Best Ui Ux Portfolio Websites

Best Ui Ux Portfolio Websites – Every UX designer needs a portfolio. Get inspired by these great UX designer portfolio examples.

The portfolios of the best UX designers strike a balance between visually appealing web and graphic design and usability.

Best Ui Ux Portfolio Websites

There is no perfect recipe for UX portfolio design because each portfolio site should reflect the unique skills of the creator. But if you’re just starting out or planning to revamp your portfolio, a little inspiration can help get the project started.

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Let’s explore these 14 UX portfolios to help you create your design in a way that captures the spirit of your work and the sense of who you are.

Emi Lantz’s portfolio site opens with a simple statement: “Hello! I design products and products.” The cartoonists then replace the word “design” with other verbs, including research, market, and support—cleverly incorporating more skills into the opening sentence.

Although Emma’s design portfolio demonstrates her user experience skills, she notes that the word “user” offends her, as she likes to think of people who design as friends and family. Emma’s website design stands out because it includes standard portfolio features such as testimonials and standards of her skills and personality. Marking the evidence as “top five” and adding “it’s like Tony Hawk but the designer version” under his skill stat points gives you insight into the person doing the work.

Ljubomir Bardžić uses precise UX/UI design in his portfolio. With six projects featured on the home page – each with its own color block – it provides enough detail to show what it’s capable of.

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He then provides detailed information about each project in his writing. This cover copy goes much deeper than the featured projects with client testimonials, their thought process and project reviews.

Wendy Schorr’s page opens with a filament bulb. It fits perfectly with its mission statement: “To turn bright ideas into beautiful, useful and fun digital products that everyone can use.”

Just below the fold, you’ll see photos of past projects. Each project page contains extensive research detailing Wendy’s user research, process and early examples.

Wendy also shares examples of wireframes or other drawings that were part of the visual design process. The UI case studies and extensive research notes could be overwhelming, but Wendy breaks the information down into digestible chunks. Her extensive research provides potential clients with a wealth of information, prompting them to visit Wendy’s contact information page to get in touch.

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UX design portfolios don’t need to be filled with content to make an impression. Michal’s one-page portfolio website grabs your attention as soon as you start scrolling – the words “I believe in design thinking” appear as you scroll down the page.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see examples of Mikhal’s best work and a visual timeline of their years of experience. Scroll-activated animations keep the experience visually appealing and increase the likelihood that customers will reach Mikhal’s contact information at the bottom of the page.

This UI/UX portfolio opens with a picture of Pascal next to a simple statement explaining who he is and what he does best.

Instead of using basic screenshots, the Pascal tutorials feature high-quality images. And Zradje takes you behind the scenes by explaining the initial challenges and solutions that led to the final product.

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Under “side projects”, Pascal highlights some interesting projects before delving into the philosophy of his work. Including that personal touch gives potential customers a better idea of ​​what they believe in and what they’re interested in.

Graphic paper airplanes fly across the page when you land on Vicky Marchenko’s UX/UI design portfolio. and the peace sign emoji set a friendly tone on the website.

Vicky uses the “about me” section to further explain her technical background and design skills. His projects page is also important, showcasing some of his best work and encouraging visitors to connect.

A funny robot moves while welcoming you to product designer Michael Kochenburger’s portfolio. Underneath the friendly machine, Michael explains that the robot represents their analytical approach to problem solving – supporting his work in UX design.

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At the bottom of the home page, you’ll see featured projects with links to related customer stories. Michael’s portfolio includes a password-protected section full of his best work. Using password-protected pages on your portfolio site is a smart move, as it allows you to highlight projects that you wouldn’t share publicly.

Build and create a complete portfolio website – absolutely free. This course covers everything from grid and flexbox basics to advanced interaction and access functionality.

UX/Product Designer Daniel Novykov’s portfolio is another example of a big performance at the top. Daniel starts with “UX design for” and the typing animation fills in the possibilities including: business impact, customer delight, and startup and scaling.

A Venn diagram shows user needs, business goals and technology overlapping to create “your product” – to speak directly to potential customers. Daniel keeps the visual design straight with a black and white color palette mixed with pops of color.

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Daniel’s chat contact form is a nice touch. Not only does it encourage potential clients to share some details up front, but it also shows that Daniel is thinking about UX design.

Alecia Mitchell starts with a clear mission statement and jumps right into her homepage UX lessons.

Each lesson describes Alecia’s role in creating a mobile app or responsive web design and lists the design tools she used. Alecia also includes a direct link to a PDF of her resume so clients can view her years of experience and past work in detail.

Ryan C. Robinson’s UX portfolio is significant in size. His homepage has a triple design – wavy lines that give the illusion of 3D – and instead of a flat grid of projects, he places his portfolio at an invisible angle.

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This UX designer portfolio leaves out two pages that many designers feel stuck on. Ryan demonstrates that he has the confidence to break away from the traditional visual design process.

Ryan’s simple one-page website is short but effective. She attracts website visitors by posting only her top projects and promoting them in her contact details and LinkedIn profile at the bottom of the page.

Jason Stevens opens his UX portfolio site with big typography announcing that he’s creating a “welcoming experience.” Swapping user experience for “human experience” quickly gives you an idea of ​​what aspects of UX design excite Jason.

As you scroll through the home page, a collection of web design and e-commerce projects will appear. Clicking on any project opens a detailed case study, including lots of photos, research notes and project details.

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An incredibly lit Aaron Rudyk looks at the cover of his portfolio with a moving purple cloud floating to his left. From there you can use the top navigation bar to access specific content or follow the white arrow to scroll down.

Aaron cleverly hides his one-page site by including this top navigation bar – clicking the menu items simply skips the view to that part of the page. Scroll down to see examples of his work and a collection of free printable projects.

The inclusion of freebies is generous, but they also serve a strategic purpose. A repeatable project preview shows how many likes, views and clones you’ve received from users – providing social proof to potential customers.

Gina Yu aims to create an “empathetic human world” through UX design – and this is evident in her portfolio. Throughout the site, Gina includes brushstrokes of color and personal touches, such as references to her love of bread, and describes personal projects as “the work of the soul.”

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In her portfolio, Gina provides employers, HR managers and potential clients with valuable information without overwhelming them. Additionally, its use of color matching and font matching makes it easy to read or skim large amounts of text quickly. A quick look at Gina’s site will be impressive, with user research and UX projects for big names like Spotify.

Oishee Sen combines her name with a sushi emoji — a nod to the name, which is pronounced like the Japanese word for “delicious” —

Oishee uses drop shadow buttons throughout the site, as well as a subtle drop shadow that appears behind images when you hover, creating a sense of cohesive design. His featured projects include work involving website redesign, user research and testing, user interface design, information design, interaction design, etc.

If all you have in terms of online presence is a Dribbble or Behance account, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to attract new customers.

Ux Designer Portfolios

A UX designer’s portfolio is more than just a collection of work – it’s an extension of your personal brand. Use your portfolio to showcase your skills and personality.

Not sure where to start? Grab a portfolio template or sign up for our free 21-day portfolio design course.

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