Best Website Builder For New Small Business

Best Website Builder For New Small Business – If you are jumping into the world of business, e-commerce is the smart way to go. This is especially true considering that the retail e-commerce market is expected to reach $5.9 trillion by 2023.

One of the secrets is having the right tools. Once you find the best website builder for your small business, you’ll be able to take advantage of the world of features and resources you need to create a beautiful, high-converting e-commerce website. .

Best Website Builder For New Small Business

So what exactly are these tools and how do you use them? (And how much will it be?)

Best Website Builder For Small Business

In this article, we will look at some of the best website builders for small businesses. We will talk about platforms, what they can help you achieve, and how to choose the best one for your unique situation.

Wondering what small business website builder to use and what you get with your subscription? Let’s break down the main options and their features to help you decide.

If you ask around, most people will tell you that Shopify is the best website builder for small businesses. It has built such a good reputation because it has so much to offer new and experienced businesses.

Shopify offers thousands of free and pre-built themes to get you started building your website right away – no coding experience required. It also has built-in tools and resources to help you run comprehensive marketing campaigns to increase your store traffic and customer base, as well as comprehensive tracking tools to keep you on track.

Best Website Builders For Small Business (2023)

If you are interested in becoming a multi-channel brand, Shopify integrates with many other channels, including social media such as Facebook and TikTok, and online markets such as Amazon and eBay. You can even use Shopify to sell in person if you decide to open a storefront or host a pop-up shop at local events.

You may know GoDaddy as one of the largest web hosting companies in the world, so it would make sense that the company also offers a website title. If you want to get up and running as soon as possible, GoDaddy is one of the best website builders for small businesses.

The website title offers many of the features you’d expect, such as a content and video design studio, sales and marketing management tools, and tracking metrics to ensure you’re hitting all of your business goals.

Many users report that GoDaddy offers some trade-offs: the experience is simple and streamlined, but it lacks some of the customizations and features typically offered by other website builders.

Best Mobile Friendly Website Builders 2022

WordPress is truly a force to be reckoned with – it powers more than a third of the top 10 websites in the world. And as you can imagine, this means that WordPress benefits from an ecosystem. If you need a plugin or integration, you will almost certainly be able to find it.

Some people say that WordPress is for “dreamers”, meaning that if you can imagine a plan for your small business website, you can make it happen with WordPress. That’s why this website title is a great choice if you have an idea for a website that needs some additional tools and customizations to bring it to life.

However, keep in mind that the more complex the website you want to build, the more likely you will need to hire a professional developer if you don’t already have those skills.

Squarespace is a design powerhouse with a large collection of amazing, fully responsive templates. Each Squarespace template has elements you can customize to fit your brand, from fonts and colors to background images and headers.

The 14 Best Website Builders For Small Businesses In 2023

For small businesses, Squarespace offers the perfect blend of modern design and ease of use. It makes building a website really easy and gives you all the marketing tools you need to work. Inserting popups and banner ads is as easy as dragging and dropping them wherever you want them to appear.

Squarespace also offers eCommerce tools that you can use to build an online store. This includes order management, point of sale, product image editing, and more.

However, Squarespace has a bit of a learning curve and lacks some key functions of more popular storefront titles.

Price: Personal plans start at $12 per month. If you want full eCommerce for your website, plan for as little as $18 per month, plus transaction fees.

Best Website Builder For Small Business (2023)

Wix is ​​a powerful beginner website builder for small businesses. The drag and drop feature lets you design your website by placing elements where you want.

In addition to typical website building, Wix offers ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) for less technical business owners. This tool will ask you a few questions about your design and feature preferences, then create a beautiful website for you.

And once you’ve built a website, Wix lets you expand its functionality through the App Store. Wix has over 250 apps to choose from if your basic setup doesn’t have the features you need.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you want to sell products online, Wix may not be the best choice. The platform allows you to add 100 pages to your online store—and you don’t get integrations for new channels like TikTok.

The 5 Best Free Website Builders In 2022

Price: The Basic plan starts at $4.50 per month, but includes limited features and Wix ads. You’ll want to start with the Personal plan, which costs $8.50 per month.

Site123 is one of the best free website builders for small businesses. While some websites give you a limited free trial to test the waters, Site123 offers a completely free plan with enough storage to host a simple website.

When building a website, you can choose from more than 180 mobile-friendly templates. And while Site123 does not allow customization of elements, you can rearrange and add content sections to your liking.

If you want to access Aye123’s repository of eCommerce plugins and tools, you’ll need to sign up for your Premium plan. However, not every tool will be included in your package. The good news is that Site123 has an App Store where you will find many important tools that are not included with your subscription.

Best Website Builder

One caveat is that Site123 does not offer a drag and drop editor like some other small business website builders. Instead, you get a point-and-click editor with limited creative freedom.

Price: The basic plan is free, but you will have to put up with ads and limited bandwidth on your website. Ad-free plans start at $7.25 per month.

Weebly is one of the easiest website builders out there. Its new editor makes it easy to edit your website’s navigation and content. You can also choose from a variety of presets, including adding or removing elements to your liking. In addition to the ease of creating a website, Weebly offers a number of features to help you grow online. These include powerful SEO features and support, marketing tools like coupons and newsletters, and integration with Square Payments.

Do you want to create an e-commerce website? Weebly offers an intuitive storefront where you can customize your design, add inventory, manage payments, and more. Also, you can access all the built-in features that can help you establish and grow your online business.

Best Free Website Builders For Small Business

On the other hand, Weebly lacks the depth and power of more specialized e-commerce platforms. In building a store in the long run, limited capabilities can become a major stumbling block.

Price: The basic plan is free, but does not come with a custom domain name. Plans that allow custom space start at $6 per month.

There are a few website builders that offer completely free plans, and Square Online is one of them. You can build, launch and drive traffic to your store for free.

Square Online also integrates with other channels like Facebook and Instagram and offers SEO tools to help you continue to grow your business.

Best Website Builders For Small Businesses Compared

Keep in mind, though, that the free version has limitations compared to the paid packages from Square Online, and many of the competitors we’ve covered. For example, your site will display ads selected by Square Online, and you can’t use a custom domain like

Of course, if you want more customization options for your e-commerce experience, you can always upgrade to a paid plan.

Zyro has received a lot of praise for how easy it makes the web development process. Regardless of your skill level – even if you’re starting from scratch – Zyro has a clean, minimalist and simple interface.

You’ll also find powerful tools to guide you through the web design and launch process. And if you get stuck or have trouble figuring something out, Zyro’s customer support team is ready to help.

Best “free Website Builders & Hosting” (2023)

Like other small business website builders, Zyro comes preloaded with tons of templates, free high quality images, and presets that ensure you have a beautiful website without having to do all the hard work. yourself. It even has exclusive AI-powered tools to take the guesswork out of creating a realistic, high-performing store.

When deciding which website title to use, there are several important considerations: the type of website you want to create, the complexity and customization you want, the amount of time and money you can invest, and the skills and your current resources.

After understanding your needs and opportunities, choose the right one

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