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Online schools have grown in popularity in the United States in recent years. They are the next best option after traditional education for those who want to earn a degree while working full-time or without interfering with their personal life.

Cheap Online Associate Degree Programs

The penetration rate of distance education has increased significantly. In 2015 and 2016, enrollment increased to 5%!

Why Enroll In The Campus Powered Business Associate Degree Program?

In fall 2018, more than 6.3 million students took at least one online course. Students prefer online courses at public and private academic institutions, but public universities have seen the most significant growth.

The number of students enrolling in online degree programs has skyrocketed, according to a new study. Online schools will attract more students because they offer more digital technologies and platforms.

Students will also request an online degree with courses most appropriate for specific job competencies.

While more and more schools and universities are offering distance education as an alternative way of teaching and learning, choosing the ideal online school that fits each student’s needs can be a challenge. After all, earning an online degree from a reputable institution is a long-term commitment.

Online Colleges In Washington

Due to the many benefits offered by online schools, more and more students are choosing online schools over traditional colleges and universities. Flexibility, affordability, practicality and economy are just some of the options.

What are the cheapest online colleges? Affordability must be balanced with the quality of teaching, post-graduate employment opportunities and student services, so there is no clear answer. These schools represent the best of both worlds: accessibility and quality of education.

Many resources have ranked Thomas Edison State University as one of the fastest and most affordable online schools in the United States, placing it above many other higher education institutions.

Students can choose from more than 100 associate, undergraduate, master’s, doctoral, and certificate programs, far more than at other online universities.

The Top 5 Online Associates In Cybersecurity Degree Programs

TESU’s Social Science Research Methods degree program is one of the most popular and is offered by only a few other online schools.

At Thomas Edison State University, residents pay $399 per credit hour, while nonresidents pay $519 per credit hour. This is probably the cheapest online college per credit hour if scholarships are factored into the final calculation.

The University of Alabama’s online programs are run by the school’s Bama distance learning division and offer some of the most affordable online bachelor’s and master’s degrees, especially for such a well-known public university.

Alabama Online students have access to the same resources, care and attention as on-campus students, as well as a choice of more than 60 undergraduate and graduate programs, far more than most schools.

Seattle Colleges To Launch New Fire Science Associate Degree Program In Fall 2021

Once accepted, students join a vast network of professionals, staff and alumni who provide ongoing support to one another within and outside of their academic pursuits.

Undergraduate tuition at the University of Alabama is $375 per credit hour and graduate tuition is $420 per credit hour.

Because of these prices, the University of Alabama is one of the most affordable online colleges on our list. But don’t write it off as a degree mill!

Reputable ranking agencies such as US News & World Report and Business Insider have ranked the university as one of the best public universities in the United States.

Best Online Adn Programs 2023

Its business, education and engineering programs, as well as its law school, which Business Insider ranked as the third best public law school, stand out among its many graduate programs.

The university is a low-cost online school that offers excellent programs such as business, education and nursing degrees. Business and psychology are two of the most popular majors at this prestigious university.

US News & World Report has recognized UTPB in a variety of ways, including “Best Online Graduate Program Among Texas Public Universities,” and now they’re hailing it for its affordable online programs!

Undergraduate tuition is $303.71 per credit and graduate tuition is $326.71 per credit. Make no mistake: these are some of the most affordable online schools!

The 10 Most Affordable Online Associates In Communications Degree Programs

West Texas A&M University is a diverse, supportive and affordable online university that offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs. Liberal arts and humanities, as well as nursing and business degrees, are the majors that produce the most graduates.

Students find a solid educational community and pride in their school in the virtual classroom, developing an attitude of warm camaraderie.

Many programs also offer projects and rotations within the student community, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of their major while still benefiting from the benefits of a great online school.

Tuition at West Texas A&M University is approximately $50 per credit hour for in-state students and approximately $80 per credit hour for out-of-state students, depending on the program of study.

Most Affordable Master’s In Developmental Psychology Online

Students can also enroll in a variety of low-cost online college courses, such as chemistry, communications, and criminal justice. Many of these courses are also self-paced, allowing students to learn online at their own pace.

This cheap online university is featured in various rankings and directories detailing the cheapest, fastest, and best distance education degrees.

Columbia College now admits tens of thousands of online students. Students can choose from 28 associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degrees in more than 800 courses.

Some of the most prestigious degrees, such as general business and public service, are found within the Department of Business Administration. Columbia College charges $375 per credit hour for undergraduate programs and $490 per credit hour for graduate programs.

Most Affordable Online Associate Degrees

In addition, members of the US military are eligible for discounted tuition of $250 per credit hour for undergraduate degrees and $325 per credit hour for graduate degrees.

Columbia College’s online tuition per credit hour is the lowest in the state, if not the country, because online students can apply for scholarships and grants just like on-campus students.

Eastern New Mexico University has recently been praised for its cost-effective online programs. A bachelor’s degree in computer science is one such degree; however, there are several undergraduate and graduate degrees to choose from.

Before applying, students should review the sample degree plans on the ENMU website to see if the major is suitable.

Will My Associate Degree Transfer To Any College?

Accredited by multiple organizations and authorities, this cheap online school offers only the best education. Eastern New Mexico University charges $166.50 per credit plus fee for residents, $249.75 per credit plus fee for nonresidents, and $293.50 per credit plus fee for resident and nonresident graduate students.

ENMU’s dual enrollment program also offers low-cost online courses for college credit. While still in high school, interested students can take several 100- and 200-level or freshman and sophomore courses here.

There are many benefits to taking these classes, including pursuing hobbies not available in high school and making the transition to college life easier.

Students can enroll in six schools of American public universities and pay low tuition for undergraduate and graduate programs.

Most Affordable Online Mba Programs In 2023

These cheap online courses are created in collaboration with experts from various industries around the world to provide students with the best opportunities, experiences and information.

Professors are thought leaders in their fields, and APU regularly sponsors forums and discussions with other experts, providing them with important networking opportunities.

Tuition at a public university in the US is $285 per credit hour for undergraduates and $370 for graduate students. Students who are affiliated with the U.S. military receive discounted tuition as part of the appeal of affordable online education.

Grantham University offers more than 50 low-cost online associate, degree, master’s and certificate programs. Overall, although it is one of the more affordable online universities on our list, the standard of education is considered high.

Accelerated Associates Degree Programs In Business And Liberal Arts

Criminal justice and law enforcement management courses and a business degree are two of the most popular programs at Grantham.

Students, especially adults starting college courses later in life, have nothing but positive things to say about this affordable online college.

Florida International University is a low-cost online university that offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs. FIU appears on many lists and rankings of the best online resources and degrees.

Students have unlimited access to a variety of academic benefits and the opportunity to learn from award-winning faculty who also offer on-campus courses.

Best Fastest Accelerated Associate Degree Online

Students have full control over their courses, allowing them to tailor their class schedule to suit their needs. At Florida International University, residents pay $212.71 per credit hour, while nonresidents pay $329.77 per credit hour.

These are among the lowest online college credit hours in the state; by comparison, tuition at Advent Health University is about $510 per credit.

Through a unique and innovative program called PathwayConnect, Brigham Young University in Idaho offers highly affordable online degrees. This distance education combines online learning, community interaction, and the spiritual framework of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

BIU Idaho students have the opportunity to interact as learners and future leaders while also having the freedom to complete their degree as planned.

Best Online Associate Degrees For Seniors

PathwayConnect plans are also very affordable. The average online tuition at Brigham Young University in Idaho is $125 per credit and $73 per credit

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