Colleges That Offer Statistics Major

Colleges That Offer Statistics Major – The best and most affordable Masters in Statistics is one that meets the student’s professional goals without draining his bank account. Online and on-campus math programs are available across the country, which is why the schools and research programs are so important. Whichever program you choose, an online master’s degree in data analysis or statistics can greatly enhance your career if you love numbers and big data. Throughout the program, students learn how to collect and study data, create experiments, analyze information and make estimates. In the following article, we will examine the top 25 schools that offer online master’s degrees in mathematics based on a specific set of ranking criteria.

This ranking list is designed to help students considering a math major choose the school that best meets their academic and career goals. The rankings are based on information from each school’s website, the U.S. News & World Report, and the National College of Education Statistics Navigator website. We conducted a search for Masters in Statistics and narrowed the list of 40 institutions down to the top 25 schools. We have evaluated each institution based on factors such as academic experience and national rankings based on the following criteria.

Colleges That Offer Statistics Major

When prospective students begin comparing graduate schools, one of the first things they look at is tuition and financial aid options. As you begin to narrow down your list of potential schools, remember that cost does not reflect the quality of the program. Above all, you want to find a program that meets your educational and professional goals while staying within your budget. While we’ve provided in- and out-of-state tuition at each school listed, we’ve awarded points based on an average of two values ​​as follows:

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Students considering pursuing a master’s degree in mathematics should also know how any institution they are thinking of attending compares to other similar schools in the U.S. News & World Report, a nationally recognized agency responsible for the ranking of educational institutions, can be an invaluable resource for evaluating schools based on several criteria. For the purposes of this standard, we award points in the “Best Math System” category.

Georgia State University’s College of Arts & Sciences offers a two-year MS in Mathematics degree that provides graduate-level education in mathematics, applied mathematics, analysis and algebra. Graduates of this affordable master’s degree program are prepared for teaching positions in college, business, government, industry, and advanced mathematics courses. Students can follow a general track or choose from one of six possible focuses: mathematics and allied fields, mathematics, computer science, differential mathematics, biostatistics and bioinformatics. The related field, statistics and biostatistics concentration is designed for students pursuing careers as professional statistics in government, business or industry, while the bioinformatics track gives bioinformatics a broad background in applied fields for direct placement in the same field.

Montana State University’s MS degree in mathematics provides students with a solid background in mathematical theory and practical experience in the application of mathematics to real-world issues. Students must complete 14 semester credits of required courses in mathematical reasoning, linear mathematical models, and intermediate mathematical models. Some sample subjects include statistical quality control, biostatistics, mixed effects models, time series analysis and experimental design. Students of this inexpensive master’s degree program must choose a thesis track, which contains 10 credits of thesis and defense in addition to the required courses, or a writing project, which contains one or two additional math credits and a seminar writing project. Both tracks require successful completion of comprehensive examinations, and graduates are prepared for employment in higher education institutions, government, business or industry or other graduate jobs.

New Mexico State University’s College of Business awards an affordable MS in Applied Statistics that provides extensive experience and training in hands-on, hands-on consulting in statistics. Graduate students are encouraged to specialize in a particular subject, and courses provide valuable experience using mathematical and computer software. Students must complete at least 35 credits in mathematics, and courses are divided into categories such as methods, theory, reasoning and options. Faculty members have ongoing and past experience with researchers in fields outside of mathematics such as engineering, education, psychology, fisheries and wildlife, agriculture, and biological sciences.

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West Chester University of Pennsylvania offers an affordable MS in Applied Statistics – an advanced program that combines communication skills, scientific research, computer science and statistical theory. Affordable master’s degree programs emphasize a flexible curriculum, and coursework can be applied to many industries such as pharmaceutical product development, business, life sciences, psychology, computer science, mathematics, and biology. Areas of study include analysis and design of experiments, statistical analysis, statistical computing and data management, and linear models. Students can choose from tracks in biostatistics or business analysis and marketing, and graduates can take advantage of paid research and internship opportunities.

Bowling Green State University offers several different affordable degrees in mathematics and statistics through its College of Arts and Sciences. First, the MA program prepares students for careers in finance, economics, operations research, applied mathematics, computer science, mathematics, and statistics. Students can choose from mathematics, statistics or applied mathematics/scientific computing tracks. An affordable MS in Applied Statistics is also available that prepares graduates for careers in statistics in government, industry or business. The latter two programs include the MS in Analytics and the MA in Teaching in Mathematics.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Eastern Kentucky University offers an affordable 30-hour MA in Applied Mathematics degree. Although students may choose to concentrate in secondary mathematics or applied mathematics and statistics, all students, regardless of track, must complete an applied mathematics capstone and take courses in calculus, integrated programming, and applied linear algebra. As part of the context, students can choose between Statistical Methods Using SAS and Teaching and Research Technologies. This affordable master’s degree program is organized in a blended format that includes three Saturday meetings per semester, and students benefit from small classes with individual attention and a caring and knowledgeable faculty.

The affordable MS in Statistics, offered by the Department of Statistics and Statistics at San Jose State University, is designed for students who wish to become statisticians in industry, government or business. 36 semester units of coursework are required for this degree, including classes in probability theory, programming in SAS, statistical analysis, and projects in applied mathematics, calculus, and statistics. Students must complete 21 units of core courses, 12 units of electives, and a three-unit course in mathematical communication. Students may choose to complete a specific research project or mathematical assignment as part of the course requirements.

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Sam Houston State University awards a 37-hour MS in mathematics designed to produce skilled mathematicians who will be prepared for positions in public service, industry and business. This affordable master’s degree program also provides the necessary educational foundation needed to pursue graduate studies at the doctoral level, and students can choose to complete the program with or without a thesis. Each candidate must complete a comprehensive oral examination, and both the thesis and non-thesis tracks contain courses in areas such as statistical software, test design and analysis, various applied statistical analyses, theory and applications of probability and statistics. , and modeling and regression analysis.

Students pursuing an affordable MS in Applied Statistics from California State University, Long Beach must complete at least 30 graduate-level and 400-level units in statistics, including courses in experimental design, statistical inference and regression analysis. Other areas of study include survey sampling, statistical quality control, non-parametric statistics, multivariate statistical analysis, and statistical analysis. Graduate students have three options to complete this affordable master’s degree program: pass two comprehensive written exams in Experimental Design and Statistical Inference, write a statistical thesis and defend it orally, or complete a non-proprietary statistical project with an industrial company under the supervision of a statistical advisor , write a final report, and present the project and results orally to the department.

At the University of Houston, Downtown, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics provides students with a cost-effective education that responds to the increasing use of mathematical and statistical techniques in industry, government and business. Graduate students can pursue a 36 credit hour MS in Data Analytics that provides students with a comprehensive education in data presentation, data analysis, digital data management, digital data acquisition and advanced analytics. Students complete 27 hours of core courses and six hours of interdisciplinary application courses and an internship or capstone experience. In the final semester, graduate students have the opportunity to engage in real-world projects or research with faculty members.

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