Colleges That Offer Dental Assistant Programs Near Me

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Do you consider yourself a friendly person who enjoys caring for others? Have you ever thought about becoming a dental assistant? Join this exciting program and start a fulfilling career in dentistry with the Dental Assisting Program!

Colleges That Offer Dental Assistant Programs Near Me

A diploma or certificate from Gwinnett Tech prepares you for entry into the growing field of health care. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts an 18 percent increase in employment for dental assistants from 2014 to 2024. This program prepares students for patient care and dental procedures in dental offices. Students receive hands-on training including: dental assistant guidance in chair and laboratory procedures, patient care attendance, dental office management, infection control, and patient education.

North West College (nwc) To Offer Dental Assistant Program At Riverside Campus

Take the first step into this career and apply for next semester! Important dates and deadlines are listed to get you started, and if you’re looking for ways to pay for your education, explore our scholarships for this program. You can also find out about our faculty and clubs and organizations you can join!

Gwinnett Tech builds relationships with local subject matter experts to form advisory boards that provide feedback that ensures we provide industry-relevant curriculum for today’s in-demand careers. See who serves on our Dental Assistant Advisory Board.

Do you want to know more about this program? Attend one of our monthly informational events to speak with faculty and learn more about the program and clinical experience.

Students receive hands-on training, including instruction in dental assisting with chair and laboratory procedures, attending patient care, dental office management, infection control, and patient education.

Dental Assistant Programs In New York, Ny — New York School For Medical And Dental Assistants

This program gives students the confidence and skills they need to start their careers in this exciting field. Graduates of the program receive Georgia Radiation Safety and Extended Duties certification and are eligible to sit for the Dental Assistant National Board Examination.

. Great opportunities for scholarships and financial aid with HOPE Grants, HOPE Scholarships, HOPE Career Grants and more! Upon completion of this program, you can take the Michigan State Licensing Exam to become a Registered Dental Assistant. A college dental assistant program prepares you for entry-level positions. Your associate degree can offer more employment opportunities and increased mobility.

Opportunities exist for part-time and full-time employment in private dental practices and clinics, as well as in military, sales, research and teaching settings.

Are you interested in a career as a dental assistant? Learn more about our region’s employment prospects and the career opportunities you can pursue in this field of study.

Honolulu Hawaii Best Dental Assisting Program — Dental Technology Center Of Hawaii

As a graduate of this program, you will be prepared to assist dentists in diagnostic, operative, restorative, preventive, and surgical procedures, and to perform independent duties after passing the Registered Dental Assistant exam.

Registered Dental Assistant and Amalgam Restoration Practitioner in Michigan; selective coronal polishing; Set sealers, fluoride, periodontal dressings, temporary crowns, rubber dams, cat liners and bases, orthodontic elastics and ligatures and archwires; Take impressions and x-rays; Remove the suture; providing patient education; and perform clerical, laboratory, and infection control duties.

Students are eligible for the national CDA credential but not recognized by all states and RDA licensure for which each state has its own requirements. There is no guarantee of a license in another state. You can apply and the state licensing department will review your credentials/education and determine eligibility requirements. Please contact the coordinator for more information.

Upon completion of this program, students will be eligible to take the National Board of Dental Assistants’ Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) certification exam and the Michigan Department of Community Health’s Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) exam.

South College Dental Clinic In Nashville, Tn

Life is busy. But it should not stand in the way of your education. DentalAssisting offers a full-time one-year program or a part-time two-year program to help you achieve your goals.

At our dental clinic, you can gain experience working with dentists and patients referred to Helen M. Nickless Medical Clinic.

The Dental Assisting Program has been around since 1969! And hundreds of working residents have graduated from our program.

Transfer degrees between colleges/universities depend on the college/university you are transferring to. Visit Transfer Programs and Procedures to view complete procedures.

Dental Assisting Programs In Mobile, A L Fortis

The college offers 140 degree, certificate and training opportunities. Explore and expand your education with these related programs: The Dental Depot Academy of Dental Assisting is designed to prepare students for work in fast-paced dental offices. The Dental Assistant program teaches students dental theory, the dental assistant’s role as a team member, their legal responsibilities, ethical behavior and professional conduct, and the clinical techniques and skills required to perform in a dental office.

The Dental Depot Academy of Dental Assistants is a 12-week program offered three times a year. Our course schedule 2022-23 is:

This course introduces students to the dental assisting profession, including disease transmission and prevention; laws and ethics that govern the dental industry; Ability to assess the background, knowledge and general health of the patient; and the basic knowledge, fundamentals and techniques of film-based and digital imaging to be able to create diagnostic-quality images.

Students will learn about the human body and how basic human anatomy, physiology and dental morphology play an important role in the role of a dental assistant. Students are able to identify the structure of the oral cavity in detail, learn about the early development of the mouth and any developmental disorders. Students use dental knowledge every day in a career as a dental assistant.

Certified Dental Assistant — Certificate

Students learn about pre-clinical skills and dental care in the dental office, starting with the patient’s first impression of the dental office. Students will learn about the critical role of being part of a dental health team; Ensure that patients receive quality care and education.

Students will learn why dental materials are an integral part of most dental procedures and how the role of the dental assistant is an integral part of the dental team. This course provides students with the background knowledge and skills needed to master the use of dental materials used in the clinical setting.

Oral health is an essential part of our overall health and well-being. In this course, participants will learn why it is important for the dental health care team to educate patients about oral hygiene and how it affects our bodies and overall well-being.

This course provides students with a level of knowledge and skills that prepare students for general clinical procedures

Dental Assistant Education And Training

This course provides students with a level of knowledge and skills that prepare them for fixed prostheses, removable prostheses, and temporary restorative procedures.

This course provides participants with a level of knowledge and skills that prepares them for advanced specialty procedures.

Students learn the business aspects of dental practice. Students will learn how to effectively manage and operate it.

In this course, students will apply and develop their basic knowledge and skills as a dental assistant in a clinical setting. They demonstrate and build on the basic skills and abilities learned during the program to achieve the qualification standards for professional dental assistants.

Dental Assisting School Mesa, Az

This course expands on the values ​​of professionalism: competence, fairness, integrity, responsibility, respect and service that surround people on a daily basis. Students learn about the importance of continuing education in the dental industry. Students will learn skills in how to create a professional resume, cover letter and reference sheet, as well as interview techniques and etiquette.

In this course, students will apply knowledge and skills in a clinical setting, where they will meet learning standards throughout the program. Students are evaluated and held to high standards that meet the requirements to become a professional dental assistant.

Dental Depot Academy students are uniquely positioned upon graduation to explore career opportunities in dental support of Dental Depot’s clinical practice.

Although not included in the Dental Depot Academy curriculum, there are three additional advanced responsibilities that dental assistants can perform through the Oklahoma Dental Foundation. Click here for more information.

Coconino Community College

Dentistry is regulated by each state dental board. Expanded Clinical Responsibilities for Dental Assistants: In the state of Oklahoma, the four recognized expanded responsibilities for dental assistants are as follows:

During the program, Dental Depot Academy will agree to complete a radiation safety course with the Oklahoma Dental Foundation (ODF) and take an exam to obtain an expanded mandatory certificate in radiation safety. All other advanced mandatory certificates are earned upon completion of the program.

CPR provided by the American Heart Association/Health Care Provider or American Red Cross/Professional Rescuer is required for a dental assistant with a service license. NYSMDS is licensed and certified. Earn your dental assistant certificate in 10 months from our program. Now talk to an admissions officer.

The New York School for Medical and Dental Assistants in Queens, New York serves dental students in Manhattan, New Jersey, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens and offers a New York State License Dental Assistant program. Call us to register: 718-793-2330.

Earn Your Dental Assistant Certificate

In New York

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