Black And Gold Bathroom Decor

Black And Gold Bathroom Decor – Well, those basement revelations are starting to surface slowly but surely! I’ve shared a few outtakes with you since we tackled our basement project last spring, but today I’m excited to show you our recently completed project

I’ve been working on this space a little bit since I shared the progress on the basement bathroom, picked up a few things here and there, and then finally picked up the camera to take some photos . I really like how it turned out!

Black And Gold Bathroom Decor

Black And Gold Bathroom Decor

T and I joke that this is by far the nicest bathroom in the house and we really do shower and get ready down here. Instead, our guests can use it as an alternative to the guest toilet on the 2nd floor.

Maze Glass Bathroom Set Of 3 Gold & Black

I don’t really have horrible “before” pictures to share since this was new construction, but this is what we worked on last summer…

Black And Gold Bathroom Decor

After scrolling through the images, be sure to check out the end of the post where I link to as many similar sources or items as I can find.

Most of my decor was from HomeGoods [often called the “mother ship” here!], but I did my best to find super close alternatives.

Black And Gold Bathroom Decor

Pcs Shower Curtain Set Marble Black Gold Ombre Luxury Abstract Fluid Modern With Non Slip Rugs Toilet Lid Cover And Bath Mat Bathroom Decor Set 72

Overall, the room is cool and airy with light gray walls [you can see the full post I wrote about the paint colors of our house including the best color choices for the basement] Carrara marble shower with frameless glass doors but with dark gray porcelain floor tiles and bold splashes of black and gold, the gives it a slightly more dramatic look.

See how I use them in our dining room, laundry room, and kitchen! Besides the marble shower, the vanity is probably my other favorite aspect of the room. I was happy to stumble upon it! The black ‘X’ dressing table is black with a white top, but has the unique ‘X’ detail on the side for storage.

Black And Gold Bathroom Decor

I might like the mirror and dressing table more than the dressing table – no offense though! As I found each piece, I brought it in and let it sit until I met the next one. Here is a close up of the makeup light.

Gold Circles Bathroom Set

I thought about it for a while before pulling the trigger. You may remember that I included it in this lamp review as a contender! Well, that won me over.

Black And Gold Bathroom Decor

This vanilla candle has quickly become one of my favorites. I took a few extras to keep on hand at home. And I got really good use out of my little faceted terrarium!

It served as a candy dish, an ornament holder, and now it’s the perfect cotton ball and Q-tip keeper 😉 A few more cheap points from HomeGoods – the planter fits perfectly on the back of the toilet [which has a night light by the way. … more so if you have trouble seeing in the dark, ha!]

Black And Gold Bathroom Decor

Lucas Black Marble & Brass Bathroom Set Of 3

The canvas art speaks of neutral modern glamour, but is not too loud with its soft lines and muted colors.

So here it is! Space I have all kinds of vertigo. Now… if only I could decorate the master bathroom… One more day, one more dollar, and plenty of time to go!

Black And Gold Bathroom Decor

Don’t forget to scroll down for our full neutral glam basement bathroom guide!

Black Gold 1 Light Modern Wall Sconce Globe Glass Bathroom Vanity Lights

All the images in the gallery above are clickable images linked to the sources, but I have also included the text links for your convenience. Sometimes it’s easier to see everything on the list!

Black And Gold Bathroom Decor

I’d love to hear what you think of this new space in our home! I will be adding it to our current home tour soon!

Fingers crossed for a few more 70 degree days this weekend here in Chicago. No more indoor projects – I just want to be outside basking in the spring sun! Have a great weekend and I hope to see you back here next week! – Black and gold are a combination of timeless shades that always evoke the most luxurious settings. If you’re looking for bathroom inspiration with a sophisticated and chic interior design,  Luxury Bathrooms offers you a range of black and gold bathroom furniture and accessories that you’re sure to love.

Black And Gold Bathroom Decor

Avangard Black With Gold Embroidery 5 Piece Bathroom Set

Do you like this luxury bathroom decor? So take a look at our black and gold offering below and find out how you can achieve a similarly luxurious bathroom.

Koi wash sink by Maison Valentina | The KOI carp is a recurring symbol of Japanese culture, highly valued for its decorative purposes, not only in water gardens, but also in the practice of Irezumi or more commonly in tattoos. Its natural color mutations show their adaptability, like the KOI sinks, which you can use to create a better sense of room division in your environment. The KOI scales that make up the panels of the sink shine and reflect – on its copper surface – the sun that hit the clear water. KOI and the Japanese word for love or affection are homophones, making the carp also a symbol of love and friendship. Buy now!

Black And Gold Bathroom Decor

Blaze Mirror by Maison Valentina | Blaze Mirror reflects a very bright light and flames of passion with its golden hue. With this mirror, we can shape our own paths and overcome all the challenges that come our way. Small nails are engraved along the golden lines of this beautiful mirror. As a sophisticated design piece, the Blaze Mirror will draw attention to any bathroom and give it a touch of luxury. Buy now! Black Bathroom Accessories Set Gold Bathroom Accessory Set,toothbrush Holder Soap Dispenser Soap Dish Tumble Cup For Bathroom Decor Wedding Gift( Gold)

Prisma stool by Luxxu | The Prisma stool is a symphony of careful proportions, based on a simple square of black velvet, created with the same immersive power and passionate aesthetic of design. The unique concept of softness of clearly defined geometric shapes is finished with a gilded surface. This luxurious item fits perfectly into any environment and style. Buy now!

Black And Gold Bathroom Decor

Phong wall lamp from Brabbu | Made with a gilded finish, the PHONG wall lamp is a mysterious piece of design brought to you by the Phong Nha Caves in Vietnam, where only 20 of the 300 caves have been explored. PHONG hides its beauty, like these caves, only to reveal itself when light is projected. Perfect for intimate settings, this piece will create an inviting and stylish atmosphere that unfolds gradually. Buy now!

Eden towel rack by Maison Valentina | Eden is inspired by the mystery behind the name. This towel embodies part of the tree of knowledge and the story of the birth of desire. Made entirely of polished cast brass, with a delicately carved surface that reveals the golden wood core at the heart of the house. A touch of gold in your bathroom. Buy now! Do you need a chic and sophisticated timeless color combination for your interior design? I suggest black and gold colors as they add luxury to any room. How to implement such a color scheme in the bathroom? Here are some ideas.

Black And Gold Bathroom Decor

Black Marble Bathroom Set

Black and gold is a complex color scheme, but you can add some other colors and shades to make the bathroom look more attractive. If you want to freshen up this sophisticated but moody color scheme, you can add some white, cream or gray to the room.

You can also make your bathroom more attractive by changing the materials you use in the interior. It can be black marble, black marble tiles, black wood or plywood, metal, black tiles in various sizes, shapes and textures. You can also treat matte black walls or black wallpaper with different patterns or pictures to make them look special. Black stones and black metals will also add texture to the room. Gold fittings and pipes are invited to make the bathroom bright and lively. You can even include a polished gold wall or piece of art to make the room more sophisticated. If you have a powder room, try black and gold wallpaper and create an accent wall with it.

Black And Gold Bathroom Decor

Beautiful black and gold stone tiled bathroom with glass shower, stained vanity unit, stone sink and mirror

Black Gold Bathroom Ideas

Cool art deco bathroom in black and gold, with marble, metal and lots of graphic details here and there, as well as gold accessories

Black And Gold Bathroom Decor

Bold bathroom corner with plywood and thin black tile walls, polished gold sink, round mirror and gold lamps

Chic black and gold bathroom with black marble tiles, black lamps, black partition and white bathtub

Black And Gold Bathroom Decor

Beautiful Black And White Bathroom Ideas

Chic black and gold bathroom with matte black walls, polished gold sink, gold fixtures and lamps and mosaic floor

Smart modern black and gold bathroom with round illuminated mirror, white fixtures, pendant lights and black marble tiles throughout

Black And Gold Bathroom Decor

Vintage chic bathroom with black paneled walls, black bathtub, gold fixtures, printed curtains and gold accessories

Black Bathrooms: A Dramatic And Sophisticated Look

Modern bathroom with large neutral and subtle black tiles, alcove and wall mounted sink, gold fixtures

Black And Gold Bathroom Decor


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