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Colleges That Offer Marine Engineering

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Top Marine Engineering Colleges In India

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Institute Of Marine Engineering, Science And Technology

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Associate Degree Program

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List Of Marine Engineering Colleges In Tamil Nadu

Best B.Tech Marine Engineering Colleges in Chennai, Tamil Nadu – Course Details, Admission, Fields and Opportunities 2022 – 23 On Rankings and Reviews

Best B.Tech Marine Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu – Course Details, Admission, Fields and Opportunities 2022 – 23 Rankings and Reviews

“See where the sky meets the sea?” He calls me and no one knows how far he is. If the wind of my ship at sea is behind me, one day I will know…”

Does this sound familiar to you? Yes, it’s from the song “How Far I’ll Go Go” from the movie Moana. One of my favorite songs. Why am I talking about myself now? Of course, I’m not here to say how much I appreciate you. So I couldn’t resist trying this song on my blog.

Maritime Employers Needed To Match With Apprentices

It is worth saying that the song has a very rich and deep meaning. However, I am talking here about the literal meaning of the words. In order to know what is beyond the line, man invented a floating vehicle (ship/ship) to explore the other side of the world, which is connected to the sea. As the lyrics say, “If the wind stays behind me in my boat at sea… one day I’ll know”. For that “one day” to come, you’ll need a well-built boat to safely reach shore.

I doubt you have seen the movie Moana at least once. If not, and you want to become a marine engineer, I suggest you check it out and come back to our blog post. Do you remember how Moana failed her first few tests? And the obvious reason is that his boat/boat is designed only for fishing and not for going far offshore. And that’s why you need to study Marine Engineering; To build a ship designed and built to cross the ocean. The only way to communicate and interact with 70% of our planet is by boat.

“I am not afraid of storms, because I am learning how to steer my own ship” – Louisa May Alcott B.Tech The Fee Structure of Marine Engineering Course in various colleges in Chennai is given below and includes fees, meals and includes accommodation It includes all management. . A period of 4 years. Note: We request all readers to check with the university for exact fee structure before proceeding.

I’m sure you already have a picture of marine engineering in your head. In one sentence, marine engineering is basically a study that involves the construction, design and maintenance of seagoing vessels such as ships and boats. Marine engineering also deals with equipment that is used on ships and other machines that are needed while operating a ship.

Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agriculture And Technology

A boat is a complex vehicle with many sophisticated equipment. Marine engineers are taught how to build, maintain and maintain these tools and equipment. Marine engineering covers the basics of various engineering paths such as electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science and electrical engineering.

Marine engineers oversee mechanical systems such as propulsion plants, power generation machines, fuel and lubrication systems, etc. Keeping well-designed records of all equipment and ensuring timely maintenance are part of the basic duties of a marine engineer. Marine engineers must be alert in times of emergency failures and are required to make efficient repairs. Working under the Chief Engineer, Marine Engineers must be good at following instructions and most importantly, comfortable at sea for long periods.

The first and most important thing to do when you become a marine engineer is to do a four-year marine engineering course. B.E and B.Tech programs in marine engineering are the best options as they comprehensively cover all aspects of becoming a qualified marine engineer. B.Tech in Marine Engineering not only gives candidates a thorough theoretical knowledge of all the concepts but also basic practical work which is very important.

Once a candidate completes B.Tech in Marine Engineering, a qualified candidate can operate a ship and can join a ship as a junior engineer, which is a shorter training phase. A junior engineer is also known as the fifth engineer and can move up the value chain by gaining the necessary lead time. With enough sea time, marine engineers have to pass various exams at different stages to be promoted.

The Department Of Marine Engineering Technology

For example, a fifth engineer has to pass the class IV exam to become a fourth engineer. A fourth engineer must pass class III examination to become a third engineer. To become a Chief Engineer, a candidate must have at least 6-8 years of sea time and pass Class I experience.

A candidate may be required to complete a set of short-term technical courses to increase the chances of landing a good post at sea.

A candidate must be at least 17 years old while the maximum age is 25 years. The position is more relaxed for SC/ST and other reserved categories who have been given an extension of 5 years. Some institutes accept only unmarried candidates.

To become a Marine Engineer, a candidate should ideally possess a B.Tech. or B.E. in Marine Engineering. Another option is to get a B.Sc. Pursuing a 1-year graduate marine engineering course in Nautical Science or to gain relevant marine experience before applying for a Certificate of Competence (CoC).

Best Marine Engineering College | Colleges By Eurotech On Deviantart

If you are not interested in spending 3-4 years on a graduate program, taking a short-term (6-month) general purpose classification course that focuses on specific areas of the ocean is one way to enter the maritime industry. . However, those doing B.Tech in Marine Engineering start higher positions than CGP rated candidates who have to struggle a lot in the initial few years.

A candidate has to clear the approved Marine Engineering Entrance Test to get admission in B.Tech Marine Engineering course. Here are the most popular ones:

The entrance exam will have questions from Physics, Chemistry, Logical Reasoning, English and Mathematics. The candidate must pass all medical tests

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