Build Your Living Room

Build Your Living Room – The living room is one of the most difficult rooms in the house to design. The living room must have an aura, you have to maximize it and enjoy the living room to the fullest. Create a living room that you and your guests will really enjoy. And for that you have to start with the right look. Start with a solid living room design and layout plan to create a living room that reflects your style, personality and even welcomes them.

First, make a list of the furniture, lighting, curtains, rugs, accessories and decorations you already have. Keep the pieces you like and remove the pieces you have to throw away. Then think about what things or accessories you want to fit into your living room. Replace worn parts or order new window covers.

Build Your Living Room

Build Your Living Room

You should know the purpose of the living room to live in that living room. Does the living room have a place to watch TV, is it connected to the kitchen or dining room, do you have children and pets? You should prioritize the needs of your living room and arrange and design your living room based on that. Sometimes the living room has multiple purposes, like the living room it can also be a small home office where you can have a desk that is combined with a closet in the living room.

How To Decorate A Small Living Room

You need to identify a focal point in your living room. A focal point is an object or area that we visually focus on when entering a room. Your living room should be the focal point. You can have impressive art or built-in shelves, which give you an anchor point for your furniture.

Build Your Living Room

Another important thing is to maximize the seating arrangement. Your living room should have room for at least six to eight people. Since the comfort of the guests is also important, there must be spacious seating areas. Instead of huge chairs, you can put an ottoman or a chair.

One idea is to use your dining room chairs. If your dining room is separate from the living room, make sure it blends in with the living room furniture. This is a great way to add decor to both rooms.

Build Your Living Room

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It would be good to seek the help of an interior designer. But if you like DIY, start with something simple, with a sketch of the room on paper. Don’t forget to measure length and width and include windows and doors. Don’t get too professional the basic shape will give you an idea. Then place the furniture and the changes you want to make. Once you’re happy with the paper, start moving around the furniture and redecorating your living room. Your living room is the most common gathering place in your home and is usually where people spend the most time. Gather here for movie nights or book club discussions. Here you watch football matches with your family and friends. Since your living room is the focal point of your home, it is important that it is a well-designed space that influences the way people experience your home.

As one of Orange County’s premier interior design firms, my company, Lindye Galloway Interiors, knows a thing or two about elevating your living room. In fact, I know that elevating your living room can make you taller

Build Your Living Room

I always recommend starting your design in the living room and then working your way through all the other rooms to really have a cohesive look that starts in the center of the space.

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There are many mistakes you can make when renovating your living room. Things may be out of place. It can look messy, untidy. But we have the perfect ideas to help you turn your living room into an ideal space for your family and friends.

Build Your Living Room

Many times the living room will have a color scheme. There will be one or two main colors that define the overall look of the space. In order for your living room not to be too monochromatic, we recommend that the room be really tactile. Mix rugs with different textures, use a combination of wood and leather in your furniture. It gives the room a bit of personality without straining the eye.

I suggest starting with your couch. Add cushions of different textures from your couch or even a bedspread. It can add a bit of personality and blend into your living room without much effort.

Build Your Living Room

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We often get caught up in the seriousness of planning. You want it to look a certain way. You want high quality pieces. You want to keep things the way they are. However, what we must always remember is to expose at least one significant item. It can help you tell a story and even style your living room. Or it could just be a break from sleek design and well-placed cushions to showcase your personality, your life or your family.

It could be an item your father collected and kept at home or a handmade pot your child made at school. It gives the space more soul and a bit of relaxation for you and your guests. It doesn’t even have to be in the middle – when your friends notice, they’ll be happy to hear the story.

Build Your Living Room

Small details can add character to your living room without overwhelming the overall design. This can be in the form of unique elements on the furniture or small pieces on the coffee table. This is something I do for their high quality residential and commercial projects.

What To Look Out For Before Starting Renovations

This is where a lot of people will put a lot of clutter on their shelves, on their coffee tables, on all their different surfaces. So keeping it clean and simple with more negative space in between is more appealing than overly cluttered spaces.

Build Your Living Room

Instead, choose a fringed rug for a little extra flair. Or choose furniture with a specific texture that stands out from the rest of the decor.

Sometimes the ceiling can be overlooked when designing, but to really transform a living room, you need to focus on all the walls. Installations can easily create certain vibrations or aesthetics that will naturally flow into the rest of the space. Lighting fixtures are also a way to bring a modern atmosphere to your home.

Build Your Living Room

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When thinking about the ceiling, think about how you want multiple touch points throughout the space. You want to visually see the ceiling, walls and floor and experience it all.

Most of the time, newly built houses have such a graceful simplicity that sometimes it feels cold. In order not to feel isolated from the space of the living room, use handmade pieces in your design. Handmade rugs or unique furniture, whether you made it yourself or with someone you met at the market, create a feeling of warmth.

Build Your Living Room

Another way to incorporate handmade pieces is on your walls. Often people buy mass produced wall art from chain sellers. I want to warn you that sometimes it can be dishonest and cheap. Try borrowing art from friends or buy art online that is unique and speaks to you personally.

Design Your Living Room Flawlessly

Art also brings life to a space and allows you to express yourself, your personality and your own style. Usually the last layer actually says more about who you are, while the rest of your furniture can be neutral and easy to get in and out of. Art is one of those things you want to invest in and grow, so it’s something you can carry with you for years to come.

Build Your Living Room

Honestly, nothing brings out the personality of your room more than art, so here’s a little more about that. It’s a great way to not only decorate your walls, but also to send a message and create excitement. The artwork you choose must strike a balance between being consistent with your overall design (through consistent colors, shapes, themes) and impressing your guests.

People often hang art the wrong way. We usually find that artwork size is the biggest issue when people are choosing the right artwork for their space. Sometimes they put something on the wall that is too small or too big or is not properly placed in that space. So the best advice is to find the right size and hang it accordingly.

Build Your Living Room

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Don’t feel stuck in a certain style just because of the construction of your home. Combine your new vision with your original home design, blending the two styles seamlessly. It might take a little finesse, but in the end you’ll have a living room that’s all yours.

I usually like to choose

Build Your Living Room

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