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Businesses Looking For Vending Machines – Increasingly, companies are making vending machines an integral part of their product distribution strategies. Vending machines allow you to sell products in more places at a lower price than in traditional stores, since the cost of real estate is usually low, and without repurchasing the equipment, labor costs are non-existent. In most cases, there is no competitive interference around the machines and the products are the only ones in their category in that area. There is also a strong advertising value because the vending machines can be of a different type. In most retail environments, products are often noticed rather than hidden in stores. The following are 8 of the smartest marketing machines I’ve seen, and why I think they’re smart.

1) Benefit Cosmetics has a plan to place fun pink dispensers in airports around the world. Their products stand out more than if they were hidden in an airport shop among competing merchandise of other duty-free cosmetics; The bright pink color symbol, unusual for a vending machine, attracts attention; Women who are waiting for a flight and have time to kill, are likely to see the full range of offers, increasing awareness of the entire product line; These vending machines solve the problem of women who may forget or forget other grooming items, and as a result, non-Profit users can try their products.

Businesses Looking For Vending Machines

2) Cupcake sprinkle vending machines, which the company cleverly named “Cupcake ATM”, are a great idea. They allow consumers to enjoy fresh cakes at any time of the night. “ATMs” would be great on college campuses or anywhere people might be out late. The lower cost compared to points of sale means that Sprinkles can expand distribution with ease of access to more places, including places like office buildings that may not get as much traffic as supermarkets.

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3) PharmaShop24 vending machines in Milan, Italy, a city where 24-hour convenience stores do not really exist, meet the needs of consumers who may run out of diapers, condoms or head medicine after all other stores have closed. Sales increase as well as brand loyalty, as the pharmacy serves consumers in need.

4) This M&M vending machine in a train station in Milan, Italy is a fun reminder of the brand. When the consumer is in the mood for a snack, the product stands out. For children who love letters, the vending machine is very attractive. It reinforces M&M’s brand personality which is fun, exciting and celebratory.

5) Quiksilver has vending machines at Standard Hotels near the outdoor pools that sell shorts, bikinis and sunglasses. It’s smart because the crowd at The Standard are the kind of key influencers Quiksilver wants to reach. The location in such a trendy hotel, conveys trends to the brand. In addition to solving the problem of those who forgot to bring those things, the vending machines seem new and appropriate because many visitors have never seen a bikini vending machine before.

The FreeStyle vending machine allows users to mix and match the Coca-Cola beverage portfolio in their preferred sizes, with more than 100 combination options. It addresses the consumer customization trend and encourages experimentation and creativity. The machines also increase the likelihood of repeat purchases, as consumers will want to come back to try different drink combinations and measurements, and will undoubtedly share their favorite drinks with others.

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7) Fresh Direct delivers microwave-ready meals to college cafeterias and offices using the Fresh Direct delivery system. Sales are up nearly 100% in the core home delivery business, and the brand in the office serves as a reminder to employees to order Fresh Direct for home delivery.

Vending machines are placed in strategic locations such as airports and luxury hotels. Even if consumers aren’t buying products while browsing in a Las Vegas hotel lobby or waiting for a flight, because consumers can check out an offer for a few minutes without other competition for their attention, the offer may just be planted. seeds for future purchases.

As the proliferation of food trucks allows entrepreneurs to reach customers in a more cost-effective manner than traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants, vending machines are a more flexible and cheaper alternative to brick-and-mortar stores. What they have in common with online sales is that vending machines encourage impulse purchases to satisfy immediate demand and increase contextually relevant brand awareness. A channel that should be considered more for companies than was historically the norm. Food Themed 10 Unique Vending Machines In Singapore Selling Instant Coffee, Pizza, Chilli Crab And More July 16, 2019

Almost everyone has some opinion on vending machines. After escaping during recess or diving into a day of studies, a cool drink straight from the vending machine is a great option.

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But it’s 2019, and purveyors aren’t just white metal boxes churning out bottled drinks anymore. Today, you can get a variety of whole foods, ice cream, and even fish at the push of a button. Here are 10 of the most interesting and unique vending machines that have quietly popped up in Singapore.

Refuel your car and bodywork at 12 Shell stations islandwide with this Dabao Kopi and Teh dispenser. If these steaming cups of kopitiam-style coffee taste familiar, it’s because they’re similar to those offered at Toast Box, as both brands are owned by BreadTalk. Six traditional varieties of coffee and tea are offered here, starting at $1.10 a cup, making it an easy and affordable way to get your caffeine fix while filling up the tank on your way to work.

Almost all Singaporeans know the taste of polar curry puffs. Students in institutions like Temasek Polytechnic and SMU do not have to go out to buy this after-school breakfast as their campuses are blessed with Polar Puffs & Cakes distributors. Their puff menu is baked fresh daily and served hot. Prices start at $1.50, meaning that even students on a tight budget won’t hesitate to grab a Curry Potato Puff or Chicken Sausage Roll every day.

I never thought I’d live to see raw fish being pulled out of a machine, but I think the future is here, thanks to Lyng Seafood’s Norwegian salmon ATM. There are more than 100 of these fancy vending machines in Singapore, each offering 200g of frozen buns. The fillets are vacuum packed and cost $5.90 per piece, making them great for a quick weekday lunch or dinner.

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Created by House of Seafood, this ready-to-eat crab vending machine offers chili crab, black pepper crab and salted egg crab. Each crab weighs about 1 kg and the price is $ 60. The machine will cook your crab in five minutes, so you can get a hot meal almost immediately. Each box comes with a bib and plastic gloves for quick digging.

Fight temptation with this salad dressing from Shake Salad. Although the variety offered is not as wide as a salad shop, you can still pick and choose your salad base and ingredients for less than $6. To ensure freshness, the machines are replenished daily, so wilted leaves should not attack your salad. If you don’t want a salad bowl, you can also get a sandwich or a healthy snack from the machine.

Started in an empty space in Sengkang, VendCafe by Chef In Box is an army of six distributors offering everything from ubiquitous food and drinks to hot food. There are now 12 such “cafes” across the island, some equipped with tables.

While not the best first date spots, the purchase of Roasted Chicken with Mushroom Sauce ($4), Mutton Rendang with Briyani Rice ($5) and Organic Soy ($1) from the machine is pretty cool.

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Ordering from Pizza Hut from the comfort of your couch is already high on the convenience scale. However, SHIOK! The pizza maker goes to the top, serving hot pizzas in four minutes. When the football game starts and you have to wait an hour for delivery, a 12-inch Hawaiian pizza ($16) by request is hard to beat.

One of my fondest memories of Japan is stepping out of a hot onsen and cooling off with a Hӓagen-Dazs ice cream stick, straight from the vending machine. Now, I can remember at least part of that legend at home, because the people who follow SHIOK! Pizza also introduced a Hӓagen-Dazs vending machine. If you’re too lazy to go to the supermarket and stand in line to get your scoop of creamy ice cream, these vending machines should do the trick.

Vending machines often carry items such as snacks and sugary drinks – items that are not well known for their health benefits. This 21st Century Healthcare vitamin vending machine turns that idea on its head, offering a variety of supplements such as omega-3, ginkgo biloba and multivitamins for children. This gives you no excuse not to load up on your vitamins.

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