) and a laundry list of powerful business tools (voice chat, call logs, team collaboration), RingCentral stands out as a service telephone.

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RingCentral has four pricing plans per user per month. As the plans get more expensive, you get more features. However, the number of users you get is cheaper per month.

For example, the Essentials plan is priced at $29.99 per user per month. However, if you want from 2-99 users, the plan costs $19.99 per user per month. Overall, this structure makes it more accessible to users for larger teams.

We can’t cover all levels, so let’s look at the plans for one user:

For such a unique phone service, RingCentral’s delivery and management is amazing. Online and phone support help make it known for its reliability.

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Video conferencing and team messaging are just the beginning of how you can quickly gather voices in your organization. It is especially useful for communicating with customers, seeing how you get features like business SMS and self-service.

You have the option of renting phones and other equipment, but that is expensive. Another downside is that voice-to-text transcriptions are only available on the Premium and Ultimate plans.

Nextiva is one of the best business phone services because of its flexible pricing and powerful feature set.

In addition, you will get a reliable VoIP service without any downtime. It’s comparable to Vonage, but with a longer list of features.

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Nextiva’s pricing isn’t exactly clear, but it’s built so that large teams can pay less per user per month. So a team with 1-4 users would pay less overall, but more per user, than a team with 5-10 users.

Nextiva has a smart platform without the complex interface of an old-school phone system. Customer support is generally rated high, so it’s good to know that people are ready to help you if something goes wrong.

Online tests and reviews show that call and text reliability is impressive. Not to mention, Nextiva is always releasing cool new features and getting feedback from their future customers.

The only issue I have with Nextiva is that the pricing on their website is very misleading. The company offers the lowest price based on a long contract and many users – with a kind of price break hidden under the information question mark.

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In terms of basic functionality for small business phone services, it’s important to make sure your phones are connected to the Internet. That way, a company founder or customer support person could have full access to the phones by connecting through tablets, cell phones, or remote computers. Some of the best business phone services include strong support for expanding the number of lines you need.

Having said that, here are some other things to look for when searching for the best business phone services:

I know this is a difficult decision. But hopefully the following analysis will help you understand the details a little better.

Here’s a summary table to give you an overview of how these top business phone services compare head-to-head:

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If you have any questions about the best business phone services for small businesses, let us know in the comments below!

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Best Business Phone Services For Small Business

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