Butterfly Theme Classroom Decor

Butterfly Theme Classroom Decor – It’s time to decorate the halls! Specifically, decorate your classroom with festive bulletin boards, decorative walls, Christmas-themed doors, and more. If you’re looking for fun and festive ideas that are also easy to implement, we’ve got you covered. This post offers creative and easy Christmas classroom decorating ideas for every teacher, no matter what grade you teach!

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Butterfly Theme Classroom Decor

Butterfly Theme Classroom Decor

Not only is it super cute and fun, it’s also practical! Many students, parents and fellow teachers will no doubt want to take a picture outside your door.

Spring Themed Decoration Ideas For Preschool Classrooms. Teachersmag.com

The best part is that it is easy to replicate. Be sure to use the following tools to make the process easier:

Butterfly Theme Classroom Decor

So, what better way to relate to this song than with a door that looks like a fireplace?! You can’t go wrong with this Christmas classroom decorating idea. 👇🏾

I especially love this @firstandkinderblueskies idea that you can turn into a writing activity for Christmas. For example, students might write on each worksheet:

Butterfly Theme Classroom Decor

Beautiful Butterfly Crafts For Kids

And of course you can have your students decorate their own stockings to line the fireplace like she did.

Now that we’ve seen the fun doors, let’s step into the eye-catching space created by @mrs.sabinameister where she had her students decorate their desks with wrapping paper.

Butterfly Theme Classroom Decor

If you want to have control over the types of wrapping paper students choose, give them the following set.

Gold Rose Gold Sliver 3d Butterfly Wall Decor, 48 Pcs 3 Styles 3 Sizes For Baby Show Wedding Home Nursery Classroom Kids Bedroom Bathroom Living Room Decoration

This Holiday Kindness Writing Activity is a complete set that you can get HERE or click the image for more information.

Butterfly Theme Classroom Decor

You can find the whole set with letters, ornaments, + instructions HERE or you can click on the picture.

Still don’t know how it works? 🤔 Here’s a YouTube video showing how to set it all up:

Butterfly Theme Classroom Decor

Bugs Theme Classroom Decor

I promise this cute bulletin board will be a game changer and encourage more kindness in your classroom this December!

But not just my word. Here’s what another teacher had to say when she used it in her classroom:

Butterfly Theme Classroom Decor

This resource has been great in our classroom! My students enjoyed our pleasant conversations and wanted to show kindness and acknowledge when other students were kind. Great resource! Thank you! – Jenna

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If you want to reinforce the theme of goodness in your classroom, here’s another way to do it with Christmas decorations.

Butterfly Theme Classroom Decor

@teachwithmsdavis has planted a small tree in her classroom and hung real ornaments which are then filled with descriptions of the students’ good deeds.

For this charming Christmas decoration look, collect books with the same colored spine. Then add paper cutouts to make the books look like popular Christmas or winter symbols.

Butterfly Theme Classroom Decor

Versatile Themes To Enrich Your Classroom

The last creative and easy challenge on our list of Christmas room decorating ideas is to reuse books, but with a twist.

@magicalmrsmcclelland had the brilliant idea to read their Christmas creations and surprise them by wrapping and placing a present under the tree.

Butterfly Theme Classroom Decor

A few days before the last day before Christmas break, let the students choose a book from under the tree.

Classroom Decor Ideas

They unwrap the book and she reads it to them. What a great way to combine educational activities with Christmas decorations!

Butterfly Theme Classroom Decor

If you’d like your holiday decor to match different Christmas readings, check out this list for suggestions:

As you work through the ideas on this list, you may also want to consider these general tips for decorating your classroom for Christmas:

Butterfly Theme Classroom Decor

Butterfly Math And Science Activities

If you’re looking for effective ideas for organizing your classroom, my friend Marissa at Creative Classroom Core has you covered!

Of course I took care of that too! This YouTube video shows some simple yet effective ways to make learning fun this holiday season. When I was in school to become a teacher, I couldn’t wait to pick out classroom decorations. my own room Borders, posters, school supplies… you name it and I wanted it. So when it finally came time to get decorations for my elementary classrooms, I went ahead and spent a lot of money on pretty decorations. My walls were covered with posters, inspirational quotes and more.

Butterfly Theme Classroom Decor

But over the years, I’ve learned a few things about the best classroom decorations. Scroll down to learn how and why you should decorate your classroom, and some of my all-time favorite resources on how to do it. I’ll also share some classroom decorating ideas and tips to help you organize your room this school year.

Summer Classroom Door Ideas

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Butterfly Theme Classroom Decor

Of course, decorating classrooms is not the most important thing. However, we want our students to walk into our classrooms knowing that we have taken the time to prepare for their arrival. We want students to know they are entering a positive space where trust can be built, relationships can be built, and content can be learned. A welcoming classroom within the classroom helps students feel that way. So how can we create it?

You want your walls and classroom to be clutter-free. The cleaner your decorating style is, the more space you have in your classroom for other important items.

Butterfly Theme Classroom Decor

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Your students thrive in a neat, organized and visually appealing space. Although you still love the drawings and trinkets your students gave you two years ago, it may be time to retire them. Get rid of old furniture that has no purpose in your room. Find a place in the corner for a stack of boxes. Functional interior design such as shelves and fabric storage cubes are perfect for hiding books, accessories and extras.

Hack boxes/stacks of books to hide: I used to be a class teacher at my school and was always responsible for keeping extra class textbooks in my room. My class was small! I ended up hiding all the boxes under the computer desks and hanging a piece of cloth to act as a “tablecloth” to cover up the mess. It was a great way to make the classroom less cluttered!

Butterfly Theme Classroom Decor

The class includes all kinds of students, including students who are easily distracted or who may be overwhelmed by an overstimulating class. You can create a colorful and fun space by keeping it simple. Avoid using bold patterns, hard-to-read fonts and contrasting colors. You also don’t need decorations and posters covering every inch of your room. Leaving empty space in the classroom is a good thing and will benefit your students.

Butterfly Craft And Bulletin Board Classroom Decor Set

Think about how you work best. I need a quiet environment for lesson planning or assessment. Your students will likely thrive in a relaxed classroom, too! Add calming lights that can be turned on when the lights are off in the classroom. This “bistro” atmosphere helps students focus during independent activities. Create a cozy and peaceful space with pillows, a comfortable rug for students to sit on, and plant accents throughout the space.

Butterfly Theme Classroom Decor

You can even create an artificial tree in the corner of your room to give it an “outdoor” feel.

A few years ago it was my friend’s class! I loved the cactus in his class library. @CraftingonSunshine

Butterfly Theme Classroom Decor

Classroom Decor & Theme Ideas For Upper Elementary

This is something I didn’t understand when I first started teaching. I wanted my students to have posters and graphics related to the content. Later I realized how much more useful my students were than I was

The purpose of anchor cards is to help students learn. When I showed them on the first day of school, I took the courage out of them. The anchor graphic has just been matched to our second design. It’s okay to start the school year with empty bulletin boards.

Butterfly Theme Classroom Decor

1) They are easy to make at home. I recommend doing this with a personal laminator to make it even easier. This is my favorite.

Bulletin Board Display Kit Printable Teacher Bulletin Board

2) When shopping, support other teachers like you! (You’ll also earn credit on TPT purchases that you can use toward future purchases.)

Butterfly Theme Classroom Decor

3) You will find unique pieces that cannot be found in stores. Most classroom decor packs have over 1000 pages of resources!

Amazon really does have it all. If you’re looking for wall and paper for this year’s bulletin boards, look no further than Amazon! The prices are great and they have a variety of resources.

Butterfly Theme Classroom Decor

Bright & Beautiful Butterfly Bulletin Board Ideas For Your Classroom

Astrobright paper is great because it’s an easy way to add color to screens without spending a lot of money. Use it to frame student work or create bold letters, among other things. If you print with black ink on colored paper, you can save color ink!

The best classroom is organized. Consider purchasing bins to keep your library and supplies clean and tidy. you

Butterfly Theme Classroom Decor

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