Colleges That Offer Criminal Psychology

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Are you interested in the rapidly growing field of criminal psychology? Want to learn more about the critical issues facing today’s criminal justice system? Take a deeper look into the criminal mind with our degree.

Colleges That Offer Criminal Psychology

This program gives you the opportunity to study alongside fellow professionals and classmates to take part in thought-provoking modules covering topics such as offender profiling, risk management and offender rehabilitation.

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Our course emphasizes the importance of evidence-based practice along with the integration of psychological theory to understand, reduce and prevent offending behaviour. You will also study key areas of psychology, including cognitive, social and developmental psychology.

Finally, you will be able to apply your research skills acquired during the program through your final project on a criminal psychology topic that interests you.

Note: This program is not accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS). If you want to study a BPS accredited course, check out BSc (Hons) Psychology.

This exciting module encourages you to develop the skills required for higher education studies, such as academic writing styles. You will also think critically about your own personal development while learning about key psychological areas – including cognitive psychology’s learning styles theory.

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This definition section provides you with a toolbox to analyze how we process, store and use information about ourselves and others. You will learn about the role of social psychologists and explore the ethical principles of research and conduct set out by the British Psychological Society.

In this fascinating unit you will learn to identify key issues related to the social context of crime and define different types and categories. Through the lens of case studies, you will discover the effects of criminal behavior and the social and economic impacts on both communities and the state.

Ready to discover more about brain behavior, human memory and cognition? This fascinating module will expand your knowledge by introducing you to the history and science behind cognitive psychology. You will learn how to apply cognitive psychology to other disciplines and learn about relevant research and theory in this exciting field.

Learn how to spot patterns of criminal behavior in this empowering module. You will explore the myths surrounding offender profiling and learn about the range of methodologies and theoretical perspectives used in this method. On completion you will have developed a number of useful skills – including the ability to describe the appropriateness of the offender profile.

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Gain practical and transferable research skills and enhance your knowledge of data collection and analysis. In this valuable module, you will develop the ability to select appropriate analytical techniques and test hypotheses. You will also undertake a literature review to further deepen your understanding of relevant theory within social science research.

Discover the fundamentals of offender prevention, intervention and rehabilitation within the criminal justice system. In this exciting module you will learn to recognize the legitimacy of sentencing and how to identify methods of controlling offenders within the community. On completion, you will be able to explain different approaches to dealing with offenders.

By studying this thought-provoking unit, you will understand why people differ from each other and explore ways to critically evaluate and measure these differences. You will learn the basics of psychometrics and take the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and present a theory-based personality assessment.

Biological psychology is a complex field that covers human brain functions and physiological processes. In this exciting module you will explore the ground-breaking advances and current debates in this field, as well as gain an understanding of the science behind human thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

Diploma In Forensic & Criminal Psychology

The field of cognitive neuropsychology gives you an exciting opportunity to further explore the biological processes that determine human behavior. In this in-depth unit, you will make connections between the history of cognitive psychology, your previous studies, and our current understanding of the mechanisms involved in brain dysfunction and mental processes.

Have you ever wondered why people are different from each other? Discover the answers in this brainstorming section. You will begin by studying personality and intelligence and explore the topics of mood, motivation, and how these constructs influence behavior. Throughout the unit you will also build a strong understanding of the principles of psychometrics.

Statistics are at the heart of psychology, helping us summarize data and quickly spot trends. In fact, psychologists use data to objectively, systematically describe and interpret research results. This definition module teaches you about the most commonly used statistical techniques, allowing you to demonstrate your knowledge in future practice.

Ready to explore important developmental milestones from different theoretical perspectives? In this exciting module, you will examine the principles of cognitive, social, biological and affective psychology, with the aim of understanding the influence of developmental stages on human behaviour.

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Have you considered how offenders with mental health disorders are treated and assessed? This unit will help you explore the role of forensic psychology in the criminal justice system – including the origins of criminal behaviour, psychopathology and the regulations set out in current mental health law. Ultimately, you will be able to apply your theoretical knowledge to abusive behavior in multiple settings.

Begin to think critically about criminological, legal and statistical definitions of crime. In this comprehensive unit, you will learn about key historical and contemporary criminological perspectives on crime, as well as the function of punishment in the criminal justice system. Eventually you will be able to identify different methods of crime.

Did you know that there are certain definitions of risk? From mapping to assessment, this comprehensive module reveals the basics of risk management. Explore some of the ways in which risk is managed in the criminal justice environment and examine the growing problems caused by a risk-averse society.

Gain insight into the concept of criminal investigation and investigative models. In this exciting module you will have the opportunity to critically assess investigative skills and identify the need for investigative strategy – such as dealing with witnesses and suspects. By the end, you will have the skills to identify and evaluate a large piece of research.

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Investigate the relationships between ‘youth’ and ‘crime’ and analyze historical and contemporary criminological theories relating to youth crime. You will assess the culture and social causes of youth crime and how the media’s power to influence creates a ‘moral panic’ about the perception of ‘youth’.

In this thought-provoking module, you will gain a deeper understanding of the theories related to the rehabilitation of criminals, as well as an insight into the policy and legislation related to prisons and the rehabilitation of offenders. Discover the concept of ‘offending crisis’ and define the roles of those who work with offenders in the criminal justice system.

Discover the connection between substance abuse and crime with this insightful module. You will develop an awareness of the magnitude of substance abuse problems and how to help them. The unit also ensures that you are able to identify the range of legislation designed to deal with drug and crime issues.

From the history and development of probation to sentencing and public protection, this thought-provoking module introduces you to every aspect of community justice. You will also learn about the sentencing, sentencing and probation process – considering the importance of public trust in community safety.

Bachelor Of Criminology / Bachelor Of Psychological Science

Like many other subjects, psychology has its critics. In this insightful section, you’ll discover how taking psychological research and studies the right way can lead to false assumptions and misunderstandings. You will explore how seeing psychology as a political tool that serves some more than others makes critical social psychology integral to a real view of this fascinating subject.

What are the unique abilities that people have? Find out in this inspiring section. You will discover fascinating areas of human development – ​​including neuroscience, perception, cognition, emotion and social interaction. In this way, you will be sure to assess human development from multiple perspectives.

What makes someone commit a crime? What influences might cause them to re-offend? Find out with this in-depth section. In the end, you will develop a solid understanding of the role of psychology and sociology in the study of crime – as well as a strong understanding of how various factors can influence violent behaviour.

Interested in research aspects of abusive behavior? This thought-provoking module will introduce you to common psychological principles, geographic principles, and interviewing techniques used in the criminal justice system. On completion, you will understand how psychological and social factors influence criminal behaviour, while having a good understanding of the practical applications of investigative psychology.

Forensic Psychology Concentration, B.s.

Explore the history and theoretical perspectives of victimology in this comprehensive unit. You will analyze victimization in a variety of contexts – including domestic violence, hate crime and anti-social behaviour. And finally, you will gain a strong understanding of the role of the victim in criminal justice

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