Colleges That Offer Criminology Majors

Colleges That Offer Criminology Majors – Simply put, criminology is the study of crime. This field is fascinating and involves understanding why people commit crime, what society has to do with it, and the best ways to prevent future crimes.

If these types of questions interest you, then you may be eligible for criminal law. Criminology students learn the “why” behind crime and also have several careers to choose from upon graduation.

Colleges That Offer Criminology Majors

So where to start? An advanced degree in criminology and criminal justice is essential for success in this field.

Best Criminal Justice Degree Programs Of 2023

Earning a bachelor’s degree in criminology opens the way to entry-level jobs in the criminology industry and can be a great starting point for a successful career. A bachelor’s degree in criminology is a four-year multidisciplinary university degree that includes the following social sciences:

An undergraduate degree in criminology can be offered as a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science, so it’s up to you. Additionally, some programs allow you to choose majors such as juvenile delinquency, criminal justice, cybercrime, and psychology.

The undergraduate program in Criminology requires 120 credit hours of general education requirements, core criminology courses, electives, capstones, and frequent internships. While many bachelor’s degrees are offered on campus, you can find online criminology degrees for flexibility and affordability. You may also find that some schools offer additional criminology degrees that you can complete at your own pace.

Criminology majors have a variety of options for how they want to translate their degrees into a future career. Since the core focus of criminology is research and the study and analysis of data, criminology majors can choose from the following majors:

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Some of these careers, such as criminology, require a master’s degree. Criminologists are sociologists who study crime data and trends and may work in an academic setting as a result of teaching, teaching, researching, and reporting. Likewise, many criminology students pursue a career in law after earning a bachelor’s degree and earn a law degree.

Whether you want to enter the criminal justice system after graduation or spend a couple of years in school for a master’s degree, criminology is a great field that opens doors to several careers in an exciting environment.

Average salaries for criminal justice professionals vary depending on where you are. If you’re a police officer working in New York, it makes sense that you’ll make more than if you work in a rural town in Kansas. However, the

After earning a degree in criminology, you can earn around $50K depending on the specific field you choose. However, with more education, your earning potential increases, which is why many criminology students also choose to earn a master’s degree. Many of our rankings include joint bachelor’s/master’s degrees that save time and money. If you know you want to be a criminology professor or lawyer, you’ll need a master’s degree, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead in graduate school.

What Is Criminal Justice?

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The University of Florida is consistently ranked among the best universities in the country. UF serves nearly 58,000 students per semester across 16 colleges, including the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, where you’ll find the largest interdisciplinary programs on campus: the Sociology and Criminology Departments.

The UF Department of Sociology and Criminology is a thriving department with over 1,000 undergraduate students. With this advanced criminology degree, you can take criminology courses online or on campus, either path leading to a career within the criminal or juvenile justice system. Some graduates start their careers right away, while others go to law school or access a criminal justice master’s program.

A minimum of 18 criminology electives is also required, as well as Statistics 1. Another graduation requirement is a withdrawal exam in criminology, criminal justice, law, and theory.

College Of Criminology

Some of the best universities were founded over 100 years ago, so don’t be fooled that the University of South Florida is still young. USF was founded in 1956

The USF Department of Criminology offers an advanced degree in criminology that can be completed at the Tampa, Sarasota-Manatee or Petersburg campuses or fully online. This flexible degree program provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in careers around the criminal justice system:

At USF, you’ll develop critical thinking skills and gain theoretical and criminological knowledge through courses such as:

Along with 36 hours of general education, you’ll complete 42 upper-level course credits in sociology and criminology, capstone, and practicum.

Top 10 Best Criminal Justice Schools

The University of Maryland-University Park is not only the nation’s flagship university, but also one of the nation’s leading public research institutions. UMD Located outside of Washington, D.C., UMD is home to more than 40,700 current students and offers a total of 301 academic programs across 12 colleges and schools. Check out UMD’s Criminology and Criminal Justice (CCJS) degree for an exciting academic program with many opportunities.

UMD’s bachelor’s degree in criminology and criminal justice focuses on three pillars of the criminal justice system:

You will understand crime through political, economic and social perspectives as you learn both theory and research applied to the concept of criminology.

In addition, you have the opportunity to earn credit and gain experience doing undergraduate research, as well as participate through internships and other experiential learning opportunities. If you are interested in UMD’s CCJS program and all it has to offer, check out this link for prospective students.

Criminal Justice, Bachelor Of Social Science

The flagship university in the Minnesota system, the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities has been named “one of the top public research universities in our state.” There are now more than 485,000 UMN alumni, including:

At UMN, you can earn a high-value arts or science degree through our sociology, criminology, and deviance programs. You will not only study criminal behavior, but also explore how it relates to the law and the sociological examination of deviance. A BA requires a foreign language credit, while a BS focuses more on statistics, computing, and data analysis.

BA students can also choose one of these pathways, but are not required to do so. They may choose a minor in sociology or population studies. To learn more about UMN’s sociology, criminology, and deviance degrees, watch this video in which current alumni explain their experiences in the program.

Founded in 1851, Florida State University is the state’s oldest institution of higher education. With 43,953 students from around the world and 276 degree programs, FSU is thriving. The College of Criminology and Criminal Justice is one of the best in the country for producing “critical and independent thinkers,” so if you’re looking to earn a bachelor’s degree in criminology on campus or online, don’t miss out. One. .

Criminal Justice Schools In California

FSU’s bachelor’s or associate’s degree in criminology and criminal justice is offered on campus and online and can be tailored to a variety of career options. In addition to general education requirements, you can earn 36 credit hours in criminology courses and minors, earn a second degree from another discipline, or complete an internship.

FSU’s criminology degree is known not only for its affordability and adaptability, but also for working with some of the best criminal justice institutions. Additionally, FSU offers the Best Value Master’s Degree in Criminology: a joint degree for “ambitious students who desire a more hands-on career in the field of criminal justice.” More information about FSU’s criminology programs can be found on this FAQ page.

Ohio State Buckeyes is one of the largest and most comprehensive universities in the nation, with a world-class medical center, cancer hospital and research center. Within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences you will find 38 academic departments and schools with more than 80 majors. Through the Faculty of Sociology, you’ll find our 6th degree: BA in Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies.

OSU’s criminology program is offered from the Columbus, Marion and Mansfield campuses. To begin this program you must first complete Sociology 1101: Introduction to Sociology. You will then work through core courses such as:

Our Lady Of Fatima University

One of the best things about majoring in criminology at OSU is the opportunity to get involved through research projects, experiential learning, and student organizations and clubs. OSU criminology graduates begin careers in:

This criminology and criminal justice program is also an excellent avenue for continuing education. Many students pursue graduate degrees in criminology or criminal justice.

North Carolina State University is a leading public research university known as a “powerhouse in science, technology, engineering and mathematics,” but excels in all disciplines. NC State offers a bachelor’s degree in criminology.

Bachelor’s degree in Criminology from NC State

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