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Business Ideas For Graphic Designers – A great graphic design portfolio won’t move mountains, but it can change your life with a new job or opportunity. AI and other factors are influencing graphic design hiring, making your portfolio more relevant than ever. And while some designers still carry a physical printed book of design examples, most portfolios are graphic designer websites. These sites demonstrate much more to the audience than design skills like logo design or typography. Whether you’re a full-time graphic designer or design as a side project in your spare time, creating a stylish graphic design portfolio to showcase your work to potential clients is crucial. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of 14 stunning graphic design portfolios, followed by instructions on how to create your own. Read on for all the tips you need to choose the right space to showcase your work. Graphic Design Portfolio Website Examples Morag Myerscough Heather Shaw Mohamed Samir Gleb Kuznetsov Chris Tammar Sophia Yeshi Stefanie Brückler Chip Kidd MDZ Design Alex Trochut Tobias van Schneider Kate Moross Ling K Nisha K. Sethi A graphic design portfolio is one of the most important things a client needs from a graphic designer to be seen when shortlisted – meaning a portfolio is crucial to showcasing your design skills. Additionally, a graphic design portfolio, like a resume, includes necessary contact information and any case studies from previous employers. Most portfolios these days are charting websites. That means they’re not just a way to connect with customers. They also help graphic designers build communities and share their work with potential fans around the world. What should a graphic design portfolio look like to stand out? Some of the best graphic design portfolios today include the following: Motion Graphics Video Original Illustrations Animation Product Design UX Design Advertising Campaigns Storyboard Brand Identity Let’s look at some examples of graphic design portfolio websites to inspire and motivate you to develop the your portfolio. You can be a traditional graphic designer or experiment with new media. There is something here for everyone. 1. Morag Myerscough Brilliant graphics, animations and clean design make this graphic design portfolio outstanding. This approach is perfect for designers leaning towards the art of design. It is also suitable for designers undertaking more experimental or site-specific projects. Why we chose this graphic design portfolio: Myerscough’s aesthetic is unique, and this image-centric site conveys his style quickly. Short texts connect his visual brand to his background, work experience and personal philosophy. The combination makes the site appear to show the entire designer, not just a visualization of the work he does for clients. 2. Heather Shaw This graphic design portfolio website includes examples of book and website design, branding, and more. This is useful for designers who work in many different mediums but want to present a cohesive portfolio. Why we chose this graphic design portfolio: Heather Shaw’s portfolio is super clear and easy to navigate. Demonstrates a wide range of skills and approaches to solving customer problems, but is also visually consistent. The designer also uses text effectively to explain each project and encourage engagement with further work. 3. Mohamed Samir Samir’s work includes branding, typography, poster and print design. Hence, this graphic design portfolio focuses on a large number of award-winning designs. This graphic design portfolio is on Behance. Therefore, it is suitable for graphic designers who want to go online without designing their own website. Why we love this graphic designer’s website In addition to the high quality of the design work, this portfolio showcases a variety of approaches to typography and style. At the same time, he displays a coherent vision and passion for visual communication. Printed design work is also well photographed. While the designer could have included a digital file instead, the photos give a better idea of ​​the final finished design. 4. Gleb Kuznetsov Kuznetsov’s portfolio combines product design, user experience and graphic design to create something completely new. With over 50 images in this portfolio hosted by Dribble, it can be overwhelming. But they are divided into seven easy-to-understand projects. This makes it a great example of a graphic design portfolio for designers who want to showcase long-term or complex projects. Why is this a great example of a graphic design portfolio website? From images to a short “About” statement, this designer brings his unique vision and personality to the work and its presentation. 5. Chris Tammar Great designers often let the work do the talking. It’s an advanced graphic design portfolio that draws attention to the client’s results. If text is present, it adds value to the work, for example by quoting other websites that have featured their infographics. This is a great portfolio format for designers working in graphic design, such as: Logo design Packaging brochures for corporate clients Why we chose this graphic design portfolio: This working group is simple and to the point. He also demonstrates a wide range of skills and tactics with a consistent vision. 6. Sophia Yeshi Clear header and tile design highlights the work samples of this powerful graphic designer. While the tiles emphasize the designer’s unique style, you can click on each tile for detailed information about each project. This is a great approach for designers who want to share the deeper story of each project while making the site easy to navigate. Why we love this graphic designer website: A distinctive style is important when it comes to graphic design. However, it can be difficult to show how many ways you can apply this different style in a business context. Major brands including Google, Nike and Comcast use Yesh’s unique illustrative voice to speak for their brands. This website portfolio makes that point clear while still focusing on graphic design. 7. Stefanie Brüeckler This portfolio includes packaging design, illustration and web design as well as graphic design and branding work. This is one of our favorite charting websites because it’s clean and easy to navigate. It also shows many different working examples at a glance. This makes it a great example for designers who aren’t sure how to organize all the work they want to add to their portfolio. Why we love this graphic designer website example: Brückler’s graphic design portfolio focuses on the smallest details to create a great user experience. From a simple page loading animation to thoughtful use of motion graphics, this designer focuses on amazing detail. 8. Chip Kidd Book Cover Designer Chip Kidd’s graphic design portfolio website uses lightbox-style popups. Pop-ups make it easy to focus on the cover of each book. It’s a smart way to narrow down your images with a graphic design site, while making it easy to display all your work in one place. Kidd uses a variety of book cover styles and is edited in a way that makes the selection natural and exciting instead of chaotic. Because this is a great example of a graphic design portfolio website – the dark background brings out this graphic designer’s style. Simple side navigation offers users a quick way to learn more about the designer and his work. 9. MDZ Design The short, emotional images on this graphic designer website example give site visitors a glimpse into execution and strategy. MDZ Design also provides product design and strategy to clients. This makes their graphic design portfolio useful for, for example, strategy-focused designers. Why we love this graphic designer website example: The range of services this portfolio offers can be overwhelming or confusing. Instead, it’s a chance to see their approach to problem solving. It’s also easy for them to see how their process is delivering results for their customers. 10. Alex Trochut This graphic design portfolio is also home to Trochut’s product design, animations, music and NFTs. This is a great example for multimedia artists who want to showcase their work on a website. It also works for creators who have a large amount of work to showcase. Why do we love this graphic designer website example? The four-column layout of this site displays thumbnail images of various sizes. Each column moves at a different pace as you scroll down the page. This movement looks dynamic and exciting and reinforces this designer’s original color, type and layout. 11. Tobias van Schneider This graphic design portfolio website uses different font sizes and contrasts to emphasize the ideas it conveys. This is a great approach for enterprising designers. It’s also smart for anyone to collaborate on their own design work. Why We Love This Graphic Designer Website: A sticky header and large blocks of color and text make this graphic designer website interesting to explore. This site also uses scale well. Combine large images with large and small text to emphasize each client’s design. 12. Kate Moross There are many ways to play

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