Best Websites For Freelance Writers

Best Websites For Freelance Writers – Whether you are a UX designer, freelance writer or photographer, a compelling online portfolio is essential for capturing potential clients and landing future jobs. But creating a great digital portfolio can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re not sure which website to use to create it. Here we’ve created a list of the best portfolio websites for designers, freelancers and photographers to ensure you can showcase your best work in any industry. What is an online portfolio? An online portfolio is a collection of digital information about work, experience, qualifications, skills, or fame that you have and want to share online. They legitimize your work and give industry professionals a better understanding of what you can do. Examples of your work that can be presented in an online portfolio include: photos, writing templates, case studies, spreadsheets, lesson plans, what you include in your online portfolio varies depending on your field and skills. So to help you choose the best portfolio creator for your needs, visit some of our favorite portfolio websites to help you tailor your portfolio to your needs. Best Free Portfolio Website Journo Portfolio Muck Rack WordPress Behance Adobe Portfolio Fabrik Crevado Pixpa Dunked Flickr Portfoliobox Krop YouPic Best Free Website For Freelance Writers 1. Journo portfolio image source You can create a modern portfolio image. Portfolio. . The site offers nine different titles, and adding text is as easy as pasting a URL and clicking Add – The site takes care to include titles, publications, dates, content, and images. Features include integration with Google Analytics or the use of Journo’s built-in analytics tools to measure visitors. In addition, your website is automatically optimized for mobile devices. You can also customize platforms which can be useful if you want to showcase your freelance work and current work in one place. Journo allows you to create multiple pages with a Contact or About Me page and your own portfolio. Pros Live preview editor integrated with Google Analytics integration, pre-built headers, subscriptions and contact forms, Cons Cons free, easy to use. You will pay $ 5-$ 10 per month 2. Muck Rack Image Source Muck Rack is a free media database that helps connect journalists and PR professionals, so if you use the site you will have a good chance on the Internet. And get PR points. You can even include topics you don’t want to include by filtering out inappropriate fields. Plus, for real convenience, Muck Rack creates and maintains your portfolio for you by automatically compiling articles and social media profiles for you. Once completed, you have the option to customize your resume or choose to highlight certain pieces. Muck Rack also offers an alert system that allows you to track stories or tweets about a specific product or story angle. With their alert system, you can see when other journalists are sharing information or publishing news related to your work that will help you stay up-to-date on trends. Ideal Pros for Journalists Automatic update of the profile The notification system for tracking news and trends allows you to easily create a press list Disadvantages of other forms When uploading content to Excel is not integrated with reporting and control tools Other reviews 3. WordPress image source for WordPress, important content platform admin that allows you to create freebies on different portfolio pages. Although not focused on freelance writers, WordPress offers over 100 free themes to design and present your work. This is a great option for you if you want complete creative control over your portfolio. You can also choose to use WordPress if you want to showcase your writing and other skills. Let’s say you want a page for writing or taking pictures. If so, WordPress offers a variety of themes and is flexible enough to showcase your creative work. Pros Ideal for gers can create portfolio pages separately with 100+ free themes that come with SSL certificates and JetPack features to improve website performance Cons. Free projects. GB 4. Image Source is a website that provides an easy way. sharing your best articles, collateral or any other type of marketing materials. You can upload PDF files, links and related multimedia to to create a clear portfolio that specific categories of your choice can categorize. You can even use social links on your page so that other professionals can easily contact you. In addition to hosting and maintaining your portfolio, you can browse your other freelance pages on the web and find potential clients or collaborators. Precisely Designed Benefits for Writers – Best Writers for Beginners or Experienced Writers Who Want to Expand Their Career Opportunities Press List Cons Can Display Up to 10 Articles Under Free Project Best Free Portfolio Website for Designers 5. Create image resources with millions of UX designers / Designers -UI, Artists and Photographers on Behance is one of the most used portfolio sites on the Internet. It’s also easy to use – you can organize your work based on a list of projects under construction and ask followers for feedback. In addition, this site allows you to link your portfolio to your social media accounts. Behance’s large digital community makes it a great option to get your name out there, especially since recruiters and interviewers use the websites to find talent. However, Behance shows the number of people who have viewed and liked your work, which can be more useful – but more dangerous – than a simple web portfolio. Best Ways for Creators Who Don’t Have Time to Create Their Portfolio Website Can Get Improved Feedback From Fans, Including Social Evidence Regarding Views and Likes on Portfolio Cons Limited Website Design and Feature Options For a free project, showing views and likes can be dangerous if there aren’t enough people seeing or interested in the project 6. Portfolio Image Source for Adobe If you already have a Creative Cloud membership, Adobe Portfolio is a great choice. Create a one-page website or a complete gallery of your work. With Adobe Portfolio, you can create a smooth and customizable portfolio in minutes, and each platform’s theme is automatically optimized for any device. In addition, Adobe Portfolio offers the ability to integrate with Behance and Adobe Lightroom to import your projects for greater visibility. Pros Option to create multiple websites or one page, providing 18 responsive theme combinations with Behance and Adobe Lightroom Cons only for free if you are a member of Creative Cloud 7. Fabrik Image Source Fabrik is a Creative portfolio platform. Designers can design their projects without having to touch any code with a unique website style and technology. It allows users to easily upload their portfolio and it also supports editing capabilities. Fabrik themes are intuitive and tailored to your project’s content needs. This flexibility allows users to experiment with a variety of layouts designed to meet the required media profile, be it graphic design or more. With straightforward configuration, Fabrik portfolio is the easiest option to build and maintain your portfolio on all devices. Good Benefits for creative designers of various skills Allows an unlimited number of announcements, negative feedback customer support should include other activities such as ecommerce or other third-party extensions 8. Crevado Image Sources One of the free portfolio websites Crevado allows you to use. using a simple drag-and-drop tool to load your projects and rearrange them on the screen for ease of use. This site is also automatically optimized for any device, so your portfolio can be viewed on any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Crevado also has secure hosting and an SSL certificate so your portfolio site stays secure. You can customize your design to suit your preferences without having to write any code. Best of all, you can sell your work online thanks to the platform’s integration with PayPal and Fotomoto. The only downside is that free users cannot remove the link to Crevado from the bottom of their website. You will need to upgrade to a support account to do so. Pros Drag and drop interface Responsive designs Secure hosting with SSL certificate Including PayPal and Fotomoto allows job sellers Cons Free programs to display Crevado links in site headers 9. Pixpa image source Pixpa is a web development platform. DIY is designed to empower creative professionals, freelance writers and business owners by helping them build professional and rich websites without touching a single line of code. Pixpa offers advanced, mobile-friendly and responsive templates that are fully customizable with an easy-to-use image editor and drag-and-drop page builder. Extensive features including ging, SEO tools and marketing tools, social media integration, multi-functional gallery options, electronic works make Pixpa the perfect portfolio creation platform for writers and creative professionals. A complete ging platform powered by WYSIWYG’s intuitive and easy-to-use editor lets you create, edit, edit and publish.

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