Black White Chairs Living Room

Black White Chairs Living Room – You may have noticed that we at Maiden Home love a white sofa. Nothing says confidence like this, so when interior designer Anissa Zajac of House Seven wanted to reimagine her home’s living room with all its crisp, white furniture, we jumped at the challenge. Armed with some of the best performing materials on the market, we helped her create the perfect home for her family of five, durable and gorgeous.

We caught up with Anissa to discuss the project and find out how she designed her new living space with the Dune sofa and Mercer chairs, both in beautiful Oyster performance linen.

Black White Chairs Living Room

Black White Chairs Living Room

Anissa’s salon is the center of a busy life, from spending time with her husband and their three daughters to entertaining guests and clients. While many shy away from white for this type of space, Anissa relished the opportunity to create a clean, contemporary backdrop for her rustic-modern aesthetic.

Low Black Coffee Table And Cream Sofa And Chairs In Modern White Country Living Room, Stock Photo, Picture And Rights Managed Image. Pic. Foh U10555272

“This place is used by our family every day.” Anissa said: “We watch TV, play games or sit by the fire and have a glass of wine when the work day is over. I needed parts that would withstand the wear and tear of a house full of youngsters. Kids and dogs… I didn’t want to give up my love of neutral colors and light, bright fabrics. Luckily, I didn’t have to do that with Maiden Home because their fabrics are made just for our high traffic type. in home.”

Black White Chairs Living Room

Working with the best craftsmen in North Carolina, Maiden Home furniture is built to last, so while Anissa focuses on the look of the pieces, we’ve made sure the sofa and chairs look great and last for years to come. . Each piece is carefully crafted in the workshops of one of our partners using kiln-dried wood, hand-cut steel and historic joinery to give these pieces the durability families need.

To create the perfect space, Anisa chose to combine two Maid Home styles and unify the design with a choice of fabrics. “When I saw the Dune sofa, I fell in love with its clean lines and comfortable simplicity,” said Anissa, “I knew it was the perfect piece for our living room.

Black White Chairs Living Room

Swedish Dining Table

To balance the extremely soft and casual appeal of Dune, Mercer’s chair collection includes a graphic and modern design. “They’re modern and clean with their straight lines and mid-century design, but you don’t have to sacrifice comfort with soft cushions and supportive seats. Finally, it is good to find chairs with minimal design and comfort at the same time. Stripes: They’ve been around forever when it comes to home decor and design. Some like vertical striped curtains that line the entryway, while others match the horizontal stripes of a beautiful accent wall. They come in many different types: some are wide enough to cover large walls with only three or four rows, while others are extremely thin and bring a sense of futuristic complexity. Then there are the black and white stripes, the perfect way to create a perfect and visual contrast for monochromatic environments. Today, however, we’re taking a slightly different technique with accent chairs.

Chic black-and-white striped chairs create a wonderful atmosphere in the living room of this traditional Austin home [Design by Mark Ashby].

Black White Chairs Living Room

Stylish chairs are an easy way to add something different to an interior and do it without moving too much. Unlike accent walls, you don’t have to struggle to paint the wall! Of course, the right accent chair is hard to find, and because they’re so expensive, you can’t switch between them as easily as you can with pillows or curtains. But a chair with the right accent can make a big difference; Especially neutral tones in the modern living room. So let’s delve into the wonderful world of slatted accent chairs and see how homeowners have used these stylish wonders –

Furniturebox Uk Dining Set

A chair with split accents is especially popular in the living room; Although it looks equally good in the dining room, bedroom or home office. In the living room, there are few accent pieces that take center stage and provide the same contrast and visual impact as a beautiful striped accent chair. This is an even more wonderful addition than those special pillows, colorful vases or house plants to bring a “designer twist” to the corner. It goes without saying that the more neutral the living space, the greater the impact of this accent hair.

Black White Chairs Living Room

Chunky white and blue striped chairs are perfect for a modern beach style home [Photo by Marcel Page]

Using a pair of chairs in a room can make a big difference visually [by Larina Case Interior Design]

Black White Chairs Living Room

Black & White Living Rooms That Work Their Monochrome Magic

Black and white striped chair for a modern and stylish living room filled with bright colors [by: Sun Soul Style Interiors]

Of course, using more than one chair or combining it with a sectional sofa is an idea for those who are willing to accept horizontal or vertical lines. Multi-stripe accent chairs in pop colors become instant focal points wherever they are placed. But making sure that the color palette remains completely undisturbed, you can live more modestly in beige, brown, gray, black and white and buy stripes.

Black White Chairs Living Room

The fun use of multiple stripes on laminate chairs gives this modern living room an elegant appeal [by: Ansh Interiors]

Living Room Color Combinations

A blue great room and blue and white striped chairs for a stylish living space [from Generation Interiors]

Black White Chairs Living Room

Cute pink striped chairs steal the show in this traditional family room [by Giffin & Crane General Contractors]

There are two approaches when adding a reclining chair to the interior. It can be an accent chair that brings new colors with a natural design or can be combined with the color scheme of the room. For now we will talk about chairs that bring new nuances and make them invisible. In the living room, chairs with colorful and elegant upholstery can bring that “it” to a mostly neutral environment. Even with themes like eclectic and elegant, these slatted chairs fit right in as they are visually prominent in the modern space. The same decorating approach works in dining rooms and bedrooms and creates more contrast.

Black White Chairs Living Room

LidÅs Chair, Black/sefast White

Elegant beach house San Diego porch with bright blue sofa and blue and red striped chairs [by: Warren Sheets Design]

Another approach you can take with reclining chairs is to choose colors that emphasize the tone of the room. If you have a pink and white bedroom, an armchair in the same colors will look like a nice addition and blend in with the overall look of the room. This is an approach that works better with some styles than others. For example, in a coastal or beach style living space, blue and white striped chairs feel more “at home” than any other style. The general appearance of the room (or outdoor meeting space) will determine the type of chairs you need.

Black White Chairs Living Room

A blue and white striped accent chair is a popular choice that goes with all styles [by J. Myers and Associates]

Casa Padrino Luxury Baroque Armchair White / Beige / Cream / Black / Gold

The blue and white color scheme of the glam New York living room combines several styles without disturbing it.

Black White Chairs Living Room

Stylish chairs in neutral colors blend with the room’s color scheme [by Martha O’Hara Interiors]

The stripes on the window covering complement the chair nicely with the pink and white striped detailing [by: S.B. long underwear]

Black White Chairs Living Room

Black White Dining Chair

Two striped chairs add a pop of color to a blue and white dining room without breaking the color scheme [by Grace Hill Design]

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Black White Chairs Living Room

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