Colleges That Offer Sports Marketing

Colleges That Offer Sports Marketing – Georgia College is now giving students the opportunity to enter the growing world of sports management with the introduction of the Sports Management Pathway this fall.

“This program was developed to meet the growing demand for professionals interested in careers in business and sports/fitness,” said Lisa Jellum, Chair of Kinesiology and Wellness. “This pathway allows graduates to pursue a career in sport, taking on a range of roles including coach, booking agent, event coordinator, fitness specialist, facilities manager, sports marketer, sales coordinator or serving the guest relations.”

Colleges That Offer Sports Marketing

Sports management is more than professional athletes and ball games. It’s big business, full of big budget decisions and tough negotiations that will require managers to use their knowledge of health, fitness, business and law. Graduates of the Sports Management Pathway may go on to organize the Super Bowl, work for the New York Yankees, or create a facilities plan for a major college or university. For example, other graduates may try to oversee and manage a youth basketball league or recreation department in their local town.

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“A sports management degree is a great stepping stone for people looking to get involved in both the business side of the industry, including marketing, management and ownership, and sports and entertainment,” Jellum said. “There are lucrative job opportunities for people in this field of study.”

Sports management requires the integration of skills related to planning, organizing, leading, controlling, budgeting, directing and evaluating in the context of an organization or department whose main product or service is related to sport or physical activity.

Students who complete this pathway will be prepared to continue their education and expand their career options by transferring to undergraduate programs in areas such as sports management, recreation management , fitness management, outdoor recreation management, or leisure studies.

This website uses cookies. Learn more about our privacy policy at https:///privacy-policy/. Questions or requests, please fill out this form. ACCEPT’s Bachelor of Arts in Sports and Entertainment Marketing is a multidisciplinary study of business principles and processes as applied to the sports and entertainment industry. This undergraduate program is supported by courses in communication, economics, accounting and business. This degree program is designed to prepare students for further graduate study or various career and leadership opportunities in sports business, entertainment and recreation management. The objectives of the program prepare students for the requirements related to the operation of various levels of sports and recreation programs.

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The program’s mission aligns with the University’s mission, which is to explore the true meaning of life, one’s place in the world, and one’s responsibility to others. Accordingly, graduates of this program will leave Thomas More with critical thinking and ethical leadership skills fostered by our liberal arts core. In many classes in history, literature, philosophy, theology and natural sciences, students will develop skills to communicate clearly orally and in writing, as well as make ethical decisions and view situations from more than one point of view.

Most of the students in this program are also athletes, and the department offers evening classes and one day a week for sophomores, juniors, and seniors, allowing flexibility in schedule of courses regarding sports and other commitments.

Classes include readings, discussions, projects, field trips, as well as simulations and reflective assignments that relate their personal experiences to available material. Students will have many opportunities to write papers, make presentations and solve problems, as well as work in groups. Most importantly, students will partner with other like-minded students to collaborate and help each other build a knowledge base and network that will serve each student’s interests. after graduation.

The program director, Dr. Robert Arnold began teaching at Thomas More College in 1995. He holds a Masters in Business Administration, a Juris Doctor and a Ph.D. interdisciplinary studies with a focus on sports marketing. He teaches undergraduate marketing and entertainment courses in marketing and business law, as well as graduate courses in the legal, political and regulatory environment. Before entering the faculty, he practiced law at a small firm in Ft. Thomas, Kentucky. He also has 8 years of professional business experience prior to practicing law.

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Graduates of the Sports and Entertainment Marketing program work in a variety of fields. Many graduates continue their education by obtaining a graduate assistant position and earning a master’s degree in a specific field, such as sports administration. There are some graduates who go on to law school to pursue the field at a higher level. You can find graduates of the program working as coaches, athletic directors, marketing professionals and personal representatives for their clients.

Every student who graduates from a sports and recreation marketing program is required to complete an internship. This is the first step in the process of starting a career in the industry. Many students finish their internships with full-time jobs. Others use their expertise to evaluate certain industries and companies for suitability. Others used their internships to build connections and build a solid resume. Whatever the reason, students will find that gaining this experience is invaluable as they transition from college to full-time professionals.

There are no special requirements for entry. Once you’ve been accepted to university, you can start taking sports and entertainment marketing courses right away in your first year.

There are no specific scholarships available for this program. However, this program is part of the College of Business, which has several scholarships available. Students who may be interested should contact the College of Business regarding opportunities that may exist. Work and study opportunities may also be available to students.

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Peregrine assessment data is obtained by completing an assessment tool developed and administered by Peregrine Global Services. A score of 50 or more indicates average performance compared to the peer group of all ACBSP students. The Bachelor of Science in Sports Marketing is designed to prepare students for an outstanding career with a sports franchise or sports-related corporation. . Whether students want to enter the workforce immediately after graduation or continue their studies with a master’s degree, they will be well prepared.

Students gain solid experience in broad business knowledge by studying the fundamentals of business, including courses in strategy, management, marketing, economics, accounting and finance. In addition, students will focus on skills essential to success in sports marketing – public relations, advertising and professional selling. Our award-winning faculty also helps students develop social media awareness and ethical responsibility, which are must-have skills for sports professionals.

We want to instill in our graduates not only the technical skills they will need in the field of sports marketing, but also to integrate this knowledge with a strong foundation of Christian faith. Graduates are prepared to demonstrate stability, confidence and integrity in their chosen field as effective witnesses for Christ in the important national labor market.

Sports Marketing majors will have the opportunity to explore all areas of business – marketing, management, finance and public relations – and will be taught to connect these disciplines to science and sports promotion in a unique, challenging curriculum.

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We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we’ll assume you’re happy with it.OkPrivacy PolicyGREENVILLE, Pa.– The college’s Office of Communications and Marketing collaborative project with the Department of Athletics has received awards from professional groups in communication and marketing.

Education Promotion Awards win College Brochure for Football Team with Gold Award. College and University Public Relations and Allied Professionals awarded both brochures a bronze in the sports communication category.

The Education Advertising Award received more than 2,350 entries from more than 1,000 colleges, universities and high schools from all 50 states and several foreign countries, while CUPRAP reviewed 450 entries from colleges, universities, agencies and private, specialist and secondary education.

Juries for the Education Advertising Awards are made up of higher education marketers, creative directors in advertising, the National Commission of Marketing and Advertising Professionals and the editorial board of the Higher Education Marketing Report. while the CUPRAP panel includes experts in the field of communication, as well as designers, writers, educators, business managers and media professionals.

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The Higher Education Marketing Report has been the nation’s leading marketing publication for higher education marketing professionals for thirty-five years; read by thousands of higher education marketers.

CUPRAP is a voluntary organization of communication professionals from colleges, universities and independent schools dedicated to promoting awareness of higher education and promoting the professional development of its members. CUPRAP members work in public relations, media relations, marketing, publishing, sports information, web and graphic design, social media and other areas. Participants come from private and public colleges and universities, junior colleges, community colleges, independent schools, and others

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