Blue And Black Living Room Decorating Ideas

Blue And Black Living Room Decorating Ideas – The classic white and blue color scheme is a combination that is always popular and has been around for a long time. Everyone loves the idea of ​​a white and blue bedroom because it is so versatile and allows for a variety of styles. But it’s time to give this classic color scheme a new twist by switching from white to black at the opposite end of the spectrum. Yes, leave the background white this year and use black instead to design a home that is distinctive, smart and still allows you to use blue in all its beauty. It’s time for a black and blue interior!

In a world where we have a lot of white in the living room, bedroom and kitchen, adding a little black to the mix really makes a big impact. This does not mean that you have to abandon all other neutral tones in the room. Just add some black and do it without breaking the theme of the room and you will have a room that feels comfortable and sophisticated at the same time.

Blue And Black Living Room Decorating Ideas

Blue And Black Living Room Decorating Ideas

Just because you’re avoiding a classic color scheme doesn’t mean you should avoid white entirely. Instead, you can easily add black to an existing setting to give the room a brighter, more modern feel. In an open white living room, the combination of black and blue can be used to add colors to the dining room or the living room that do not look good. It’s all about finding a balance between tones. From cabinets and doors to decor and accessories, you can use almost anything to add black.

Distinctive Ways To Decorate With Blue Walls In Every Shade

While blue and black is a popular color combination, you can go a much cooler route by using darker shades of blue instead of lighter ones. Light blue and black may not look so bold, but it is still very beautiful in rooms with an eclectic, Mediterranean and Scandinavian style. Before settling on your favorite, try different shades of blue around the room, even if black effectively anchors the room.

Blue And Black Living Room Decorating Ideas

A modern Mediterranean-style living room in blue and black with a hint of purple [from: Prestige Builders]

Like white and blue, the combination of black and blue can easily be used in rooms with different styles. Black window frames, decorations and accessories, along with other smart accents, highlight the character of the room, while blue creates a cool background. Here, it’s easy to create styles like nautical, Scandinavian and eclectic, while rooms with a contemporary style feel even more special with these two cool colors.

Blue And Black Living Room Decorating Ideas

Blue Room Decorating Ideas

Sherry is a blogger who loves living life to the fullest. She enjoys everything related to design, interior design and beautiful modern trends. Born in California, Sherry grew up in open ranches and desert environments that shaped her design tastes and her interest in exploring how architecture and home interact with beauty[…]When you think about decorating your beauty. site, are you thinking of adding black? If not, here are some reasons why you should open your mind and heart to think about it. Black is all around us in design, sometimes boldly, sometimes subtly. It is not difficult to use it in your home, but with all home design projects, it is important to have a plan, using color with your overall intention.

Black is a neutral color. It goes with almost any color imaginable. Pair it with red for a bold look, or with a metallic like gold or silver, it also goes well with lighter colors like lavender or mint green.

Blue And Black Living Room Decorating Ideas

Small spaces: black is perfect for small spaces, blacken the walls or wood grain to make them stand out. Take a moment to browse our gallery below for inspiration.

Neutral Living Room Ideas That Are Anything But Plain

Modern: Black never goes out of style. the whole time. Think of the little black dress, most of us have been wearing it for years because if our size does not change, the dress is wearable and fashionable. The same applies to the use of black in the home. Trends come and go, bold colors, soft colors, but black remains. Some of the pictures below show different ways to use black paint, wallpaper, iron stairs, ceilings and more.

Blue And Black Living Room Decorating Ideas

Again, we believe that the only limits to using black in your home are the limits you create. As you can see, black works in modern, romantic, rustic and traditional design, which allows you to use it in your way to bring out the personality of your home. Perhaps because it is the color of both sky and sea: blue tones evoke clarity, purity and increased understanding in color therapy. At home, the shade is instantly calming and welcoming, whether used in a deep sea to add drama or a yellow robin’s egg in a more subtle setting. Whatever shade of blue you’re after—and whatever decorating style, from nautical to royal—there are more than 50 blue centerpiece design examples that are just right.

The sofa bed in the guest room of this Hamptons home is upholstered in vintage style, and the sofa is by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams; Tonic Home cocktail tables have custom Plexi-Craft tops, Jonathan Adler side tables and a Benjamin Moore Regal in Patriot Blue.

Blue And Black Living Room Decorating Ideas

Living Room Colours

In this Hamptons home decorated by Victoria Hagan, the white furniture is part of a nautical theme that is both attractive and comfortable. A white chair and a large white coffee table are softened by a deep blue reminiscent of the nearby sea.

Fashion designer Lisa Perry stripped away the pure white essence of her family’s Florida vacation and filled it with bright colors and bold art. In the living room is a unique white sofa by de Sede, a cocktail table by Cini Boer and an Elaidyl Alkol painting by Damien Hirst.

Blue And Black Living Room Decorating Ideas

In the living room of a Parisian apartment designed by Jean-Louis Deniot, a Pierre Collection sofa is upholstered in a Samuel & Sons ribbon-trimmed Brochier fabric; Paul Evans lamps flank Christophe Gaignon’s glass wall sculpture, custom-designed cocktail tables, and walls painted in Library Paint’s eucalyptus.

Modern Living Rooms That Are Comfortable And Inviting

The bathroom in this Paris apartment is by Jacob Delafon, the Waterworks fixtures, the lamps are by Niermann Weeks, and the Veere Grenney chair is covered in an Armani/Casa fabric; The chair is by Tony Duquette, and the vanity, mirror and marble floors are all custom designs.

Blue And Black Living Room Decorating Ideas

In the living room of Patrick Printy and Dan Holland’s Arts and Crafts bungalow in Oakland, California, a custom sofa is covered in a Peter Dunham Textiles rug, a pair of vintage John Stuart Klingman chairs are upholstered in a Ralph Lauren home tartan. The bust on the special cocktail table is from Oli and the rug is from Iran. The glossy black tile, bookcases, and walnut flooring are all original to the home, and the walls are painted in Benjamin Moore’s smoky colors.

The foyer of this Oakland home leads to a blue living room with light blue curtains. The walls are painted dove white and the ceiling stone brown by Benjamin Moore.

Blue And Black Living Room Decorating Ideas

Best Small Living Room Ideas

The master bedroom of this Oakland bungalow features a Liebeko duvet from Room & Board, an antique English-style chest of drawers, a custom love seat upholstered in a Sea of ​​China fabric, and a George Nelson pendant light from Design Within Rich. . The Harrys rug is antique and the walls are painted Benjamin Moore anchor gray.

In this Manhattan townhouse, quadrille fabric curtains play with just a touch of blue against brown turquoise walls painted with C2 Paint Luxe in Bewilder. The sofa and club chair, both by Anthony Lawrence-Belair, are upholstered in Holland and Sherry wool.

Blue And Black Living Room Decorating Ideas

In the master suite of an Upper East Side home, the curtains in this monochrome blue bedroom match the decor perfectly. Chairs made by Gianfranco Frattini from the 1950s and a painting by Friedrich Kunath.

Easy, Unexpected Living Room Decorating Ideas

In this East Hampton home designed by Celerie Kemble, the living room walls are beautifully painted by Fine Paints of Europe to match Pantone’s Legion Blue. The sofas are Henredon’s Celerie Kemble, upholstered in Brunswick & Fils printed linen. The ceiling is lined with star felt paper, the mid-century lamp is from Stilnovothe, and the antique chairs in front of the faux-Mabel mantel are from Charilom.

Blue And Black Living Room Decorating Ideas

The blue striped carpet is the perfect base for club chairs upholstered in the same shade of blue.

Custom sofas included

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