Best Ux Portfolio Website Builder

Best Ux Portfolio Website Builder – Creating an impressive UX portfolio is a difficult task as it should showcase and represent the designer and their creative work. A preview image gallery of completed projects is a good start, though. The best UX portfolios reflect the way designers work; Their approaches and how they tackle challenges are carefully crafted. And most importantly, do they practice what they preach?

Are you a budding UX designer? Or if you’re an outstanding UX designer who wants to know how to make it stand out from the crowd, welcome aboard. Today’s topic is about the best UX portfolio websites on the web.

Best Ux Portfolio Website Builder

Without further ado, let’s jump into 30 awesome UX design portfolio examples that put all the theory into practice and take advantage of the opportunity to create a delightful user experience. All are memorable presentations; They demonstrate their work through great UI design and case studies.

The 14 Best Graphic Design Portfolios We’ve Ever Seen, & How To Start Your Own

We will start with a Russian agency that has a deep understanding of all stages of development, from marketing and UX design to coding. They start with the title “Digital Products for Market Leaders” and immediately follow three key principles of their work. This is a great example of an introduction where you immediately know what website you are looking at. When you roll again, the first thing you see is a collection of very attractive projects completed by agencies. The moving animations of the preview cards show the development capabilities.

Once you click on a project, the Site takes you to a case study with the back story about the project and how the agency approached it.

Pros: Bold introduction. Instant portfolio preview section with clean animations. The easy way. Case studies with feedback from the end customer of each project. Social identity.

I mentioned earlier that a gallery of preview images of completed projects is just the beginning, and that you need more than that to have an effective portfolio. This is not a lie. Roman Lel Ozmo Design presents a preview image gallery with a nice card grid layout and clean design. Nothing fancy, the UX design portfolio gets straight to the point. We have an invitation to choose a cool project to watch and a contrasting short title that tells us what Roman does.

Portfolio Tips From Ux Designers

Each project page maintains the consistency of the home page design and starts with the project title. prototypes; style guides; cartoon shapes; Top choice pages and more to come. Case studies manage to tell the whole story with pictures, without providing text and explanations.

Then we have Humbleteam with an attractive intro with animated elements. It’s an opening that shows off the team’s animation skills. Scrolling down, we came across a neat collection of case studies that represent Humbleteam’s work. The works are organized into animated cards and arranged in a consistent design across the portfolio, and the first thing that caught our eye was NASA and Finding Space. The case study itself is for creating an easy-to-use web application to optimize storage spaces and resources on the ISS. To make equipment for experiments easily accessible. The whole process is very well organized with pictures and short descriptions.

Pros: Fun intro. Attractive modern design with distinctive colors. A simple structure. Correct amount of projects selected. Logically arranged facts with pictures.

With catchy captions like ‘Tell us when you become a unicorn’. It’s an agency that creates explosives and claims to cut out the middleman. In this case, A portfolio website focuses on copy, chooses the right words and provides good service descriptions with strengths. Includes final deliverables and timelines for UX/UI design.

Ux Portfolio WordPress Theme Ui Ux Designer Agency Portfolio Showcase

The home page offers a gallery of small projects to choose from and a specialized case study to view. summary Problems, project objectives; steps, Case Studies open a new page dedicated to each case study with a collection of features and techniques.

Pros: Intro with cool copy. A simple structure. Detailed and logically structured case studies with visual examples. Social identity.

Another unique UI/UX design agency site that I love. Purrweb has a very clear description of the design services they offer, along with a quick map of the project process from concept to execution. Brief portfolio information and client information on each project; Each project comes with detailed details about the event, the team working on it, and an option to review each project in detail with awesome animations.

Tofu is a studio consisting of two designers who present their talents with an outstanding portfolio. I use a minimal design with white spaces and non-geometric fonts that are easy on the eyes and pleasing. The page starts with a short title describing the designer’s unit and is followed by a nice grid of previews of selected projects. Each project page has beautiful images, user feedback; It provides a brief description of the product and explains the main design concept.

Ui Designer Portofolio

Justin Golt is a diverse design professional with over 9 years of experience. In his portfolio, El faces a hero who shows what it’s all about: working with a variety of clients, from small businesses to global organizations. He creates interesting and meaningful experiences across all platforms. Scroll down and you’ll see a visual gallery of project cards that you can zoom in on.

Justin’s approach to case study pages is to present two parts. He starts with a bold headline with the client’s brand tagline; Then start with a paragraph introducing the client and the project. The second part is about images without text.

This digital agency is strategic, offering marketing and production services with a focus on UX/UI and content. Its D.FY name comes from Defy the Current, which says creativity and flexibility are top priorities. The home page is their portfolio and starts with full screen sections of each project with stunning images. Each project is focused, Workflow and visualizations; A very detailed case study page with diagrams and screenshots is provided.

Hardy Branding is a design studio based in Russia that works worldwide to design iconic brands and digital experiences with a focus on elegant style and luxury. It has the best graphic design; There are awards for best UX/UI design and Adobe XD from Behance, as well as user reviews as social proof.

Inspiring Ux Portfolios And Why They Work

Spaceberry is an award-winning UI UX design studio in the field of creating interactive design interfaces for brands and startups looking for development. Your portfolio website is equal parts fun and professional and grabs attention right away. It immediately conveys the vibe of cool geeks who are good at what they do and are very friendly and approachable. The opening line is “We Make Design”. fair enough. But that’s not what attracts attention. It’s a little handwritten note “I hope it’s true” indicating “We create amazing UI/UX designs”. This is a great trick, matched by a website with notes and fun gifs. Interestingly, I felt so engaged and impressed that I hadn’t even seen the portfolio itself. Take notes. As it is. (=

Regarding the case studies; Spaceberry has over 100 since 2016. Over 10 awards; Customers from over 20 countries. Despite the casual and playful tone of the studio, the Design is very professional, efficient and functional. mobile applications; All case studies include tabs that give the option to choose between viewing websites or a digital brand.

As you choose preview the images needed for the project; Very short descriptions; It will guide you through all the cases you choose in small preview sections with tags and software tools. You can see the details of each location you redirect to on Behance. If the project is broadcast live; You also have the option of having the finished product look natural.

Matteo Della Chiesa is a New York-based freelance UI/UX designer and partner at Purenine Studios. His website portfolio is very small and offers 6 selected projects in a box with preview images. Every project is information; Concepts and mockups lead to page details. The guide is very clean and portfolio-like; About me and contact are provided.

Sixteen Incredible Portfolio Websites

I especially like the way the About Matteo page is structured. Is the designer, Only briefly relevant information about his education and career and selected clients; Follow immediately with social credentials and work experience. In short, Matteo provides a detailed CV with a timeline explaining his career path and the businesses he has worked for.

This is one of the most beautiful modern portfolios I have seen and shared. Freelance digital art director and designer Adrian Red lets his portfolio speak for itself. This is a website with very clean design and code (if you use it on PC and minimize the window and turn on the resolution, you will see the clean responsive transitions of the cards rearrangement). The main page is the portfolio itself,

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