Best Undergraduate Graphic Design Programs

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Attending a good graphic design school will give you the tools you need for a creative career. Read on for tips on getting into the best graphic design schools and more!

Best Undergraduate Graphic Design Programs

Graphic design is a discipline that helps brands communicate their ideas to their audience, whether it’s a new product, message, logo or website design. Success in this career requires a good understanding of the technical and creative elements to create original work for any company or organization.

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Read on to learn more about our tips for getting into the best graphic design schools. We list the best graphic design schools, including rankings, program reviews, and admissions requirements.

If you’re passionate about graphic design, it’s best to add these top graphic design schools to your list of universities. Applying to college can be nerve-racking. Especially when you have your heart set on one school. Highlighting your candidacy and showing why you should be adopted is critical to success.

Follow the steps below to make your app stand out. Read on for the best chance of being accepted into the graphic design program that’s right for you!

Launching the program as soon as possible will give you extra time to edit and refine the program. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re running out of time and rushing to meet a deadline.

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To avoid headaches, lack of sleep and stress, think about the future as soon as possible. The third year of high school is a good time. Take the SAT or ACT early, start thinking about your essay before the deadline, and give your application time to breathe and grow.

Your portfolio is arguably the most important part of your application. This can help you get into good graphic design schools. The admissions committee wants to make sure you are a well-rounded developer and let your creativity shine. Regardless of how many tracks the app wants to see, it should round up the best or most liked.

Building a portfolio is not easy and requires time and dedication. But a great portfolio can win the hearts of anyone who views your profile. Especially if your work leaves a lasting impression on them. A diverse body of work shows that you are an adaptable and versatile artist who would benefit from a graphic design program.

If the program you’re applying for interviews, the interviewer should know everything about what you’re doing when they ask questions. They may want to know more about your idea, your inspiration, the purpose of your work, or why you made certain decisions.

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One way to make sure you’re ready to talk about your art is to figure out the details above and talk about it. Figuring out your purpose and concept of art will inform the admissions committee about your thought process.

Your essay is your chance to speak directly to admissions officers. Make sure your essay addresses the prompts directly and that your narrative is thoughtful and fair.

Your essay will revolve around a topic such as “Why Graphic Design?” or why you want to join the program. Don’t be afraid to sprinkle your personality into this essay and show your love of art and passion for what you do. Your dedication to your creativity can go a long way!

The best way to start a career as a graphic designer is to get a quality education that will improve your skills and industry knowledge. Here’s a look at the top graphic design schools in the country, with an overview and what you need to know about each admissions process.

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According to US News, the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) was recently named the best school for graphic design. The school was founded in 1877. and is one of the first schools of art and design in the United States.

RISD offers a four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts program. This program enables students to fully embrace an informed design process that provides life-long support, combined with real-world design opportunities. Students gain a thorough understanding of design principles, communication theory, and problem-solving strategies.

Along with standard requirements such as a general application, transcripts and test scores, applicants must submit a portfolio of 12 to 20 pieces of work that “reflects the full range of ideas, curiosity, experimentation, and development and production experience” across all mediums. .

You will also have to complete a task that shows two ideas in a “conversation” with each other. The admissions committee wants to see your thought process and lab work in the preliminary studies. The second step is to submit the final work. The purpose of the assignment is to show how you think and create.

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Yale University, an Ivy League school, is the second best school for graphic design. Founded in 1701, Yale was “dedicated to the expansion and sharing of knowledge, to inspire innovation, and to preserve cultural and scientific information for future generations.”

Yale University has a BFA in Arts that offers “a visual arts experience as part of a liberal arts education through a variety of media work and prepares students for graduate study and professional work.”

In addition to the core course, you can choose to study graphic design intensively alongside other areas such as photography, painting/printmaking and sculpture.

If you are interested in majoring in art at Yale College for a BFA, you should apply directly to Yale. After admission you must complete 5 semesters of the introductory course and assess your work in the 2nd year review.

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ArtCenter College of Design is located in Pasadena, California and is the third best graphic design school. Founded in 1930, the school prides itself on being a “world leader in art and design education”.

In addition to its rigorous academic programs, the college serves the Greater Los Angeles area through the ArtCenter Extension Program, a series of year-round educational programs for all ages and experience levels.

ArtCenter’s graphic design program can be completed in eight semesters. Here, “you’ll learn how to bring life and meaning to words and images using motion graphics, modern mobile interfaces, manual typesetting or attending a letterpress workshop. A workshop has opened in the new typography center.”

ArtCenter uses its program portal and gives you the flexibility to choose the semester in which you want to start your studies: fall, spring or summer. You are asked to submit one short answer and two essays about who influenced you, what risks you took and why you want to study graphic design.

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Another application requirement is a portfolio of 6-10 graphic design projects that “demonstrate the ability to combine imagery, typography and layout to convey an idea.” You can also choose to submit an optional video essay.

California College of the Arts (CCA) ranked fourth as the best graphic design school in the country. Founded in 1907 and located in the bustling Bay Area, CCA is a private, not-for-profit university. The school offers 22 undergraduate degrees and 11 graduate programs.

CCA offers a BFA in Graphic Design that “emphasizes craft, creativity, and collaboration, trains students to be leaders in their fields, and encourages them to address pressing social issues and think about how their work looks in the world.”

Students can apply online through the Common Application or the CCA Online Application. You must submit standard application requirements such as additional personal essays, portfolios, transcripts, and letters of recommendation.

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The additional essay asks you to say in 500 words or less how your art reflects the values ​​of your school and contributes to one or more of the following:

Portfolios should contain 10-15 best images of your work, short clips or animations are acceptable.

Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore is the fourth best graphic design school, along with CCA. MICA is considered a leader in art and design education and is “a premier developer of the local creative economy and a key producer of nationally and internationally recognized professional artists and designers.”

MICA offers a three-year BFA in Graphic Design that helps graduates think critically and succeed in a design career. Students take a wide range of courses focusing on:

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You must use the Common Application to apply to MICA. You must also upload a portfolio of 12-20 works to be reviewed by the admissions committee.

Your portfolio “should be a collection of recent works that reflect your artistic interests and demonstrate your skills and abilities. A collection of artwork that represents all of your ideas, interests, experiences and abilities in the field of art to date. Be sure to include examples.”

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) also takes fourth place in the US News ranking. in 1838 founded VCU prides itself on research and creativity as two of the school’s greatest strengths across all programs.

VCU offers a BFA in Graphic Design with an emphasis on collaboration.

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