Career Paths For English Majors

Career Paths For English Majors – Many careers are open to students who major in English. Medical and law schools value the region’s strong English. Business executives need senior associates who are skilled in verbal and written communication. Social media professionals in all fields need excellent analytical, research and writing skills, as well as digital and social media skills. With all these things you can enrich your English studies.

If you’re considering a career in business, you might choose a career in business administration, but you’ll be able to analyze, simulate, and communicate a wide variety of data. For this, the English provides a good preparation. (Students interested in English majors and liberal arts majors should consider the business minor; see the general catalog.) In short, the career possibilities of an English major are limitless.

Career Paths For English Majors

Our graduates have become successful managers, ministers, journalists, researchers, communications professionals, library and information science professionals, creative authors, and grant writers in the business, health care, and nonprofit sectors.

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Graduates of the English Studies and Communication program have worked as professional writers in 12 settings or in business, nonprofit, and humanitarian work in the U.S. and internationally, as noted on our ESC careers page. TESOL Certification For additional positions please see the TESOL Careers page.

We encourage our students to use the Tutoring Center, annual tutoring and programs from the Tutoring Center, and the English Department to discuss school strategies, career development and career search, and to talk with their academic advisor frequently about their goals. Complete the degree. A college degree is a big investment, and you want to be confident in choosing a program that opens doors to a fulfilling life. With an English major, you’ll learn skills you’ll bring to your future career and the job market.

An English degree prepares you for jobs that require effective communication, attention to detail and critical thinking. That’s why employers and graduate schools want English majors — because you’re well-rounded and versatile.

In particular, entry-level employers look for people who are skilled and can learn on the job. An English degree gives you flexible skills to find a career that works for you.

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Graduates of the BA English program have successfully found careers in publishing, marketing, education, nonprofits, teaching, law, and more.

You can explore an English degree because you have a teacher who encourages you. English teachers can share their love of language and literature with a new generation of students.

Preschool to middle school teachers teach many subjects, while high school teachers focus on teaching English. If you are interested in K-12 education, you should consider a degree that prepares you for a certificate or graduate education. The university offers an accelerated program where students can earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five years.

Also, private schools often don’t require certification, and like href=””>The Education Group can help place graduates in teaching jobs.

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Teaching English as a second chance is exciting both in the United States and abroad. Although a second language certainly helps, it is not required. Organizations like the American TESOL Institute can help you find certification, job placement, and other benefits like room and board.

After graduation, Courtney Clark taught English to children in Thailand. “I had to immerse myself in a new culture while teaching Latin to 33 distinguished guests,” he said. “It was an amazing and rewarding experience.” When he returned to America, he got a full-time gig as a model editor.

Some English students start college thinking their only career is teaching, but there are other options.

Successful lawyers and paralegals must communicate clearly, analyze complex concepts, and translate legal issues into a compelling narrative.

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English majors like alum Timothy Stephenson have used their degrees to advance in legal careers. Today, he is a compliance consultant at a private company.

“Both my education and my paralegal studies had a strong emphasis on the art of writing,” she says. “If I didn’t have these skills, I wouldn’t be as successful in my previous roles and where I am now.”

By working in legal counsel, lawyers have a significant impact on civil litigation matters. The university’s certificate of paralegal studies prepares students to interview witnesses, examine records, and represent counsel in court.

Not all lawyers present their cases in court. Many work for private clients or businesses as contract attorneys or intellectual property professionals. Others focus on family law or personal injury. Immigration attorneys help clients who are struggling with their visa or green card.

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Graduates have earned law degrees at UIC John Marshall School of Law, UCLA School of Law, Yale Law, and more. Consider adding a law program or legal studies minor, as well as courses in sociology.

Strong editors know better if they use em-dash or en-dash (although they do, too). Publishers and agents work closely with writers to develop their work and find manuscripts ready for publication.

Although there are competitive jobs in the industry, there are a few ways to get your foot in the door.

Freelancers can help newbies build a strong portfolio. At, you can find help with bookkeeping in one of three main categories: New York and Columbia University offer graduate courses in the publishing industry.

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The party department prepares and publishes books for publication. If you like logistics and organizing projects, products may be right for you.

Marketing and public departments build awareness for future books. They write newsletters and releases to promote the public interest, reach out to journalists, and help readers read the books they love.

The purchasing department works with administrators to determine which books to purchase and release. As an entry-level editorial assistant, you’ll work with senior editors to prepare books for publication.

Publications, magazines, radio and television stations in English for interns or reception of pages. Just writing articles can help you build a portfolio and earn a full-time salary. A master’s degree in journalism gives you a leg up in the search, but some professors look for good writers without an advanced degree.

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Participating reporters break public stories. It is an opportunity to practice research, improve writing and editing skills, and also increase awareness of current affairs. English experts also write and produce podcast episodes.

“It’s a lot of fun to be able to write,” he said. “I’m finally learning to write and write for different places.”

These writers include scientific findings for public or industrial audiences. If you have a passion for science, you can write for news outlets or the scientific community as a public information officer at universities, foundations, and research museums.

With creativity and a passion for storytelling, English majors have found careers such as ghostwriting or writing scripts for video games.

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Most creative writers begin by publishing short stories, essays, or poems in literary magazines. By doing this, you can build a reputation and gain attention from book publishers and marketing staff.

An MFA in Creative Writing gives you more room to develop your writing after graduation. Students conduct

Creative writers and designers are well-suited for marketing and advertising. Marketing and advertising can be done in-house or for agencies that work with different clients. Combining an English degree with a marketing program — such as a Digital Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations BA — gives you breadth in all four areas.

With CDW’s Writer’s Program, graduates Demi Utley find real opportunities to write in a corporate setting. In 2020, Demi founded her own company. He uses writing to directly impact the lives and businesses of other entrepreneurs.

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“I didn’t think I would use my English degree so much,” she said. “Because it’s the focus of my life.”

Copywriters write headlines, direct mail, taglines, pages, and business scripts. BuiltIn Chicago estimates that the average bookmaker in the city makes $72,047 a year.

Social media strategists also write a lot of ad copy. Today, almost every organization — museums, theaters, nonprofits, small businesses — has social media programs and needs active and creative minds to run them.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) writers use keywords to help companies get found on Google. Many writers work for free, but companies also hire writers for full-time positions.

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PR professionals look for newsworthy angles and stories to help companies communicate with their target audiences. The job requires strong, clear writing and communication skills. Public relations artists can work directly for companies or large companies that receive many clients who want to improve their image.

Website development covers a wide range of activities such as user experience (UX) writing and design, as well as other areas such as information architecture and database management. This field requires knowledge of computer programming and programming language

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