Bulk Text Messaging For Businesses

Bulk Text Messaging For Businesses – A bulk text messaging service for business or any organization can increase users and increase functionality by sending bulk SMS text messages to your target audience from desktop or app. EZ Texting is a leading bulk text messaging service provider.

Bulk messaging uses SMS technology to send text messages to groups of contacts at once. The organization should have a database of contacts that are allowed to be contacted via SMS text.

Bulk Text Messaging For Businesses

When you have a database of selected contacts, you can upload it to a bulk text messaging software provider such as EZ Texting. This service allows you to keep your contacts and send bulk text messages. Within seconds, your contacts will receive your message on their mobile device.

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And the average for our clients is that 98% of their contacts read their text within 5 minutes of sending it. This is amazing.

Responses to your bulk text messages are captured by EZ Texting, which also reports on delivery rates, open rates and engagement growth. These analytics can be useful for retail businesses in planning future mobile marketing campaigns. You can also use it to send notifications to employees, students or other contacts you need to reach quickly. EZ Texting has pricing plans for every budget — check out our pricing plans now!

Because of its cost, accessibility and simplicity, bulk texting is often used by faith-based organizations to connect with their communities. Volunteers can coordinate via bulk text, pray for those in need, and send motivational messages related to the previous week’s sermon. Bulk texting can also be used to maintain contact with parishioners who are unable to attend church ministries.

For non-retail businesses, bulk texting represents an effective method of communicating with teams of employees when email isn’t available — for example, if a sales team was on the road in an area without mobile Internet service. It can also be used in emergencies when data services are overloaded or as a means of advising jobseekers of vacancies in the business or the status of their applications.

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Schools are another example where bulk texting can be effective. Schools can divide their contact database into groups of students, parents, teachers, and administrators so that each group can be notified of important school events immediately and simultaneously. Again, bulk text messaging is important in an emergency to keep students safe and parents informed.

Perhaps the most significant non-commercial bulk text message came in 2008, when President Obama announced Joe Biden as his running mate. Nearly three million Americans chose the president’s bulk text messaging service to be the first to hear the news. Those three million connections later generated record political donations that contributed to the president’s re-election in 2012.

President Obama may be the first person to solicit donations via bulk text, but he won’t be the last. Many charities, churches and community projects now use bulk texting as a fundraising method. Political parties continue to raise funds on election day using “text-to-donate” campaigns, and a bulk SMS service to “get out the vote”.

Many people use keywords and short codes (eg – text “PIZZA” to 313131 to get a free drink with your next order) without necessarily realizing their full potential. When a contact sends the keyword to the shortcode, they are invited to join the business’s bulk SMS service – usually to take advantage of future promotions.

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When contacts opt in, they are automatically added to the campaign database created on the group messaging platform based on the keywords they used. This enables businesses to effectively manage their database, send targeted campaigns to specific interest groups, and avoid contacts leaving the service to receive irrelevant text messages. Keywords (or, more specifically, subkeywords) and shortcuts can also be used to create polls and surveys.

There are a variety of ways that bulk text polls can be used to generate engagement and build brand awareness. When a particular poll catches the public’s imagination, it can often be shared among family and friends, going viral, expanding the reach of a business or organization’s bulk text messaging service and making new contacts. may be prompted to opt for the service.

Bulk text messaging doesn’t have to be limited to simple text messages. Businesses and organizations can increase the effectiveness of their communications by replacing their simple text messages with multimedia (MMS) messages that include content such as images, video and audio. MMS bulk text messaging allows organizations to send messages longer than 160 characters or to use non-Unicode standard characters.

Most cell phones and smartphones are capable of receiving MMS bulk text messages, and MMS messages – especially for retail businesses – have significant impact. MMS bulk text messages enjoy 6-8 times higher engagement rates than email marketing; 15% more contacts click a link in an MMS message than click a link in a text-only marketing message; And eight times more contacts share MMS messages with family and friends and through social media channels.

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MMS messages can be used to send maps, video updates and voice broadcasts – or to conference delegates or community volunteers – to coordinate contacts in an emergency. Like regular short text messages, replies to MMS messages are available on the group text messaging platform, or can be directed to a person’s mobile device via text message if Internet service is not accessible.

EZ Texting has been providing bulk text messaging services to businesses and organizations since 2006. Over time, we’ve evolved our group messaging platform to be feature-rich while being easy to use. We back our service with industry-leading customer support, so no special design or technical skills are required when using our service, help is always available when needed.

Many features on our platform are designed for convenience. A scheduling feature enables businesses to set messages in advance and send them when they get the most attention. The same feature can be used to send recurring or drip-feed marketing campaigns. Sent messages can also be saved as templates to save time and effort in preparing future campaigns.

Features include the option to customize bulk text messages by entering the name of each recipient to further enhance the effectiveness of messages. We also allow businesses and organizations to create short URLs and QR codes – QR codes are particularly effective if a bulk text message requires a quick response – and our Poll Builder feature is extremely versatile, so Also easy to use.

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For large businesses and organizations, we can provide tools to integrate EZ Texting with popular web apps like Salesforce and MailChimp, and make APIs available to developers who want to build our group messaging platform into their own apps. . We can also organize dedicated shortcodes and vanity shortcodes for businesses that want their shortcode number to be as memorable as their bulk text messages (an example of a vanity shortcode is 466453, which is spelled ‘google’ on a keyboard ).

Our service allows you to send important messages to groups of people and encourage feedback, generate engagement and develop relationships. Thousands of organizations already use SMS software to benefit their businesses and their communities.

You can sign up for free and set up your account and be ready to send bulk text messages within five minutes.

Getting started is really easy. However, if you really want to get results, we recommend talking to one of our “textperts” at EZ Texting. Our team will be able to answer any questions about how bulk text messaging software works, how to best use bulk messaging tools to build a database, and the legal requirements for sending bulk texts over the Internet.

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We can also advise you on how to increase engagement with a bulk text message marketing service. Call us at (855) 854-3024 and speak with one of our Client Success Managers today. Bulk text messaging, or mass text messaging, is a way to communicate with hundreds or thousands of contacts at once.

With bulk text messaging, you can save time and effort by sending the same message to specific segments of your audience.

Bulk SMS or mass text messaging is a communication tool that allows an organization or business to distribute a large number of SMS messages to the mobile devices of thousands of contacts at once.

All types of organizations use SMS services to communicate with their target audience. Mass texting saves time and effort from sending the same message to many contacts, customers, employees or supporters.

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SMS can be used in many industries to send marketing messages, critical alerts, and more. With our SMS service, you can schedule your texts in advance.

From sending customer promotions to employee updates, there are many ways you can use bulk SMS. It has all the features you need to make sure you’re set up for success.

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