Best Virtual Office Phone System

Best Virtual Office Phone System – It’s not just a phone system. It is a complete communication platform that allows you to chat, chat and meet – all in one convenient place. It only takes a few minutes to start your free trial and get your virtual phone number.

Sometimes called cloud-based phone systems, “virtual phone systems” are becoming a popular communication solution for businesses, especially companies with distributed offices and remote or hybrid teams.

Best Virtual Office Phone System

It helps that they are easy to install (and affordable), but why are small businesses and large organizations switching to this type of phone system?

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Let’s take a look at what these virtual phone systems are, how they work, and some creative ways to use them in business.

With a traditional landline phone system, you are very limited to using the system in one designated location, which means that employees can usually only work in the office. Want to work on your mobile phone? Forget it.

It differs with a virtual phone system that removes almost all of these restrictions and allows you to make and receive calls from anywhere as long as you have a reliable internet connection.

Today, the best virtual phone systems also go beyond phone calls, for example, they are complete communication platforms that work on mobile devices (including iOS and Android) and desktop applications.

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Virtual phone systems are usually available with monthly or yearly plan options. You pay per team member and can choose different levels depending on what you need, making it more budget-friendly than traditional business phone services.

The unique thing about virtual phone systems is that they provide you with everything you need for business communication without the need for hard hardware.

Virtual phone systems use VoIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, which allows for phone calls to be made over the Internet, eliminating the need for home phones. The system is cloud-based and hosted by your ISP, meaning you don’t need IT equipment in your office closet or room.

This means you can quickly set up phone numbers, including international and local numbers, and even personal numbers for your business.

How To Set Up Your Virtual Office

In addition to voice calls, you can also do video conferencing, SMS/MMS text messaging, instant messaging, and more (even with the cheapest plan!) all on the same platform. All you need is an internet connection.

Built on a unique dual cloud architecture, VoIP technology ensures excellent communication quality no matter where your offices are located. (This also guarantees 100% uptime on the Enterprise plan.)

Your business likely uses other software such as CRM, ticketing tools, and Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. If your phone system is integrated with these tools, you can make phone calls from your Salesforce dashboard and your Google Calendar invitations will automatically populate from the conference link!

And by important, we mean things like call recording, call routing, music storage, integration with software you already use (like your CRM), and your choice of phone numbers, including toll-free numbers. and private numbers. .

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Your business probably handles sensitive data. It can also process payments. This means that your virtual phone system should also be very secure. For example, SOC2® Type II is GDPR and PCI compliant (if you deal with payments, you need a PCI compliant system).

Service level agreements are essentially a way to ensure reliable service from your phone provider. You need a phone system that is reliable and has minimal downtime because you don’t need us to tell you what to do if you can’t talk to your prospects.

Some virtual phone systems take weeks or even months to set up. No joke. Always check how the installation process is. For example, with , installation can be almost instantaneous. As an administrator, you can assign new users, assign them phone numbers, sync them with tools, and get them up and running in minutes.

Sure, you can just browse the website — that’s what most people do — but if you really want to see the good, the bad, and the ugly of a phone system, check out the reviews.

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Specifically for virtual phone systems, the best review sites are usually G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot. (And if the vendor you’re considering isn’t listed, that’s a red flag and you should probably cross it off the list.)

When you look at costs, don’t just look at the price tag. Pricing for virtual phone systems should include a number of factors, including both upfront cost and ongoing costs. Because they typically use a SaaS pricing model (paying monthly or annually), it’s much simpler than traditional phone systems.

But… Make sure you know what each plan includes. Some phone providers say their plans only cost a few dollars a month, but you’ll be charged per minute for phone calls, call recording, and other essentials. (gives you unlimited calls in your home country, US and Canada, even on the cheapest plan, and tons more.)

Many small businesses may not have a dedicated IT team outside of Chuck (who also serves as your sales manager, shipping manager, you…well, you get the idea).

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Even if you have an IT team, they will focus on more than just your virtual phone system. This means you want to choose a provider that offers excellent customer support, not just in the US, but worldwide. The support team is always ready to help 24/7 for Pro and Enterprise customers (24/7 on the Standard plan), and there is a comprehensive online help center where you can find answers to most questions at any time.

It’s generally pretty simple and works the same no matter which provider you go with. First, choose a virtual business phone system provider (for example!) and sign up for one of the plans. You have to pay monthly or annually.

After that, you need to set up a virtual phone number (which you can use as a regular phone number) – this should only take a few minutes – then you’re good to go! Most salespeople should have a desktop or mobile app that you can use for phone calls and meetings. has it, and it’s also browser-based, meaning you can just log into a web browser and use it if you (or your customers) don’t want to download the app.

Virtual phone systems are truly perfect for small businesses! Why they are usually cheaper (including the initial investment in expensive equipment) and offer you more flexibility and scalability as your business grows compared to traditional phone systems.

Best Small Business Virtual Phone System In 2023

Of course, every business is different, but if you notice any of these things, it may be time to look into a virtual phone system: if a large volume of calls is straining your existing system, or if you have outdated hardware, that are no longer maintained and need expensive replacement are good signs. Another is if you move or expand your location, which is easier with VoIP phones and more expensive if you’re using an older phone system.

Typically, a traditional PBX phone system uses standard phone lines and requires equipment such as a server, desk phones, cables, and wires. Today, cloud PBX phone systems are very popular and can even use VoIP functionality to allow you to make calls over the Internet.

A better question might be “What numbers do you want to use?” At the very least, you can choose a new local number with an area code that works for your business, or switch to an existing number to avoid the inconvenience of notifying customers of the change.

All plans include a free virtual phone number, and you can either keep your existing number (to ensure you keep the same caller ID when calling customers) or get a new number.

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Yes, you can use your virtual phone system anywhere as long as you have a reliable internet connection. You can use a mobile device or computer, a desktop application or a mobile application. (If you work from home, you can also set your home number to the call forwarding options list so that it automatically forwards calls to your home office.)

Well, we’re biased, but it’s one of the best business phone providers out there – and comes standard with some advanced features beyond basic incoming and outgoing calls. (To be fair, check out our online reviews on sites like G2 and Trustpilot.)

Just like a regular phone number! For example, once you install it, you can make phone calls and even send SMS/MMS messages from that number, and people can also call and text you from that number. Trying to find a virtual phone number provider for your business? You have come to the right place.

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