Certificate Courses In Supply Chain Management

Certificate Courses In Supply Chain Management – School of Facilities Management and Technology (), a division of LIMRA Institutions Private Limited, is a self-supporting educational institution located in Kochi (Eranakulam), Kerala. It was established with the aim of establishing high standards in education of materials and supplies that provide various opportunities to students. The undergraduate and postgraduate diploma courses offered have a strong technical emphasis. Our faculty-student interaction is a touch of fraternal commitment and dedication to nurture a generation of smart business leaders with the right combination of organizational professionalism and academic rigor. As one of the best catering institutes in Kerala, we emphasize student development through an understanding and supportive environment, ensuring that students are well trained to withstand the high pressure of the highly competitive corporate sector.

Logistics is considered to be the most informative course today due to its collaboration with international organizations, making it the most intellectually stimulating course in India. Keeping globalization in mind, it aims to create a new generation of world-class professionals who can confidently face the emerging challenges of international markets while continuing to dedicate themselves to the profession within a generation.

Certificate Courses In Supply Chain Management

Bringing unique professionals into the supply chain and redefining creative and practical learning methods that best serve the organization’s needs.

International Logistics And Supply Chain Management Institute (ilscmi)

The core knowledge of logistics will equip the youth and create a center of excellence in the field of logistics that will create tomorrow’s leaders who will promote innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.

The key features that students enjoy are the unique orientation before starting the course, an innovative and focused teaching method with a focus on experiential learning, and a competency-based approach to bridging the knowledge and skill gap in various roles in logistics. Integrated industry. Regular guest faculty, industrial visits, well-established library and laboratory facilities, unique training modules focusing equally on personality development, employability and interview skills, hands-on experience through training program, placement assistance, etc.

The Academic Advisory Board includes experts from the shipping industry and academia. Academic Advisory Board has been constituted to advise the administration on any matter related to academics, course curriculum and training programmes. The idea is to bridge the gap between the needs of the industry and the expectations of the elite team. The Academic Advisory Board continues to work on extensive programs to keep the course curriculum in line with current industry practices.

State-of-the-art infrastructure, equipment and training facilities support high quality training programs. Our college has all the necessary facilities like library, auditorium, computer facilities, wireless internet connection etc. Faculty.

Institute Of Supply And Materials Management

Our high-quality faculty is aligned with renowned national and international academics and professionals with extensive experience in shipping and allied industries. Leadership Council

Our Leadership Council consists of visionary people from education and industrial formation who are leading and shaping the future of our country and they are already making us proud with their success. The primary responsibility of the Governing Council members is to look after the areas of research, teaching, research and evaluation in the field of logistics management.

At, we believe in balancing theory with practical training. Industry interface enables students to analyze and understand the changing trends of the industry. Regular industrial visits are organized to various reputed shipping, retail and manufacturing companies.

During the course, we take our students on several industrial visits. Industry interface enables students to analyze and understand the changing trends of the industry. These visits give ample opportunity to the students to face first-hand problems in the working of an industrial establishment.

Level 7 Diploma In Logistics And Supply Chain Management

It helps them to receive industry exposure from leading people in the world of logistics. As part of the tour, students see works in progress and appropriate exhibits. Employers talk to students about career paths, job opportunities, job responsibilities, education needed to enter the field, and what employers are looking for in employees. These visits are designed to give students first-hand knowledge of the working environment.

The overall objective of the training sessions is to orient the students about the logistics industry and familiarize them with the tools and techniques of their respective fields. It is the only training institute that provides Comprehensive Placement Preparation (PPP) to all students which further helps in interview preparation, personality enhancement, communication skill development and career planning.

The university provides a learning environment that challenges its students to succeed. Academic life and rich intellectual experiences are only part of the picture. Life outside the classroom is exciting, fun and enriches the student experience. Students enjoy sporting events, club activities, participation in community service projects, and the many professional and cultural programs offered on and around campus. Each student feels a deep connection and impersonates a better and more developed character when they step outside the charmed sphere of the .

Library resources are a valuable resource for students and staff. In addition to the volumes in its main collection, the library has specialist and professional journals covering the shipping industry. Study space is provided within the library which provides a quiet and peaceful environment for students to study.

Is A Supply Chain Management Degree Right For Me?

Our Training and Placement Cell is a highly focused and dedicated unit that provides guidance to budding students in their choices and admissions to future employers.

The courses offered to students have comprehensive coverage and are designed to facilitate students’ exposure to the growing and diverse areas of business management in the field of logistics.

In their final part, all students undergo an internship in an industrial, commercial or service organization. Each student is required to submit their learning project report to the department for assessment purposes which is very necessary for their position.

Our campus is located in the lush green surroundings of Kadavantra, adorned with trees that provide an ideal space to work, study, research and rejuvenate. This college has a library full of books like Logistics & Management and Computer Lab. Our campus provides an environment conducive to learning and academic achievement. All our classrooms are centrally air-conditioned to create a proper learning environment. They provide the most conducive environment for dynamic and focused discussions. The infrastructure of the college is very modern and of high quality, providing an excellent learning environment to the students. The campus infrastructure consists of air-conditioned classrooms with projectors equipped with modern teaching equipment. A pollution-free environment improves the health of the campus.

Pg Diploma In Logistics And Supply Chain Management(pgdlscm) Online Course

The Chartered Institute of Shipping and Logistics is the leading professional body for logistics and transport. With more than 33,000 members in more than 100 countries worldwide, CILT enjoys unparalleled international professional recognition.

Founded in 1919 and receiving a Royal Charter in 1926, the company has an interesting history behind it, but is constantly evolving to stay abreast of current logistics and shipping issues.

The main objective of the institute is to “promote and promote the art and science of logistics and transportation”. The institute achieves this objective through membership and educational qualifications.

Membership provides professional recognition and international recognition to those in the logistics and transport industry. The institute’s academic credentials educate not only those already in the industry, but also those aspiring to enter it.

Logistics, Procurement And Supply Chain Management Courses

The Institute is represented worldwide with National Councils, independent National Sections and Institute Branches. Each regional body is a separate body representing the Chartered Institute of Shipping and Shipping in its own right. They all share the common cause of achieving the ultimate goal of the organization. Get Unlimited Access to 40+ Professional Courses and Masters | Join Annual Membership Today Save 50% Join Now

One of the most popular areas for blockchain applications is supply chain management. The Enterprise Blockchain and Supply Chain Management course provides a comprehensive overview of the impact of blockchain technologies on supply chain management. You will learn the fundamentals of supply chain management and value creation within the supply chain.

This course is an excellent choice for any executive, developer, consultant, or business professional seeking information on the impact of blockchain technology on supply chain management. You will find in-depth coverage of the application of blockchain trading platforms to different supply chain use cases. Additionally, this course includes knowledge of developing and implementing blockchain business platforms for supply chain management initiatives.

Learn more about using blockchain in supply chain management with expert guidance in the new Enterprise Blockchain and Supply Chain Management course.

Supply Chain Management Workshop Management Courses Singapore

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