Best Website Builder For Writers

Best Website Builder For Writers – Pick a section, fill it in with your details – then move on to the next. These building blocks respond automatically, so you don’t have to worry about calls to view or generate code.

With endless stock collections, one-click mockups, and color palettes, building a website has never been faster. Even if you are not a designer.

Best Website Builder For Writers

Why is that? Our users tell the story. Senior Social Media Manager Jessica Kalbarczyk My portfolio is now LIVE. Built by io and I’m a huge fan! It’s time to put my work in one place. They make it super easy. Chris Alexis Content Strategist, Copywriter Day 109. Just bought! It now redirects to my @io page. This will definitely make casting easier for potential freelance writing clients.

The 15 Best Free Portfolio Websites For Creating An Impressive Digital Portfolio

Brianna Doe Demand Gen @ Inventables For any combination of social, copy and general marketing: io and Webflow. I especially like io because it’s drag and drop, and you can do a nice mix of text & images. Alysa Gumto Social Media Expert I put the finishing touches on my professional portfolio through eo. It’s been a great experience to gather all the projects and presentations I’ve done in one place.

Coding and design in us. you just write. Coding and design is on us. you just write.

Building your own website can be daunting. Especially if you are not a web developer. How do you know where to start? As a writer, you want something fast and easy that looks good. Well, without enlisting your creative friends to help.

What if we told you that there is a website builder specially designed for writers? He builds a portfolio for freelancers and in-house developers. It is the fastest tool for writers to easily create stunning websites and writing portfolios. The website builder is fast and works intuitively. No loading screens, no endless guides.

A Good Website Builder For A Beginning Author?

Our task is to make the process quick, pleasant and painless. We’ve created a personal website that makes it easy to promote your work and build your personal brand.

To be taken seriously, you need an online presence: a website and a writing portfolio. Make it a reality. Get ready to start building your writing portfolio website. It includes step-by-step instructions with templates and examples of writing website designs so you have everything you need.

It goes without saying that every writer needs an author website. Web search is the first place people go when they are looking for you and you want to make sure they find your website and have a strong presence there. This allows you to put your pole in the ground and have your own little corner of the internet.

However, as someone who has worked with over 100 authors and has explored nearly 100 author websites, I often see firsthand how many authors need help setting up their website.

Best Website Builders Comparison

My goal with this article is to walk you through the proper way to get your website up and running with very little money and, if you have everything set up, about an hour of your time. I’ll walk you through the best practices I’ve learned over the last decade of working with authors to build their online platforms as well as share some of my favorite tools to get it done quickly and affordably.

It’s easy to get distracted by the many bells and whistles when building your author website, so I wanted to explain up front what we’re trying to do.

Before we dive in and start building your own author website, I thought it would be helpful to look at some examples of how writers do it.

The first thing you need before setting up your website is a domain name. These are .com, .net, .org, etc. that people will type in their browser to open your website. To have a website, you need a domain name.

The 4 Best Website Builders For 2023

Many authors fail to organize their website under their book title or book description or book attributes. I highly recommend that you don’t do it.

You have a long writing career ahead of you. Most likely, your writing will change. What you write about him today may change and change over time. Even if you couldn’t imagine writing anything other than the trilogy you’re working on today, given enough time, you’ll move on to something new.

The one thing in life you can expect to stay the same is your name. Build a writing platform around your name.

What if your name is taken? What if your name was Mike Smith and was long gone. Get as close to your name as possible. If you can’t find, I’m looking to buy,,, (middle name), etc. Something close to your name will be found easily when searching.

How To Create A Freelance Writer Website

What if you have created your own site with a book or series name? Unless you plan to drive this book or series for the next 10 years, I recommend switching now. The sooner the better. One of my clients is Daniel Pink. His first book was Free Agent Nation. Since then he has continued to write books on motivation, sales, brainstorming, etc. It would be weird if he dropped everything about freelancing.

What about .net, .org. me, another domain? Be very careful with this. You will always lose traffic to the main .com domain because it is unique. However, if your .com is captured and most of the .com around your name is captured, it’s a viable option. Just choose carefully.

The tool I recommend is It’s the fastest and easiest way to find a domain name. On most websites you’ll have to type in database, run a search and see if it’s available. Otherwise, you will have to reload the page and try again. This little tool searches quickly and quickly tells you what’s available and what’s not.

To buy a domain name, I recommend They make it easy and hassle-free to buy your domain name. I highly recommend that you don’t use GoDaddy. Despite their disgusting marketing tactics, they will do their best to trick you into buying products and services you don’t need. If you already have a domain name, you can easily change it at

A Step By Step Guide To Build Your Author Website

If you’re not sure what a website is and how it’s different from your domain name, let me briefly explain. Your domain name is the same as your address. This lets people know where you live. However, it is not your home. Just because you have an address doesn’t mean you have a roof over your head. Your website is the home of your website. That’s where your real website is. All HTML, CSS, PDF, JPG, etc files should be on a computer that people can access. This is where web hosts come in. For a small fee, they will take care of storing all your website files and making them available to people online. I’ll be showing you in a moment how to do your website setup on a site, but for now, know that you need to get a website.

For your hosting I recommend BlueHost. This is the most expensive option used by many top rated sites. They have great support and make it easy to get your website up and running.

To set it up, visit and click the giant green “Sign Up Now” button. They walk you through the process of getting everything purchased and set up.

Unless you plan to manually code HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript, you should use an existing web platform to set up your website. Fortunately, there are many options.

Best Website Builder For 2023

Another great feature of BlueHost is that it lets you install WordPress with just a few clicks! Once you’ve signed up for BlueHost, watch this video that guides you through installing WordPress in under five minutes.

WordPress makes it very easy to change the design of your website. There are hundreds of themes available that you can install and customize.

Free. There are thousands of free themes to choose from. I would recommend starting with TwentyThirteen¬†from the WordPress developers. It’s not their new theme, but it’s the easiest to set up based on my suggestions here. In has lots of great functions and offers lots of customization. If you want to set up your website and start adding content right away, stick with this default theme.

Premium. Usually for less than $100 you can get a premium theme that packs a lot of functionality and comes with support, a customer forum, and most importantly, documentation on how to set up the site. This is my choice.

The 100 Best Websites For Writers In 2021

So far, most of the tips apply to anyone creating a new website. This is part of

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