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Colleges That Offer Marine Biology – One look at New College’s small class sizes, specialist marine biology faculty, waterfront location and marine facilities, and you’ll understand why so many students seek to pursue their interest in marine biology either through courses or through a marine through a biology concentration area. ,

A concentration area in marine biology allows students to build a strong foundation in basic biological concepts, with an emphasis on marine organisms and ecosystems. This degree is designed to prepare students for graduate or professional studies in marine biology, biological oceanography or related fields, as well as for professional careers in marine or environmental fields.

Colleges That Offer Marine Biology

New College is located in Sarasota Bay and our students have the opportunity to study and conduct research at the Pritzker Marine Biology Research Center located on the bayside campus. The center is home to more than 100 aquariums, anchored by 15,000-gallon research and demonstration tanks. Each tank at the Living Ecosystem Teaching and Research Aquarium features different captive ecosystems, including cold-water rocky beaches and Sarasota Bay grass flats. Through a natural filtration system designed by students, the center draws and recycles water from Sarasota Bay.

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In this introductory course in oceanography, we will start with an introduction to the ocean-planet Earth, followed by an explanation of plate tectonics (paleogeography), oceanic provinces, marine sediments, the main physical and chemical properties of seawater and air-sea interactions. with the atmosphere. We will also cover ocean circulation, waves and tides. Finally, we will study marine life, biological productivity, sedimentary and benthic biota, and human interactions with the ocean, including exploitation and pollution.

Pritzker Marine-Biology Research Center New College of Florida is the only liberal arts college in the country with a marine research center on campus. LEARN MORE Immerse yourself in research and study at the Florida Keys Marine Biology Station for one semester. Building on the more than 50-year-old marine biology program at the college, the college has added a new marine biology semester in the Florida Keys (beginning in 2019-20). During this semester-long residential program, students with the marine biology track will take 2 courses in a college environmental and marine science major, complete an internship with a local marine organization, and collect data for their senior thesis research project – During their stay in the unique for the college J.N. Roth Marine Biology Station in the culturally rich and diverse environment of Layton, Florida. The marine biology semester is offered annually for 10 weeks in the autumn semester.

Students take BIOL 232 Oceanography on campus before participating in field courses. It serves as a prerequisite for BIOL 304 Marine Biology, a 3-week May term class. In this class, students begin their senior thesis research work. Coursework during the marine biology semester includes two intensive field classes (BIOL 334 Marine Ecology and BIOL 343 Invertebrate Zoology), combined with daily snorkeling excursions, morning lectures, and evening laboratory activities. Roth Marine Biology Station.

Students complete 120 hours of practice during the semester and earn three credits. Potential internships include: Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Florida Marine Research Institute, National Park Service, REF, Mote Marine Lab, Keys Marine Lab, and Florida Sea Grant, etc.

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Before moving to FL, students take BIOL 331 Junior Seminar to complete the literature review and design a research project suitable for completion during their marine biology coursework in FL. During the semester, students complete their independent research project to fulfill the requirement for a senior thesis. Back on campus, students enroll in BIOL 410 Senior Seminar to analyze data and complete their final research paper. This is an ad-supported website. Featured or Trusted Partner programs and all school searches, finds or match results are for schools that indemnify us. This compensation does not affect school rankings, resource guides or other editorially independent information published on this site.

A Bachelor of Marine Biology is an ideal choice for students interested in studying marine animals in their natural habitats. This PhD is also a potentially lucrative career option. According to PayScale, a global compensation research organization, the average salary for a marine biologist is $51,538 per year. A marine biology degree can prepare students for entry-level positions in the marine science field and lay the foundation for graduate studies. In this ranking, we explore the 20 best values ​​for a bachelor’s degree in marine biology.

To develop this ranking of the 20 most valuable bachelor’s degree programs in marine biology, our editors consulted the NCES College Navigator to identify the schools and universities across the country with the lowest tuition rates under $42,000 per year. These schools offered bachelor’s degree programs in marine biology. This search returned 78 results, listed in the United States. Accreditation with major publications such as the U.S. News and World Report, limited using specific criteria such as affordability and ranking.

Florida Institute of Technology’s Bachelor of Marine Biology is a four-year program that enrolls first-year students into the Marine Biology major. From the beginning, students take classes such as biological exploration, general chemistry, and introduction to marine biology. First-year students also immerse themselves in laboratory work and marine biological research. Florida Tech provides access to eight teaching laboratories, 12 state-of-the-art research laboratories, and an indoor aquaculture facility consisting primarily of wet laboratory space. Students also have access to the Vero Beach Marine Laboratory, an off-campus facility on the Atlantic Ocean where most large-scale cultural activities are carried out. In addition to state-of-the-art facilities, Florida Tech has been ranked by US News & World Report as a top national institution.

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Nova Southeastern University’s marine biology program provides graduate students with opportunities to explore the physical science and intricacies of the marine world. The preparation includes a curriculum covering the fundamentals of ecology, ecosystems and laboratory techniques, as well as the study of animals, chemistry and physics of the marine world. Marine biology courses include the biology of fish, coral reefs and coral communities, mangrove ecology and conservation, food web dynamics, the natural history of South Florida, and sharks and their relatives. The NSU campus provides access to Florida’s southern coastal environment and marinas for this bachelor’s program in marine biology. NSU ranks as the 191st best national university by US News & World Report.

The Bachelor of Marine Biology program at the University of Tampa is a dual degree in marine science and biology. The curriculum is mostly fixed, but allows for some flexibility. Students can design their degree around a specific area of ​​interest through elective courses. Some of the courses offered include environmental chemistry, marine ecology and physical oceanography. The school’s location near the Florida Keys provides rich experiential learning opportunities, and international study experiences are also available. OSS UT’s reputation has been recognized by major publications such as the U.S. News and World Report. In fact, the U.S. News ranks UT #20 among the best regional universities in the South.

The Bachelor of Marine Biology offered by Alaska Pacific University is technically a BS in Marine and Environmental Science with an emphasis in Marine Biology. In addition to basic studies, students take 82 credits of major studies directly related to marine science such as ecology, environmental physics and human impact in marine systems. Marine biology electives include topics such as coastal ecosystems, coral reef ecology, seabirds and marine mammals. Bachelor’s degree students in the Marine Biology program will also participate in research, practice and a culminating project. According to US News & World Report, APU ranks #64 among best regional universities in the West.

Study Oceanography and Fisheries at one of the best marine biology schools! Graduated from the University of Rhode Island in marine biology.

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The University of Rhode Island offers a diverse bachelor’s program in marine biology that allows students to customize their degree by studying related areas of marine science such as aquaculture and fisheries, geology and geological oceanography, marine environmental economics and marine archeology, etc. provides the opportunity for . In addition, the school offers double degrees in marine biology and marine engineering, as well as a minor in marine biology. Electives allow students to diversify their degree and take classes in coral reef ecology, fish evolution and diversity, and marine environmental physiology. The University of Rhode Island is ranked #157 among best national universities by US News & World Report due to the school’s performance across a wide range of accepted indicators of excellence.

The College of Charleston offers a research-intensive undergraduate program in marine biology that prepares students for careers in marine science and provides a foundation for graduate study in the field. Required courses for the major include biology of fish, biology of invertebrates, general ecology, and oceanography. Students are also invited to choose from a long list of electives, which include comparative anatomy of vertebrates, oceanographic research, principles of neurobiology and more. Students in marine biology also have the opportunity to study abroad. The College of Charleston ranks with US News & World Report as the 11th best regional university in the South. Several master’s programs have also received top rankings.

Hands-on lab experience at one of the top marine biology schools – Montclair State University’s Bachelor of Marine Biology.

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