California Universities With Nursing Programs

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In just one year, you can find a rewarding nursing career by enrolling in one of Grand Canyon University’s accredited online nursing programs ().* Our online nursing degrees offered at the College of Nursing and Nursing are designed to help you. best practices and success in treating patients.

California Universities With Nursing Programs

Prepare to serve others as future leaders in health care by choosing from a variety of undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. By choosing one of our online nursing programs, you can prepare for an exciting career in the healthcare industry while enjoying the flexibility of online learning that fits your schedule.

Best Online Nursing Programs In California: Top Schools For 2023

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Become a leader in the nursing profession and improve your knowledge of patient care. Accredited online baccalaureate nursing degrees help you gain knowledge about public health, health care management, and the professional practice of nursing, and offer specialized programs to help prepare you for your desired field.

Develop expertise in a key area of ​​nursing while continuing your education and improving your skills through one of our online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) programs. These graduate nursing programs will help you develop, serve, and lead at the highest levels in nursing.

The MSN Fast Track option simulates the duration of the RN to MSN program. Complete two graduate-level courses in your chosen MSN major as electives to satisfy BSN requirements.

Best Online Nursing Programs 2023

The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is designed for practice-oriented leaders interested in translating current research into innovative solutions that help achieve positive outcomes. The DNP will help you achieve your personal and professional goals as you prepare for a career as a nurse practitioner or educator.

If you have already earned a Master of Science in Nursing but wish to further your education by earning a specialized certificate through one of our online Master of Science in Nursing programs. Our programs focus on relevant skills that will help prepare you to work with diverse populations throughout your life or to mentor and train the next generation of nurses.

Education strives to provide quality and affordable education. To view tuition and course prices for online students, visit our Online and Evening Study page and find out how you can afford to study.

Financial Aid Financial aid is available to students through the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Learn more about financial aid through the FAFSA.

Coronavirus: California Faces Nurse Shortage With No Action

Scholarships and grants We offer a wide range of scholarships and grants for our students, regardless of educational level, to make your education affordable.

Offers online nursing programs for military spouses, service members and veterans. Explore our nursing programs for military spouses and service members.

The length of time it takes to complete one of our online nursing degrees will depend on your prior education and individual schedule. RN to BSN candidates who want to earn an MSN can accelerate their nursing education by choosing the Fast Track BSN to MSN option. Speak with an enrollment representative by calling 855–LOPE to learn more about your options.

Online nursing programs complete coursework 100 percent online, with the practice limit occurring in your area. Clinical placements are an integral part of most nursing programs because they allow you to apply your knowledge and gain practical skills. Many online nursing programs include clinical practicum and evidence-based coursework designed to help you apply your knowledge. The Field Experience Office can help you create your clinical/practicum experience.

Uc Irvine Nursing Program Becomes A School

Students enrolled in the RN-BSN program are introduced to community and public health content in the Concepts of Community and Public Health course and have the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in the community teaching program, however the program does not prepare graduates for certification with a specialty in public or community health care regulated by individual state nursing boards. Students are encouraged to contact their individual boards of nursing for specific information regarding additional content and clinical requirements for public/state health certification in their state.

If you are a registered nurse with a non-nursing degree, you may be eligible to enroll in one of the MSN pathways. Students who complete the bridge do not receive a BSN upon completion, but complete their program with an MSN. Pathways Nursing Bridge Pathways includes six “bridge” courses to help you gain the knowledge you need to successfully complete your MSN program. Each program can be downloaded online. Contact an enrollment agent for more information on nursing bridge routes.

Does my RN to BSN degree also prepare me to work as a nurse in addition to direct patient care in a clinical setting?

This degree can prepare students for a variety of careers in nursing. Graduates will be ready to take their knowledge and skills beyond the bedside. Graduates can become clinical nurse educators, unit managers, care coordinators, nurse navigators, and clinical instructors. Graduates can also move on to leadership positions in the healthcare system. The critical thinking skills, knowledge of evidence-based practice, and exposure to research principles gained in this program are valuable and applicable to many nursing roles.

California State University San Marcos Rn To Bsn Program

All nursing degrees require some form of direct clinical experience or practicum that allows students to demonstrate achievement of clinical competence at the undergraduate or graduate level. Therefore, both land-based and online nursing programs require clinical or practical experience. In many online nursing programs, students complete their clinical requirements in their local community. Many students find that this experience not only enhances their knowledge of leadership and public health, but also leads to meaningful change in their local health organization or community. To find out more about the specialist support offered to students undertaking a clinical nursing experience, please contact the Field Experience Office.

* You must convert the 90 accepted semester credits into the required 120 credits to complete the program in 12 months. There are a huge number of BSN programs in California. Find out which universities have the best programs here.

Thinking of enrolling in a BSN program in California but feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we’ve ranked the best BSN programs in California based on each school’s average NCLEX passing rate over the past five years.

Nursing Lvn Rn Bridge

While other sites use outdated data and questionable ranking methodology, we’ve done our homework to make sure you’re getting the important information you need to make your signup decision.

All of the NCLEX data we collect comes directly from the California Board of Registered Nurses. We then ran some calculations to determine the average pass rate over the past five years for each school.

Note, however, that any school that did not have data for each of the five years is not included in our rankings. Of the nearly 150 schools we reviewed, only 18 were missing data for each year.

After all, keep in mind that you are not limited to the options listed here. For example, a top-rated online BSN program can be a great way to advance your knowledge and career while maintaining a more flexible schedule.

Master’s Entry Program In Nursing

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best BSN programs in California and see if one of them might be right for you!

This school has the highest NCLEX pass rate of any BSN program in the state. From 2016 to 2021, the success rate was 99.02%.

However, just because these numbers are impressive doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the perfect choice for you. Of course, other considerations must be taken into account before choosing a school.

The table below ranks the top BSN programs in California by NCLEX passing rate. Continue reading to learn more about the 10 best BSN programs in California.

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Please note that we are only focusing on BSN programs in this post. Therefore, schools with high NCLEX pass rates but no BSN program are not included.

As we mentioned above, CSU Long Beach ranks #1 in the list of best BSN programs in California with an NCLEX pass rate of 99.02%.

This school offers several ways to earn your BSN. One of these is the “Traditional” Basic BSN. After completing the preliminary courses, you have the option of completing the rest of your studies over the course of a semester or quarter.

CSU Long Beach also offers a pathway for those who are already RNs called RN-to-BSN or ADN-to-BSN.

School Of Nursing

Finally, the school offers the Step-Up Summer Bridge Program, where current ADN students can take non-clinical BSN courses before applying to the RN-to-BSN program.

The second highest ranked BSN program on our list is Sonoma State University. The average five-year NCLEX passing score for this school is 98.89%.

Sonoma State has a standard four-year course for BSN students. The first two years consist of the pre-feeding period

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