Clinical Psychology Masters Programs California

Clinical Psychology Masters Programs California – Applying to clinical programs involves many steps (including statements of purpose, letters of recommendation, taking graduate exams, and interviews) just like other graduate programs. The application conditions are also the same or similar. Therefore, the resources and advice we provide on this website for these topics are applicable to clinical applications. However, there are many types of clinical programs to choose from, students must complete the appropriate clinical medicine curriculum, and need to demonstrate not only research experience but also clinical experience. Here we explore these questions in more detail.

Becoming a clinical psychologist—a psychologist who specializes in mental health research and/or treatment—involves a variety of graduate courses. This can be at the doctoral (PhD or SYD) or master’s level (and a related option is a PhD in counseling; additionally, for those looking to take a medical approach, including training to prescribe medication, become a psychiatrist – ie, an MD or DO. degree holder is a possibility) . Here we look at some of the main ways to become a clinical psychologist.

Clinical Psychology Masters Programs California

A doctoral degree earned in approximately 4-6 years (plus a year of internship) enables the recipient to research, teach, and/or work as a practicing physician. It is the most versatile degree that can be earned in the clinical field. Clinical graduate programs are strongly research oriented and are generally designed around a

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Which idealize the capacity for both research and practice. Of all master’s programs, clinical doctoral programs are the most difficult to get into; Acceptance rate lower than law school, medical school, or other research-based programs (eg, 8 out of 300 applicants accepted).

However, clinical PhD programs typically provide funding for graduate students, making this path less financially burdensome.

Developed in the 1970s as an alternative to the traditional PhD, the PsyD is a professional doctoral degree that is more clinically oriented. PsyD holders can work as practicing physicians; However, access to teaching opportunities for Ph.D. is more limited than for those who have. A PsyD is usually completed in 4-6 years (plus a year of internship), similar to a PhD, but the research component of the program is much less (a large proportion of postgraduate studies take place in a clinical setting). PsyD programs are easier to get accepted to, but tend to be more expensive.

A master’s program, which typically takes two years to complete, can be a faster way to earn a higher education degree and enter the workforce. Acceptance rates are higher than for doctoral programs, although annual program costs can be higher. There are a variety of master’s programs that aspiring clinical psychologists may want to pursue—from clinical to social work—and many allow the holder to work in private practice or corporate/organizational settings.

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According to the Council of Clinical University Directors (CUDCP), having research experience is important, and “previous experience contributing to clinical work is not required.”

Therefore, as with other graduate programs, research experience is critical. Additionally, CUDCP recognizes that a post-graduate research assistantship, completion of a senior or honors thesis, or other type of supervised research experience is particularly beneficial.

However, while clinical experience is not required, gaining such experience can be valuable in helping you determine if a clinical path is truly your best career choice. It’s also unlikely to hurt your application, and given how competitive many clinical programs are, can actually help your application stand out.

References 1 Prinstein, M. (2012). Admission to post-graduate studies in the specialty “Clinical Sciences”. De Pauw University. 2 Board of Directors of Clinical Universities. (2017). Admission to postgraduate studies in clinical psychology. Thank you to all applicants who submitted this year! The evaluation committees are currently reviewing your submissions and will contact you as soon as possible.

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The department currently offers two master’s programs, each with three unique concentrations. Master of Arts program focused on development; mind, brain, behavior; and social. The Master of Science program has concentrations in clinical, school, and industrial/organizational areas. All of these concentrations are designed to meet specific academic requirements and prepare students for further study and/or career goals.

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If you have any questions, please email Megan Kwong, Megan Kwong (, or the department at

Limited funding is available for postgraduate research and dissertation support through the department. If you are interested in funding, please contact Megan Kwong, Higher Education Liaison ( and provide an estimate of exactly what you would like to use the funds for and the cost.

Timelines For The Graduate Application Process

The application period for all graduate concentrations is October 1 through February 1. All application materials must be received by the application deadline. Cal State Apply has an online application for both faculty and university. You will submit your materials to both the university and the faculty here: including your personal statements, letters of recommendation, letters of recommendation, non-recommendation letters, unofficial transcripts, GRE scores, and CVs. All materials must be prepared and sent by February 1st.

Questions regarding admission to a specific program may be directed to Megan Kwong, Megan Kwong (

Note. If you have not earned a master’s degree from a San Francisco State school and wish to apply to Student Personnel Services (PPS), you must pass an external evaluation before applying to the program. For more information, visit the PPS Credentials page.

For more detailed instructions on the application process, visit the California State Application Help Center.

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The first 3 sections of the Cal State Apply application require you to sign information documents, as well as provide your personal information, academic history and unofficial transcripts, letters of recommendation, and relevant experience.

The department requires you to write a personal statement based on questions related to the concentration you are applying for. This personal statement should demonstrate your readiness for graduate work, as well as any experience you have in your chosen major or general. The application should also reflect your motivation for applying and provide some information about yourself and your academic/research interests. Some concentrations require you to specify which faculty member you want to work with and why. Your application will be a central factor in the evaluation of your overall application. Questions and page limits for each concentration will be listed in the “Program Questions” section of the “Program Content” section of the Cal State Apply website. Hints and page limits are also listed below.

You will also need to upload a completed copy of the Faculty Pre-requisite form, where you demonstrate the coursework you have already completed. Different concentrations have different specific requirements, so be sure to check your chosen concentration’s page to find out what their requirements are. Some basic training in , as well as experience/training in intermediate (upper division) statistics and research methods is usually helpful. You need to print the Pre-Req form, sign it, and then scan it to upload to Cal State Apply. Before applying, make sure all your PDFs are saved and filled out completely on Cal State Apply.

In addition to the personal statement and pre-application form, you will need to upload an unofficial GRE score report and ten unofficial transcripts. Alternatively, you can also upload a CV/resume with relevant experience (this is mandatory for applicants to clinical programmes).

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All applicants should request at least three letters of recommendation from people familiar with your academic qualifications or relevant experience (such as research, internships or work). In the evaluation section of the California application, you will have the opportunity to enter the names and email addresses of your three references, as well as the date the letter of recommendation was submitted and a short personal message for the evaluator. You also need to check the box where you waive the right to review your letters of recommendation. Each link will receive an email that will allow them to submit an email directly through the program platform. This email will be sent from with the subject “Evaluation Request Submitted”, so please remind your evaluator to check their junk mail and add to their contact list to avoid missing the email. It is strongly recommended that you notify your references of your intention before applying. (Letters from instructors in courses or fields closely related to the major you are applying for are very helpful,

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