Christmas Gifts For English Majors

Christmas Gifts For English Majors – If your holiday shopping includes loved ones, the editorial includes gifts and experiences for fans of all ages. Whether it’s a historical letter, a 2023 calendar or a model spy plane, it’s all here to read, watch, use, play with and wear.

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Christmas Gifts For English Majors

Pay tribute to the US Navy personnel who heroically defended Pearl Harbor from the Japanese attack and brought the United States into World War II with this Pearl Harbor Battleship Platoon T-Shirt. The front features an American flag flying over the USA. Louis during the attack, and the reverse shows the warships that formed the “Battleships”.

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Decorate your t-shirt with the $17.95 V-Day Victory Badge, a modern enamel replica of a World War II rally badge. For an even more fun gift, add your item to our $33.95 collection of over 100 WWII posters hanging in US post offices, train stations, schools, restaurants, and encouraging Americans to buy bonds, contribute to the scrap metal drive, and other patriotic posters Connect with World War II posters. otherwise support the nation’s war effort.

If you have a need for speed but are short on space on your bookshelf or desk, check out this mockup of the SR-71 Blackbird, which has a 2,193 pilot capacity and broke the airspeed record in miles per hour. had installed. 28, 1976. This cast model features a display stand that adds a legendary touch to any table or shelf.

Icons on the wrist. World War II heroine Rosie the Riveter, in her red bandana, blue jumpsuit, bulging biceps and determined eyes, embodies the boundless ingenuity and pioneering spirit of American women. This brightly colored watch continues to inspire an irresistible spirit with its signature polka dot strap sleeves.

Learn something new every day with this 2023 calendar day filled with 365 of the most impressive and extraordinary events, inspiring people, inventions and facts. Available as this day on the wall calendar or this day on the box calendar.

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Other themes in the calendar in the box are Military Day, Women’s Day, and Unknown Mysteries for Every Day of the Year.

Which came first – Isaac Newton’s telescope or Martin Luther’s 95 theses? Test your knowledge of the past with this Timeline card game where players place historical events in the correct chronological order; The first player to set a timeline of 10 cards wins. Recommended for players ages 2 to 8, 14+. Contains 429 double-sided cards and 858 events. Playing with friends is more fun!

“Squad Leader” by artist Derrick Adams, whose work is housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art, celebrates the relentless courage of generations of black Americans who changed course and paved the way for generations to come. The image’s bold geometric, multifaceted markings represent the promise of this generation: the young black girl becomes the author of her own story.

Channel Collection’s NFTs are based on the experience of discovering and owning a moment. NFT sales benefit Cultivate Charm City, a nonprofit founded by Adams that supports cultural opportunities in downtown Baltimore through public programs in the arts and education.

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Purchase of this NFT includes an exclusive limited edition poster featuring artwork and printable high resolution image files for personal use. Explore more gift options for the sweethearts on your list and check out The Channel NFT Marketplace for the latest gifts. Prices vary.

Buy it here: Drawing Fire: The Hostage, Painter, and Thunderer of World War II, Hardcover, from about $15, Amazon

When 18-year-old Brummet Echohawk, a Pawnee Indian, joined the Oklahoma National Guard in 1940, he had no idea he would be welcomed by the Thunderbird Brigade, made up of cowboys, ranchers and more than 1,000 Native Americans. General George S. Patton as “one of the finest divisions in America.” The Thunder of the 45th Infantry fought across Europe, eventually freeing prisoners from the Nazi concentration camp Dachau. Echohawk was a talented artist and while in service created the annotated battle sketches that form the basis of this unique memoir of the battles of Sicily, Salerno and Anzio.

For documentaries and video lovers, Vault Subscription offers documentaries and series that explore the events and people who have shaped our world, from ancient empires to modern warfare. Watch hundreds of hours of critically acclaimed series, groundbreaking documentaries and compelling specials for free.

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When the Hart-Zeller Act of 1965 opened up US immigration to non-Europeans, it ushered in a new era of cultural diversity. But after this milestone, even for first-generation Asian-Americans born in America, it’s impossible to imagine a day when sushi will be so popular, Korean boy bands will be the biggest musical acts in the world – or there will be an Asian in America. vice President.

Offers an intimate, thought-provoking, and often hilarious tour of the pop culture touchstones and socio-political changes of recent decades through an Asian-American filter. Authors Jeff Young, Phil Yu, and Philip Wang document it all in engaging, interactive infographics, including an atlas revealing America’s historic landmarks and a visual celebration of the Founding Fathers, along with illustrations and illustrated essays by leading AAPI artists, and exclusive panel discussions. . With Asian American cultural icons and more.

Explore the most famous military conflicts from ancient times to the present day. This beautiful book features 80 easy-to-follow maps filled with stunning illustrations, helpful timelines, and fascinating details that bring these epic battles to life in their full historical context. The perfect gift for any map buff or military enthusiast, this Smithsonian publication offers a comprehensive look into the worlds of famous generals and commanders such as Ramses II, Napoleon and Alexander the Great.

For other enthusiasts on your list, this map collection also includes world maps and WWII maps.

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For lovers of the American Revolution, what could be more inspiring than the hand-printed broadsheet Declaration of Independence that arrived in Boston on July 15, 1776? A crowd gathered from the balcony of the old state capitol three days later? Printed using historic methods in an authentic colonial printing press at Edes & Gill in Boston.

Pair your copy of the Manifesto with Revolutionary Superheroes t-shirts featuring George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Abigail and John Adams.

Mississippi Freedom Summer. “Bloody Sunday” in Selma. Sign the Voting Rights Act. Experience the most epic moments of the Civil Rights Movement through the close-up lens of Congressman John Lewis, one of the key figures in the fight to end segregation. Winner of numerous awards, including the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature, this trilogy of graphic novels is presented in a beautiful paperback edition. Also available as an e-book.

Charismatic, ruthless, brilliant and insatiable for power, Alexander the Great had one of the greatest military minds. At the age of 20, he became the king of Macedonia. By the age of 30, he had built the largest empire in the ancient world, stretching from Greece to northwestern India. This antique style “World Conqueror” bronze statue is perfect for display in your home or office, or as a gift for that old sweetheart on your list.

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This special edition tome explores the Viking Age and the influence of these legendary warrior-trader-explorers on four continents for over 400 years. Learn about the unique seafaring techniques that helped them pillage and conquer Europe and the British Isles…the wonderful Scandinavian stories that are still told today…and how their culture embraced female warriors at sea and at home.

From drafting the Declaration of Independence to the drinking vessels he used in his home in Monticello, Virginia, Thomas Jefferson was meticulous. Bring a taste of Jefferson into your home with your own Jefferson pewter mug, which can be engraved with three initials for an additional $9.95. To lighten things up, another version includes Jefferson’s philosophy on wine: “Wine, which I love so much…is a necessity in my life.”

Frederick Douglass stands in the black pantheon: born into slavery, bold escape to the North, author of a best-selling autobiography, publisher and speaker who became America’s most vocal opponent of slavery. One of those powerful voices. He remains the most influential citizen and defender of human rights of the 19th century.

These beautiful knitted socks honor the abolitionist, author and activist. For other Douglas-themed gifts, check out this Frederick Douglass Signature Collection t-shirt or the Frederick Douglass Little Thinker plush toy.

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