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Best Website Builder For Authors

Confused by all the website builders available? Confused about what terms like “bandwidth” even mean or why they matter? Well, I’m also a writer, and I’ve spent the last ten years building websites and working with a variety of website builders.

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This guide to the best website builders for creators and writers walks you through the most important things I’ve learned about website builders, including the five website builders I’ve worked with the most.

Edited domain name. Most paid website building plans include the cost of the domain name for at least the first year, and some permanently include the cost of the domain name. Free plans usually require you to use a subdomain that adds the hostname to your website name to create a URL like “”.

SSL certificate. An SSL certificate allows you to add the letter s to the https:// part of your domain, showing Google that your website is secure for visitors.

Bandwidth. This is the amount of data that can be transferred from your website to users’ browsers per month. The best plans have “unlimited” bandwidth, meaning your website will never run out of bandwidth.

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Storage. This is the amount of data you can store on your website. A static author site can usually get away with a small amount of storage, but a blog that is constantly adding new content will need more storage to grow.

Analytics. These tools help you understand who’s visiting your site and what content they’re most interested in, so you can leverage content that’s already working. Most website builders offer some analytics tools of their own, and many also integrate with Google Analytics.

Online shopping tool. Selling signed copies of your books through your website is a great way to earn extra income. If you want to do this, make sure your website builder has an affordable eCommerce plan and easy-to-use eCommerce tools.

SEO tools. The best website builders allow you to customize the SEO title and meta description for each page and post. Some may also provide SEO analysis of individual pieces of content or other advanced SEO tools.

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Blogging tools. Every website builder has some form of blogging tool, but they vary widely in terms of SEO-friendliness, flexibility, and ease of use. Your blog posts should have the same formatting options as regular pages, built-in SEO tools, and an organization system that uses categories and tags so search engines can easily index your posts.

Blog and author-centric templates. The best website builders for writers and authors offer templates designed to highlight what writers do best: creating blogs and books. If you’re an author looking to start a blog to grow your audience while you prepare to publish a book, look for a website builder that has both types of templates so you can switch when your book is published!

Bluehost Website Builder is a custom themed front-end editor with over 1,000 layout options based on the popular WordPress software. This means you can build your site with a simple editor and at the same time take advantage of the thousands of WordPress plugins available to add all kinds of functionality to your site.

I like this option because it gives you the simplicity of a website builder, the powerful blogging tools of WordPress, and the ability to expand your website (and business) in countless ways. However, it is not compatible with most WordPress themes, so you cannot take advantage of many WordPress themes for writers.

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Bluehost Website Builder plans start at a basic plan of $2.95 per month ($35 per year) for the first year (renewable for $10.99 per month). To use the online shopping features, you must get the Pro plan, which starts at $9.95 per month ($119.40 per year) and renews for $14.99 per month ($179.88 per year).

Bluehost Website Builder is ideal for authors who want their blog to be the main attraction of their website. It’s also a good option if you plan to offer additional services/products like online courses to your audience, although you’ll need to learn how to do this on a slightly more complex WordPress dashboard.

Note that this list focuses on features included in paid plans, and features marked with * are limited to specific plans.

Users for several years. At the heart of the platform is its visual website builder, which includes more than 800 templates, including a variety of specialty templates for literary arts. There are also easy-to-use SEO tools and blogging tools, although I found them too basic to meet my personal needs. And if you later want to add online courses or a community to your website, it’s easy to do so with apps from the App Market.

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One downside to using Wix as an author is that the built-in SEO tools are quite limited. However, there are analytics apps for Wix that can give you functionality comparable to the analytics tools offered by other website builders.

Wix offers a free plan with up to 500MB of storage, no custom domain, and no ads displayed on your site. This is a good way to test the site builder without money, but it won’t work on a serious site.

When it comes to premium plans, Wix’s pricing structure is stable. Perfect for personal websites and businesses that don’t intend to sell products directly through their website, website plans start at $22/month, giving you access to basic website and blog tools + 2GB of storage.

To access the features of an online store, you need to invest in a business plan. The most affordable option is the Business Basic package, which costs $27 per month.

Best Website Builders For Authors And Writers (tested By An Author)

Wix is ​​ideal for writers who aren’t good at learning new technologies, but still want plenty of options to expand their site as their business grows.

Squarespace has made its way onto this list of the best website builders for authors and writers by offering some of the most attractive templates in the website builder space, including excellent blog-focused templates. The website builder, blogging tools and SEO tools are also high quality and easy to use. Additionally, there are Squarespace plugins that can add a wide range of features to your website.

I was a little disappointed that Squarespace didn’t have book-centric templates, but the builder is flexible enough that with a little extra creativity, you can still create a great landing page for your book.

There are four Squarespace plans, starting with the Personal plan at $16 per month. For e-commerce features, you must get a business plan for $23/month.

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Squarespace is a great option for writers who want to use their website primarily to host a blog.

Note that this list focuses on premium features. Products marked with an asterisk are restricted to certain plans.

Jimdo is an incredibly easy-to-use website builder with a guided setup process and a small but excellent collection of website templates. If you want to create an author portfolio in minutes, you can do it with this tool without being overwhelmed with features you don’t even intend to use.

Unfortunately, Jimdo’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. If you want to sell products on your site, you must immediately decide to create an online store instead of a website. one cannot be changed to another later. There isn’t much in the way of blogging tools either. Instead, you get a “News” tool that works like a blog, but with very limited features.

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The cheapest paid plan is the $9/month starter plan, which removes ads and gives you a custom domain and email address. You may use the Online Store features of this Agreement if you have selected the Online Store option.

If you’re overwhelmed by all the options other website builders offer and just want a simple place to post book news every now and then, Jimdo is a great choice.

Zyro is a little-known website builder that offers a wide range of features at an affordable price. This includes AI website builder, 100+ high quality templates, decent blogging and SEO tools and interesting AI tools. You can also change important SEO information for a specific post or page in the Settings area.

One thing this website builder lacks is plugins. You can use fancy eCommerce tools, but you can’t add courses or membership areas to your site later.

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There are three Zyro pricing plans, the cheapest being the website plan at $2.59/month. For e-commerce features, you need to sign up for $3.59/month.

Zyro is a great option for writers who want a good balance of website, blog, and e-commerce features without spending a lot of money.

Now that you have some understanding of the best website builders for authors and writers, it’s time to choose the right website for your career. Fortunately, this is a pretty clear choice

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