Best Time To Send Out Email

Best Time To Send Out Email – Our research on over 85,000 personal emails shows that the best time to send cold emails is between 6-9am PST on Monday, followed by Tuesday.

Although we have changed our strategy to less manual link building, our content marketing team has sent over 1 million personalized cold emails and that number has made us experts over the years.

Best Time To Send Out Email

You might even say that we know how to get someone’s attention with a well-timed email. And sometimes an email just isn’t enough—people are practically begging for a follow-up.

The Best Time To Send Emails That Get A Positive Response

We decided to analyze BuzzStream data from our team’s experiments to see when the best time to send an email actually is – but wait, there’s more – we also analyzed the best day of the week to send an email, and you can check out my friend Sierra. Contribute to bonus research on our subject lines.

Disclaimer: The data presented in this study is based entirely on personal emails and not on newsletters or cold email messages. You might call these “living room temperature emails” or “Goldie-lock emails” because they’re not exactly warm emails, but they’re not exactly cold either.

Analyzing email open and click event data from our broadcast emails, we found that the best time of day to send cold emails is between 6-9 am PST (9 am-12 pm EST).

We found it interesting that some other studies determined that 10 pm is the best time to send an email. But surprisingly, 10am in our data saw a significant drop in open and click-through rates for both 10am PST and 10am EST. We thought that when people start their work day, they start with more important and personal emails first, then clear their newsletters and bulk emails around 10am.

What’s The Best Time To Send Email Campaigns? (research Backed)

If you want your email to arrive in prime time, we recommend scheduling delivery between 7-8am PST to take advantage of the two-hour increase in open and click-through rates between 8-10am.

According to our data, the best day to send an email is Monday, with an open rate of just over 20 percent, a click-through rate of 4.3 percent, and a response rate of 2.8 percent.

Our research found that as the week progresses, recipients are less likely to open, click or reply to your email. It may be the nature of our email campaigns, often journalists, bloggers or content managers, who may be more receptive to pizzas earlier in the week. That’s why our team usually uploads emails at the beginning of the week.

If response rate is your most important metric, Wednesday is the best day to send emails. Although the open rate is slightly lower than Monday at 17.2 percent, the response rate is 2.6 percent, just 0.3 percent lower than Monday.

A Marketer’s Guide To The Best Time To Send Email

After our team analyzed the performance of highly personalized broadcast emails, we determined that the best time to send is between 6-9am PST on Mondays.

If you are reading this post because it appeared in our newsletter, please go back and check the day/time it was delivered, if it wasn’t between 6-9am PST on Monday, please do not reply to that email at Truth Point. Me 🙂

In order to level the playing field and give you the most comprehensive answer, we decided to look at the answers of our fellow students (as well as other popular studies on the topic). We didn’t cheat, we just watched!

Of the nine other studies we looked at, 55% said Tuesday was the best day to send an email, and the remaining 45% were split evenly between Wednesday and Thursday.

Best Times To Send Email In 2016 [infographic]

So, as you can see, many people don’t agree with our results, so we think the answer is more complicated than Monday 6-9. This email is not The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and is not a 42 answer.

Your results will depend on the type of email you send (promotional, business, etc.) and how you find your email addresses (purchased list, subscribers, or through outreach).

That’s why we recommend you take a data-driven approach to your outreach efforts and decide what works best for you and your team. We’ll provide some tips to be more data-driven in your email efforts.

We mentioned that our team uses Buzzstream, which is a tool that is highly optimized for press releases and other forms of PR/outreach. If you are sending marketing emails, there are many tools available to fulfill this need, such as MailChimp, SendGrid or ConvertKit.

What’s The Best Time To Send Email? Here’s What The Data Says (2022)

Gmail doesn’t allow you to do much in terms of analyzing your email data, although there are some plugins that can help with this too, notably EmailMeter and MixMax. One of our favorite email discovery tools, Hunter, recently launched an email tracking tool!

One unfortunate thing about the traffic you get from newsletters and broadcast emails is that Google Analytics will classify this traffic as a medium of “(any)” and a source of “(direct)” which is not very descriptive or informative. .

If you want to measure how traffic from your email navigates your site, you can create a UTM tracking URL to use within your email CTAs. Use this campaign path builder tool to optimize and track your email acquisition funnels.

You’re probably aware of A/B testing, or dividing your list into two groups that receive different emails to test which performs better, but you’ve never heard of A/B/C testing.

Best Time To Send Email Marketing Campaigns

Traditional segmentation tests lack a control group (“C” is for control) to measure improved performance. Therefore, you should have a very standard email template that is used consistently and has established baseline performance in terms of opens, clicks and response rates. That will be your control group. From there you can introduce minor changes in the form of A and B templates.

Emphasize lightness. You should gradually look for small changes to avoid random moves from the reference post that won’t help you determine which changes improved or decreased performance.

Want to know if your subject lines are appealing to your recipients? Open rate is the proxy you should use for this statistic. When someone opens your email, there are a few things that might cause them to open it: the subject line, the abstract, and the sender’s name. This is why your opening price can be a loose indicator of your content line’s performance to help you refine your strategy.

CTR is a good indicator of how engaging your actual email copy was, which got the recipient to click on the link. Response rate isn’t as relevant among mass mail and newsletter marketers, but it’s a superior and all-powerful metric for sales and PR teams. Response rates are great for determining how clear your call to action is and how receptive your audience is to your message.

The Best Time To Send Your Email Blasts

Maybe your team has tracked the performance of your email campaigns in the past, but are you measuring performance regularly? Once is better than never, but it’s hard to really understand how your email is performing and improving without regular analysis.

We are certainly guilty of resting on our laurels as a group of experts on expansion issues. We are confident in our ability to send personalized emails that result in links, but after this study we plan to continue this analysis at least once per quarter, run our A/B/C tests and recalibrate next quarter.

We analyzed 85,082 emails sent by our team over a 12-month period. We looked at the number of emails sent, opened, clicked and replied to for each day and then combined the results for each day of the week.

We standardized the data by looking at open, click and response rates for each day of the week compared to the total for the entire year. Otherwise, Saturday and Sunday seem like the best days to send emails, but we all know that’s a farce.

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For the best time to send an email, we looked at the timestamp of when the email was opened and clicked based on data from BuzzStream, a tool our team uses to track outreach campaigns.

Drew is Director of Business Development at Cease Media. He doesn’t like to get his hands dirty with a few lines of code and loves creating new tools to make the content creation process easier for the entire team. The best time to send an email has always been a controversial topic. Sometimes we get a promotional email for a company at 1am on a Saturday and wonder why they are sending it now.

It also includes some interesting tips and tricks regarding your send time that will help you increase your open and response rates.

According to Epsilon’s statistics, choosing the right time of day when you send an email is important because the average lifespan of an email is less than 48 hours.

Best Time To Send Cold Emails And Get Replies

As stated above, you can’t send emails you want to be taken seriously on the weekend.

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