Christmas Gifts For Music Majors

Christmas Gifts For Music Majors – Want the best music gifts for musicians? This is the ultimate guide! We have the best music gifts for music lovers, whatever your budget.

We’ve compiled a huge list of the best music gifts for musicians: find the best gifts for the music lover in your life. Use the links below to jump to a specific price range or start scrolling to see everything.

Christmas Gifts For Music Majors

For ideas for top musician birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, anniversary gifts or any other occasion, we’ve got you covered. If you play music yourself, this list includes some of the best products and the best musical instruments… Treat yourself to something new and exciting (you deserve a prize, don’t you?).

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And there’s a strict no-junk policy: each of these music gifts has been put under the microscope and thoroughly researched so you can be sure you’re buying high-quality, interesting and truly useful music gifts. Stay tuned… We’ve got our finger on the pulse Make sure only the best gifts for musicians appear on this page. This means that if a company has bad customer service, bad products, or just plain junk gear, they won’t show up on this music gift list.

There’s the perfect balance of professional musician gear, inexpensive music gifts, cool musical instruments, and some fun music gifts. However, we have made sure that these novelty music gifts are also present

Really useful. With most instruments covered, we have great gift ideas for singers, music students, music lovers and music teachers. If you have reached the bottom of this page and

Note: All price ranges are in US dollars. The links below will take you directly to Amazon where you can find the best prices on these musical gifts.

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This section is for people who are looking for great music gifts on a budget. We’ve covered the best cheap music gifts and avoided the bullshit… all of these things are actually useful. Shop one of the gift ideas below or combine a few of them to create a great music themed gift package. Here are ideas to help you find the perfect gift for musicians and music lovers, no matter who you’re buying for.

This is Music on Your Brain, a best-selling book about music and the science behind the human brain. If you’ve ever wondered how and why people enjoy music, this book is for you. Despite delving into the neuroscience and psychology of music, it’s actually quite easy to read thanks to author Daniel Levitin’s excellent way of explaining things. His expertise in both neuroscience and music make him the perfect author to take readers on a stimulating journey through what we know about music.

There are great insights and facts, and all the information is illustrated for readers who want to explore things deeper. These make great gifts for music lovers of all ages, regardless of their skill level, instrument or musical style. The paperback version is much cheaper, making these books perfect budget musical gifts.

This is a beautiful high quality rosewood stand for acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, banjos, ukuleles, mandolins and similar instruments. These stands make great gifts for string musicians and stand out from other cheap music stands. NEUMA’s stand is designed primarily for safety… the stand itself is very well balanced, sturdy and has soft rubber wherever the instrument comes into contact.

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The quality of these stands is excellent, made from deep red rosewood, with an elegant finish and precision cut pieces that lock together. It is worth noting that these NEUMA rosewood stands make excellent musical gifts for traveling musicians as they lie flat for easy transport. They take up much less space than a regular stand and look like one

More beautiful Best of all, these are great value for money, making perfect gifts for guitar musicians if you’re on a budget.

By the way, if you’re specifically looking for guitar gifts, check out our extensive guide to the best gifts for guitarists here.

If your musician carries a lot of cables at shows, rehearsals or around the house, Planet Waves flexible ties are the best way to stay organized. These cable ties are inexpensive, but made with musicians in mind… they clip onto any standard size cable and have a rubber tie that holds tight. If your musician sings, plays guitar, bass, keyboard, electronic drums or any other electronic instrument, they will definitely use these cable ties. They make great gifts for musicians because (like cables) they’re something you can never get enough of. If you’re looking for practical musical gifts, these are perfect.

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Instrument for the guitarist. The Ibanez Quick Access Multi-Tool has everything you need to make quick adjustments and repairs to your guitar and is perfect for unexpected problems during a performance or setup. The tool contains six hex (aka allen) keys, three different screwdrivers, a socket wrench and a ruler, all of which fold neatly into the body. This multi-tool is invaluable when things suddenly break or come loose, especially on stage. This makes the Ibanez Quick Access Multi Tool one of the best inexpensive music gifts for guitarists and something they will find very useful.

Musicians need cable. Always… no, really. So, if you’re looking for the best music gifts that won’t break the bank, they’re a go-to option. Whether you’re rehearsing on stage, recording or performing live, it’s a good idea to have extra cables on hand. You can pay

Some cables are worth the money, but there are also some quality options if you need a very useful and inexpensive musical gift… you just have to know where to look. Planet Waves makes excellent quality instrument cables, so it’s clear that these are one of the best inexpensive gifts for music lovers. These are quality cables made in the USA for guitar, bass, keyboard, electronic drums or recording equipment. Extra cables can be a lifesaver if you lose, forget or break one, so don’t let the musician out. You can get a 10-foot Planet Waves instrument cable for under $20, making these cables perfect inexpensive gifts for musicians.

Turn almost anything into a guitar rag… This track will create guitar and bass picks from anything you can find (such as old credit cards, hotel keys, plastic bottle caps, CDs, plastic, vinyl, etc.). The drops that come out are of a standard size and shape, the thickness depends on the material you are using. If you

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There is something to change the guitar pick, ┬ápicking sheets are also available: these are plastic strips with different patterns to make custom picks. The package shown here comes with the punch, two punch sheets and a pick holder. These make great musical gifts for adults and children (they’re safe for almost any age).

It’s a premium music notebook for writing songs and keeping track of ideas. In addition to looking great, this notebook has a built-in pocket, an elastic band around it, and an included music ruler. Moleskine notebooks make great music gifts for students or as graduation gifts for musicians… Moleskine is a great brand and this music notebook would be a must-have (it

For that fact alone, we’re more than happy to recommend these notebooks as a great musical gift. The white paper is thick and of very good quality, with music staves printed on one side and blank space for notes or lyrics on the other. This is one of the best music gifts for music lovers who write and compose music and is sure to be a hit. Tip: These music notebooks also make perfect gifts for music teachers.

If you need gifts for music lovers who love to cook, this is the section for you. Each of these music gifts are under $20 and are sure to be a big hit:

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Mosh Potatoes: Recipes, Anecdotes and Mayhem from Heavy Metal Heavyweights. This amazing cookbook features 147 recipes from some of the biggest names in heavy music, including musicians from Guns N’ Roses, Motorhead, Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, Anthrax, Dillinger Escape Plan, Megadeth and more. Don’t know any of these bands? Well, if you have a heavy-metal music lover, all you need to know is that this is the perfect musical gift for them. Along with the recipes, you’ll find anecdotes, stories and insights from each of the featured musicians. This is one of the best music gifts for music lovers who love it loud and hard. If your musician

Listen to heavy metal, then watch Eat Like A Rock Star, with recipes for musicians from a wide range of musical genres.

Musician Coffee Mug: For the musician who needs a nice cup of tea or coffee before playing, a personalized mug makes a great music gift. There are many options available, so you’re sure to find the perfect gift for your music lover. For the musician who needs a good cup of tea or coffee

, Waiter also makes a clip-on drink holder

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