Colleges That Offer Bachelor Degrees

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Considered an important field of study, Construction Management brings together engineers, electricians, architects, entrepreneurs and other clients with major construction projects in all business verticals. It is important for construction managers to have effective leadership and critical thinking skills to ensure effective and sustainable communication.

Colleges That Offer Bachelor Degrees

Online degree programs in construction management help you understand the important tools, skills, and knowledge needed to succeed in this field. Potential construction managers need at least a bachelor’s degree to do their jobs well.

Degrees + Certificates

However, there are students who do not have time to attend classes in a regular school due to family, illness, disability, or work-related priorities and circumstances.

Distance learning is recommended. To help you make that right educational decision, we’ve compiled a list of the top schools in the country that offer online degree programs in construction management.

We selected each of these colleges and universities based on a set of criteria that included course selection, tuition, admissions requirements, and financial aid. Since each online program is different, we believe it is important to highlight its best features. The schools on our list are in an informal setting.

National University’s construction management degree program is one of the best in the nation. This degree program promotes career and business related skills such as oral and written communication, mathematics, business, law and engineering. Prepares students for potential leadership in the construction industry.

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As a requirement for graduation, National University students must enroll in Advanced Architectural Design courses that cover real-world, on-the-job topics from creating estimates to meeting budgets.

The Construction Management Curriculum aims to provide online students with a comprehensive knowledge of engineering, business, construction, social studies and management. Online courses are readily available and varied, and class schedules are flexible.

Everglades prides itself on its extensive program that places graduates in direct employment with high-paying companies.

Indiana State University’s online Bachelor of Science in Construction Management degree program focuses on providing high-quality education and practical training in the fields of management, engineering and construction. Effective planning and strategic leadership are enhanced through the communications degree program’s activities and coursework.

What Is A Bachelor’s Degree?

Indiana State University offers an interactive work program and conducts a fundamental research program to improve online students’ critical thinking, leadership skills, and effective communication skills.

Rowan University currently has 17,372 college students. Some of them are studying online to get a bachelor’s degree in construction management.

Rowan’s goal is to produce graduates who will become skilled technicians working in construction companies and firms. Another goal is to help current students develop their leadership skills for career success.

North American construction associations have approved Rowan University’s online degree program. In addition to general education courses, students must enroll in classes to improve skills such as public speaking and art.

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Tarleton University’s online Bachelor of Science in Construction Science and Management program provides knowledge-based learning and the skills students need to succeed in civil, industrial, commercial, and residential construction projects.

Graduates of this degree program can pursue careers in production planning and management, construction project management, automation, and quality control.

Texas is a leading employer of construction managers, employing nearly 28,000 professionals. This gives Tarleton University students a great opportunity because they can be guaranteed a job away from home.

Online college students at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities who earn a bachelor’s degree in construction management learn from experienced professors and experts in the field. Students complete challenging projects and school requirements to gain the skills and knowledge needed to become leaders in the construction industry.

Best Online Engineering Bachelor Degree Programs 2022

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Students at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities appreciate the “examples and practical examples that instructors provide in the classroom.” There is student participation in the construction management program, where students and alumni groups organize tours, provide two-week study abroad opportunities, and hold career fairs for online and on-campus students.

East Carolina University (ECU) is an academic institution that is a member of the University of North Carolina system. The Department of Construction Management in the College of Engineering and Technology is part of the ECU 14 school. The online bachelor’s degree in construction management is considered one of the largest programs in the entire country.

ECU’s online bachelor’s degree in construction management meets the National Housing Foundation’s Gold Building Curriculum requirements. The diploma program was ranked #1 in 2016 for quality education and affordability.

Bachelor Of Applied Science, Electrical Engineering Technology

North Dakota State University (NDSU) has more than 14,432 students and 300 degree programs. The Bachelor of Science in Construction Management program is open to online students each semester.

The management aspect of the degree program provides the student with a wealth of knowledge to understand the management and principles of the construction industry.

NDSU is proud of Reimagine Education, which helps students “discover new ways to earn a degree” and helps them “improve time to graduate” by offering online degrees and accredited blended learning programs.

American National University (NAU) has more than 5,000 online students and 1,200 on-campus students. NAU offers a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management to undergraduate college students with the goal of preparing for future careers in construction, engineering and management.

Community College Bachelor’s Degrees Are Filling The Gaps

The degree program also aims to increase students’ knowledge of applying for various projects, commercial and residential. The degree program helps students understand the practical management and administration of construction projects.

NAU’s online baccalaureate curriculum is primarily aimed at students who excel in distance learning. NAU also allows transfer credit for military training or work experience.

The online Bachelor of Science in Construction Management program at Michigan State University (MSU) covers the technical and management aspects of the construction industry. Graduate students are given many opportunities to gain hands-on experience through an extensive internship program.

Courses in finance, management, architecture, construction and business law are available to students.

The 20 Best Online Construction Management Bachelor’s Degree Colleges Of 2023

One way to complete this online degree program is to take math as a required course. One way is to conduct integrated research in the biological and physical sciences.

Clemson is considered the second largest university in all of South Carolina. It has over 20,000 students on campus and online. The University’s Department of Civil Engineering is among the top ten departments for its high-quality education, services and research.

Its graduate program in construction science and management provides a foundation for a career in construction and a specialization in construction management.

Southern New Hampshire University offers a bachelor’s degree in construction management that focuses on orienting undergraduate students to aspects of the construction industry. Building infrastructure requires management, construction, engineering and business principles.

The Best Online Colleges For 2020

A broad background in construction management is provided by discussing the mathematics, science, and other technical fields necessary for a successful career in the future.

More than 90% of students receive funding. A $20,000 scholarship is awarded to deserving graduate students.

Students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through internships designed to develop technical, problem-solving and ethical skills. Students are also trained to make difficult decisions on construction and management issues.

Colorado State University’s (CSU) global campus has managed a large infrastructure that can be combined with multiple bachelor’s degrees. This is a great program to get complete training for careers related to construction and management.

Best Colleges For Education Majors

Because construction management is a graduate program with five advanced courses totaling 15 credit hours, they may be considered electives in the major.

The Women in Construction Management Summer Institute is a Colorado State University project to help young women “build confidence in their skills and realize their potential in construction management.” The center organizes talks, tours and activities.

The goal of the University of Nevada’s Bachelor of Science in Construction Management (BSCM) is to provide online students with a wealth of knowledge, exposure, and skills.

The curriculum focuses on improving communication, management and analytical skills for effective planning, cost estimation and coordinating construction methods and projects.

The Four Main College Degree Types

A minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher or an additional GPA of at least 2.75 in credits taken outside the University

University construction management courses

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