Colleges That Offer Sports Management Degrees

Colleges That Offer Sports Management Degrees – Accelerated degrees reduce the time spent in class. Accelerated online master’s programs allow students to earn a master’s degree online in less than two years. For the sake of this ranking, we examined accelerated online masters in sports management programs. The Master’s in Sports Management is a versatile bachelor’s degree that can be completed entirely online and without meeting on campus. With accelerated options, students earn this degree in less than two years. In fact, some of the programs on our list last only one year.

We looked at more than 300 colleges and universities listed by the Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) College Navigator that offer online master’s programs in sports management. To narrow our original pool of schools, we selected institutions that offer an accelerated online master’s degree in sports management. To find the top 50 programs, we used the following criteria: national or regional accreditation (school and/or program), accelerated track (turnaround time of less than two years), and institution rankings with at least one major publication such as US News and World Report. . Next, we ranked the top 50 accelerated online sports management programs based on raw ability.

Colleges That Offer Sports Management Degrees

The University of Miami offers an accelerated online master’s degree in sports management that is taught entirely online and can be completed in just 20 months while taking only one course at a time. The program and the institution as a whole have a strong tradition in collegiate sports, as well as ties to many professional franchises. Also, the U.S. The university has been ranked in several national rankings by News & World Report, including #57 in National Universities and #77 in Best Value Schools. Featured courses include Advanced Sports Information Management, Contemporary Issues in Kinesiology and Sports Science, Ethical Decision Making in Sports, and Financial Management in Sports Administration.

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The University of Indianapolis offers one of the best online sports management programs in the industry. The program can be completed in just 12 months with a full-time study load. Part-time students can graduate in just 20 months. The program is accredited by the Sport Management Accreditation Commission to award a bachelor’s degree to those who successfully complete all requirements. Students concerned with academic quality should know that the University of Indianapolis is ranked 228 among national universities and 176 in social mobility by US News & World Report. Courses include the fundamentals of athletics administration, human resource management, and monetization in athletics.

Drexel University’s Masters in Sports Management online offers prospective students the opportunity to earn a business-oriented sports management degree that leads to a successful career. The program offers full- and part-time enrollment options and the ability to transfer up to 15 credits into the 45-credit program. Graduates have gone on to careers as sports agents, athletic directors, coaches, sports marketing directors, financial analysts and more. Students can take sports management courses such as corporate sponsorship sales and strategies in sports, development and fundraising strategies in sports, gender equity in high school and collegiate sports, and labor relations and collective bargaining in sports.

American University offers a 30-credit, 20-month accelerated online master’s degree in sports management and analytics. With the rise of data analysis and statistics used to improve sports performance and results, the American University program is positioned to prepare graduates with the necessary skills and knowledge in analytical sports analysis and management. Students learn the latest research, kinesiology and technology that drives performance. In addition, students learn essential business skills in the context of sports. Courses may include data-driven decision making, innovation through new technologies, and intercultural communication for professionals. US News & World Report ranks American University #77 among national universities and #82 among best value schools.

Robert Morris University offers one of the top online sports management programs embedded within the MBA curriculum. Through the RMU School of Business, fully online programs allow students to customize their degree to pursue their desired career path. The program can be completed in less than two years. In particular, the program does an excellent job of preparing students for careers in business analysis, project management, and supply chain/logistics. All of these skills are extremely valuable in sports-related contexts, including schools, sports franchises, marketing companies, and more. The institution is ranked #202 in National Universities and #159 in Social Mobility by U.S. News & World Report.

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For those seeking a one-year online master’s degree in sports management, Northeastern University offers a competitive program that is fully accredited by The Commission on Sport Management Accreditation and takes only 1.5-2 years to complete. In addition, the program is hosted by Northeastern’s College of Professional Studies, home to the nation’s #40 ranked national institution according to US News & World Report. Courses include prevention of gender-based violence, developing your leadership skills, introduction to the digital age, the power of social media and bystander strategies for leadership and organization in sport. GRE is not required for admission.

Full Sail University’s master’s degree in sports management online is an accelerated degree program focused on preparing students for careers in the entertainment industry. The program can be completed in just seven months for those with at least five years of management or leadership experience. Those with less than five years of leadership or management experience can graduate in just 12 months. Curriculum includes courses in entertainment business finance, executive leadership and sports marketing and sponsorship sales. It prepares students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the industry. Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Full Sail Career Schools and Colleges.

Students considering an online sports management program will find Southern New Hampshire University’s program a reasonable choice in terms of quality and value. The Sports Management degree is embedded in the institution’s MBA program and provides students with critical skills and competencies to navigate a career in the sports world. Students graduating with this degree are well prepared to take on management and leadership roles within a variety of sporting contexts and learn core business functions such as sports marketing, sports finance and more. Courses may include Internationalization of Sports Business, Management of Sports Organizations, Sport Management, and Sport and Society. This accelerated program can be completed in just 15 months.

The University of Illinois offers a degree such as a one-year online master’s degree in sports management along with an 18-month bachelor’s degree in recreation, sport and tourism. The 36-credit offering is housed in the College of Applied Health Sciences and is part of the prestigious University of Illinois, ranked 48th best national institution by US News & World Report. In addition, the university is ranked 126 among the best value schools and 52 among the most innovative schools. The Recreation, Sports and Tourism bachelor’s degree is delivered entirely online, making it an excellent option for working or site-bound adults who are unable or unwilling to attend classes on campus.

Ohio’s Master Of Sports Administration Program Ranks Top 2 In The World By Sportbusiness For 11th Consecutive Year

Northcentral University, located in San Diego, California, offers an accelerated online master’s degree in sports management that can be completed in just 15 months from the time of enrollment. The program consists of 30 credits and is delivered asynchronously, meaning there is no specific time that students must be available online. In addition, students can receive one-on-one advice from faculty members and there are no tedious group projects in the curriculum. Students are able to build peer networks, but not rely on others for their course grades. The program focuses on sports and athletic management leading to top administrative and coaching jobs. Graduates work in all levels and sports-related contexts as athletic directors, coaches, and more.

Temple University’s online sports management program is designed for mid- and senior-level professionals who want to use a bachelor’s degree in sports business for better career opportunities. The program is administered by Temple’s School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality and Management and is best described as an MBA for sports management professionals. All courses are online with no residency requirements, allowing students to graduate in just 13-15 months. For context, the Class of 2018 had an average GPA of 3.2 with 10 years of work experience. Sports management classes include consumer behavior in sports and entertainment, legal issues in sports and entertainment, sports finance and economics, and sports media and communications.

California University of Pennsylvania offers an accelerated online sports management degree that can be completed in 13 or 17 months. The curriculum offers three concentrations in Peer Athletic Administration, Sports Management Generalist, and Strategic Sports Analysis. Courses include leadership and management in sports, legal aspects in sports, public relations in sports and socio-cultural aspects of sports. Admission is on an aggregate basis and applicants must submit proof of undergraduate degree and minimum 3.0 GPA, transcripts and resume. No test scores are required to apply. U.S. The institution is ranked 129th in Top Regional Universities North and 72nd in Top Social Mobility by News & World Report.

Canisius College’s online master’s degree in sports management, located in the School of Education and Human Services, is an accelerated degree offered entirely through distance learning that can be pursued.

Sport Management Bachelor’s Degree Program

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