Branding Ideas For Small Businesses

Branding Ideas For Small Businesses – Creating a branding project for a small business can be an important opportunity for agencies and freelancers to develop creative experimental work without the pressure and heavy restrictions associated with larger accounts. While large businesses often have multiple decision makers with specific ideas and guidelines to keep existing brands consistent, small companies tend to be more open to exploring new creative directions and can be quicker to implement. If you need some convincing that working with a small business can lead to amazing creative work, we’ve put together a list of 15 small business branding examples to inspire your next project. 15 Small Business Branding Examples 1) Elo Soap When traditional Greek soap maker Elo needed a new look for their Greek-inspired olive oil soap, they asked designer Mike Karolos at Smirap Design to create a beautiful sea. Greek tourist gift shop. “The main goal is to be different, unique and interesting,” Karolos said in an interview with The Dieline. “Although the theme of Greek gods is very common in Greek travel shops, by using my signature illustration style, we were able to give a different look to a very used theme. The result is modern, fresh, and at the same time traditional. ., which we choose.” Image via Mike Karolos on Behance 2) and UNION. The AND UNION team designed unique cans in-house, aiming to dispel the belief that only cheap beer is available in cans. “There is still that stigma, although many previous brewers have done a good job educating consumers, we want to do our part,” said founder Rui Estevez. “We wanted to make cans that you hesitate to throw away after drinking beer. I ended up keeping this box of empty cans in the kitchen because I feel bad throwing something so beautiful in the trash.” Image via The Dieline 3) Barcelona folkloric designer Quim Marin designed this stunning brand for online accessories store Folklorious. Marin combines quotes from classic art, graphic design and photography with modern graphic and typography elements. The end result is an eclectic, stylish and truly unique brand identity. Image via Quim Marin on Behance 4) Eat your shorts! EAT MY CHOCOLATE! (Yes, that’s a Simpsons reference) is an independent, gender-neutral line by fashion designer Malena Blas, who worked with Mexico City designer Tomás Salazar to create a contemporary brand identity and packaging solution. The company’s shirts are packaged in pastel metallic bags with no reference to gender, and cotton candy colors are used throughout the brand’s promotional materials. Image via Thomas Salazar on Behance 5) Zonzo Estate Swear Words, an Australian design firm, was commissioned to create a sophisticated and energetic rebrand for Zonzo Estate, a popular winery, restaurant and party venue in Melbourne’s Yarra Valley. The new design is surprisingly modern for a rustic wine. The work is centered on a floating multifaceted logo that looks classic in gold foil and looks young and fresh when printed on the menu cover. Image via Swear Words 6) Qoñi This small artist community in Peru was named by Leo Burnett Design, the design division of the Canadian branch of Leo Burnett. “We create a brand identity from top to bottom, giving it a name, wordmark, brand story, lookbook, promotional materials and retail tags,” the Leo Burnett team wrote on their website. “Qoñi, which means warmth in the native language of the region, is a perfect fit for the brand’s line of alpaca comfort items.” Image via Leo Burnett Design 7) Lune Croissanterie Lune is a futuristic bakery with a serious and scientific commitment to perfecting signature pastries. Of course the brand, created by Melbourne-based agency A Friend of Mine, combines science and baked goods in the shape of a croissant-tailed spaceship logo. “The wraps we designed feature galactic-themed ‘hyperdrive’ ventilation slots (Hence the name Lune) that function as pastry vents, paired with glitter print for a more cosmic touch,” wrote the team A. Friend i website. “We’ve also designed the beloved rocket motif, and we couldn’t help but add a little croissant in the update.” Image via My Friend 8) Tenth Muse Botanical Fragrance Thanks to Studio MPLS, this botanical fragrance launch has a charming, Victorian-inspired personality that still feels modern. Ten Muse creates special perfumes from natural and sustainably sourced ingredients, and its packaging and promotional materials elegantly “combine lightness and beauty with intrigue and mystery.” Image via Studio MPLS 9) Bombay Electric Bombay Electric is a Mumbai-based fashion boutique and a new kaleidoscope brand created by Parisian designer Michael Thoresby. “When I approached the project of creating a new image in the company, I knew there was no way to color and spirit,” Michael writes about the project on his portfolio website. “Color gradients, framed with minimal typography and mesh, resemble a blurry abstract photograph, as if captured in an installation by Ann Veronika Janssens.” Image via Michael Thoresby 10) Glorioso Super Nutrients Supplement packets inspired by seed packets from Spanish superfood company Glorioso Super Nutrients are simple but super interesting, each with an abstract motif surrounding the contents. The entire Glorioso brand identity, which includes a series of colorful business cards, was developed by Barcelona-based agency Requena. The circular motif is used throughout the brand’s website and other promotional materials. Image via Office Requena on Behance 11) Notel this unusual hotel requires some particularly bold branding choices and Self Titleddebcenite teslim agency. Notel has six Trailer Air Stream restored on the roof, and Self Title has been brought to provide artistic direction and develop a strong brand concept for all operations. As the agency explains on its website: “The name and logo clearly convey the idea that this is ‘not a hotel’ and cut with a subtle hint of ‘no symbol’. Celebrating the best of Melbourne, reinventing high and low culture, Self-titled creates a brand position – – ‘reflecting and reinventing Melbourne’. It helps to inform reflective surfaces, cut-out logos and website designs that open and recreate layers of content. Image via Selfie 12) Marte Estudio’s classic art, bright colors and modern design elements are combined in this Mexican hair and makeup studio brand. Created by design agency Bienal, the eclectic space and promotional elements were created to reflect the bold and vibrant personality of creator Marte Estudio Mariana Abraham. Image via Bienal 13) Robinson If you think about DIY, premium brands are probably not your thing the most important thing. But thanks to the agency Parallax, Robinson’s Crash Repair Center has a beautiful logo, retro inspiration, brand materials m inimal and interior to match. Image via Parallax 14) Mandy Mazliah created Secret Vegetables to share her family’s healthy eating experience. When she needed a smart and stylish brand for designer Vicky Turner, she created the design. “I was asked to create a brand identity for Sneaky Veg that takes a crafty and well-intentioned approach to turning healthy fruit and vegetable recipes into beloved kids’ favorites,” Turner says on her website. Image via Vicky Turner 15) Dr. Manzana Dr. Manzana is a tech support store for smart phones and tablets located in Valencia, Spain. They wanted a way to attract a new audience to their services and products, so they asked the people at Masquespacio Design to create a new brand identity. Tim Masquespacio explains on the website: “This brand is designed to attract different types of customers from fashionistas to geeks, here through the image of the brand transformed into several types of colors that continue to rotate with an angle of 54 degrees that shows it is formed. mobile screen”. Image via Masquespacio Desig

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Branding Ideas For Small Businesses

We are committed to your privacy. HubSpot uses the information you provide to contact you about relevant content, products and services. You can opt out of these messages at any time. For more information, check the Privacy Policy. What is the brand? In simple terms, this is the experience most customers and potential customers have when interacting with your company. To gain credibility and trust, a brand must communicate what the company does and how it does it. Branding a small business requires not only building relationships with customers, but also believing in communicating regularly with them through messages, images, and content shared on your website and social media. Branding is as important to small businesses as it is to large businesses.

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Here are some small business branding tips that can help you build a strong brand without burning a hole in your pocket.

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