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Best Time To Send Email Campaign – Here’s a little exercise for you: Check the timestamp of an email you received the other day. What did you find? For me, I’ve noticed that most emails, especially subscription emails, come between 9-10am or 5-6pm. This is also not a coincidence. “When is the best time to email your contacts?” This is not an exact science, there are some important findings that we have found through serious research and the above timelines are exactly what we have found. Read on to find out what we’ve found is the best time to send an email. When is the best time to send an email? We surveyed over 300 email marketers in the US and found that the majority of their marketing email activity peaks between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM and 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM. The data shows when most viewers started their time during the day and afternoon. If you’re sending an email containing a sale or promotion, try to send it when your audience tends to be on their lunch break, as they’re more likely to check their email at that time. If you want to know more about what time and day to send your emails, here’s what you need to know: In our research, we asked marketers what day of the week their marketing emails get the most engagement. 22.6% of American sellers responded on Monday, 24.9% on Tuesday, and 21.3% on Wednesday. When we asked marketers what time of day their email gets the most engagement, 34.9% said 9am-12am and 27.6% said 12pm-3pm. According to this data, the best days to celebrate are the first three days of the week, especially between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM. For example, to send a promotion like a Rybbon gift card to a user, they are more likely to see it during this period. Keeping your audience in mind is a good tip for timing your emails. If your buyer is a professional with a nine-to-five job, it’s best to send an email during their ideal downtime. You can use tools like to retain customers and increase prospects. Why is email important to your business? Our research found that 85.4% of marketers use automation as part of their email marketing strategy. So, if you’re not using automated email marketing, your competition probably is. Automated email marketing can improve sales conversions – perhaps as much as 14%. It’s a way to send customers unique offers like product sales and newsletters with information that readers can’t find anywhere else. Emails should be tailored to what you want your customers to see, allowing you to communicate directly with them. Your email should include information your customers want to know more about, such as sales, business updates, product and service introductions, and more. HubSpot’s email marketing tool allows users to create and send automated emails. It also allows you to schedule your emails according to your preferences. Your email will then be sent to your selected contact list. If you reach this option with an automated email tool, it can take some time for your audience to know when they want to receive your email, especially if it contains a limited-time offer. You want to make sure as many customers as possible are reading your emails. How to Measure Email Delivery Effectiveness If you want to know the best time to send marketing emails, here’s what you need to know. There is a lot of information out there with different answers on this topic, partly because it depends on your audience and, more importantly, how you measure success. For example, the best time for people to open your email may be different from the best time for people to take action. Here’s a breakdown of the most important email metrics: Click-through rate refers to the number of people who open a link or image in an email. Some people will open your email but then leave without interacting with it, so this number will always be less than the total number of emails opened. 52.2% of marketers in our survey reported increasing click-through rates as the primary goal of their email marketing campaigns. When asked to choose the three most effective strategies for improving click-through rates, 48.2% of respondents cited email personalization, 36.5% identified effective subject lines, and 38.2% identified value creation through marketing emails. Click-to-open rate When you compare the number of people who open your email and the number of people who click on any link, this data is called the click-to-open rate. This metric helps you determine what information in your email is relevant to your customers. To find CTOR, take CTR by open rate and multiply by 100%. For example, if your email has 200 clicks and 120 opens, your click-to-open rate is 60%. Open rate is the percentage of subscribers who opened your email campaign. Emails with high open rates have short and effective subject lines. They also optimized the preview and header text. Best Time to Send B2B Emails It’s worth noting that 47.9% of B2B marketers in our survey said they are most engaged between 9:00am and 12:00pm. To make sure you’re reaching your target audience, you’ll want to tailor your B2B audience to match their different behaviors and email interactions by job function or seniority. You may find that other times work better for your list. Best Time to Send B2C Emails According to our research, 30.9% of B2C marketers were most engaged between 9am and 12pm. Keep in mind that research varies, consumer behavior is constantly changing, and performance will vary depending on which metric is used as the end goal. Keep experimenting and see what works best for your audience. One way to do this is to use an automation tool like Seventh Sense, which uses artificial intelligence to customize your emails. Email marketing can be a difficult process. There are many industries that use and influence it in their own way. Your subscribers are already interested in your content. They value what you have to offer as a company, and if you send them a contact email, you can get a great lead. Editor’s note: This article was originally published in November 2019 and has been updated for completeness.

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Best Time To Send Email Campaign

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THE BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO EMAIL MARKETING. So we decided to update (and expand on) our previous research to find out the best days and times to send emails in 2020.

In our analysis, we only tracked SMB customers and campaigns with at least 1,000 customers.

We looked at how many hours and days customers spent on email campaigns, and what opens, clicks, and open rates were generated.

With this, you can view global results as well as separate regional data for US & Canada, DACH, EMEA, Asia Pacific, CEE and LATAM.

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We could argue that there is no perfect time to send an email. Or maybe it is, but it’s not something shared among larger subscribers. It’s mostly a personal thing.

While this is true, sometimes we have no choice but to manually plan our email campaigns.

So, if you need to choose the best time to send your email yourself, this information will come in handy.

Just look at the numbers: even if you increase your email click-through rate by 0.5% (from 2% to 2.5%), that leads to a 25% increase in sales per campaign. For most businesses, this makes a big difference.

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Remember that every audience is different. So compare these results to what you experience or what your gut is telling you. Use this as a starting point for more complex experiments with your target audience.

Everyone is different and if working remotely has taught me anything, it’s this

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