Colleges That Offer Zoology Degrees

Colleges That Offer Zoology Degrees – Our zoology courses provide a fundamental understanding of zoology through a variety of laboratory experiences combined with the study of facts and theories.

All students engage in research activities through a wide range of research courses, independent studies or a thesis. Excellent internship opportunities, study abroad initiatives and ‘s Rice Creek Field Station make our zoology program a coveted degree in its own right or in preparation for veterinary school.

Colleges That Offer Zoology Degrees

World-class research facilities and opportunities at the Shineman Center and Rice Creek Field Station make the campus a living laboratory, while a proven track record and alumni network open up a wide variety of internship opportunities. Excel and you can participate in the department’s honors program and summer research opportunities.

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Facilities include our Shineman Center’s many state-of-the-art laboratories and Center for Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, which provide extensive educational opportunities for students, and our large Rice Creek Field Station with a 7,200-square-foot laboratory facility.

This 330-acre living laboratory dedicated to scientific research includes classrooms, telescope equipment, and a network of walking trails.

My major is notoriously challenging, which it is, but the major offers so many options that can help me go in any direction professionally. The classes are fun and the labs are so convenient to my learning that it really helps me grow as a student.

By participating in many years of research, I have gained experience that will help me to initiate future projects. Studying abroad in Honduras and Australia have been life changing experiences that have enhanced my education in every possible way.

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By studying subjects in many areas of study, I feel like the courses have pushed me in directions I would never have taken had I not taken those courses. For example, almost all of physics would have been a mystery to me if I hadn’t spent the whole year of it in the lab.

My research experiences have taught me valuable skills that I can apply to my future career and has enabled me to apply for positions and internships that I would not otherwise have qualified for.

With faculty approval, participate in the honors program, which gives you the opportunity to pursue advanced topics and work with faculty on a one-to-one basis.

Ready to start? We are here to make the application process as smooth as possible. Simply answer a few short questions and you will receive your individual application guide. The nation’s first online zoology degree is taught by nationally renowned biologists at the College of. It includes a wide range of animal biology courses and opens up opportunities for jobs in conservation, animal research and more.

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The College of is proud to announce the launch of the nation’s first online bachelor’s degree in zoology. The bachelor’s degree in zoology is one of Oregon State University’s longest-running and most popular majors, and the only one offered in the entire state of Oregon. Now, the distinctive program offers online students nationwide access to a zoology major at Oregon State studying the same robust curriculum as students study on campus.

The complete online program combines the university’s industry-leading online education and the Department of Integrative Biology’s deep expertise in zoology and life. OSU has taught life courses, including zoology, for more than 100 years.

“The state of Oregon is developing a strong online presence,” said Sally Hacker, professor of integrative biology at the College of Washington. “Students in the online zoology program learn from faculties that are nationally recognized in their teaching and research from each location, and can tailor their studies to their interests in animal biology through a range of core and elective courses.”

Launched last summer with an initial enrollment of 35 students, the program continues to grow with increased awareness and online presence. This is a strong start for a new online education program offered by OSU Ecampus, the university’s online learning unit. OSU’s Ecampus online undergraduate program was ranked #3 in the nation by the News & World Report in January 2019, marking the fifth consecutive year for Ecampus in the top 10.

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“Expanding online learning programs at the College of is one way we are fulfilling our Land Grant mission, essentially by making education accessible to people who might not otherwise have access,” said Brock McLeod, Senior Academic Advisor in the Department of Integrative Biology. “Online courses not only create greater access, they also support on-campus students in all majors with graduation by providing more flexibility for those who need more scheduling options.”

Students in the online zoology program study all aspects of animal biology—from genes to ecosystems. Zoology courses in particular cover important areas of life, including genetics, physiology, ecology, evolutionary and conservation biology.

And as with on-campus zoology majors, students enrolled in the online zoology program are strongly encouraged to undertake internships and study abroad. An experiential learning option allows students to enroll in marine summer courses offered at OSU’s Hatfield Marine Center in Newport, Oregon.

“Students in the online zoology program learn from faculties that are nationally recognized in their teaching and research from each location, and can tailor their studies to their interests in animal biology.”

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The College of anticipates further advances in online education in the coming years. It currently offers almost 70 online courses with courses in biology, chemistry courses and labs, mathematics, physics and statistics.

The Department of Integrative Biology has had notable success with its online introductory biology course series and a unique 3-D virtual microscope – a WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies Outstanding Work (WOW) winner two years ago. The award recognizes innovative, technology-based solutions that transform the university’s learning experience.

OSU zoology graduates can find jobs in a variety of fields, including animal care and husbandry, curatorial and museum management, laboratory animal research, field biology and conservation, and environmental management and policy.

Ecologist Francis Chan is leading a $4.2 million project to study stressors facing Dungeness crabs and other marine life in climate change A degree in zoology can lead to a wealth of opportunities. Our graduates are game changers, they have: worked all over the world, won the Nobel Prize, studied zoology, ecology, medicine, veterinary medicine and pharmacy, saved endangered species, made nature films and shaped environmental and biodiversity politics.

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Zoology degrees provide specific knowledge of animal biology and related academic disciplines, including physiology, ecology, conservation, embryonic development, evolution, parasitology, entomology, and wildlife biology in both marine and terrestrial environments.

Courses and activities conducted in Years 3 and 4 provide students with the opportunity to learn and practice high-level skills in evaluating evidence, critical thinking, quantitative analysis, and written and oral communication. This broad and transferable knowledge provides a solid scientific framework for creative thinking and the study of the natural world and its interactions with human society.

A strong interest in nature, conservation and evolution led me to a degree in zoology. The course did not disappoint anyone. Excursions to Northern Ireland, Glendalough and Kenya were the highlights of this course for me. Not only do they offer a stimulating and exciting way of learning, you get to know your fellow students and lecturers personally and feel welcome at the institution. In combination with lectures by dedicated employees who are world-leading experts in their field, I have acquired in-depth knowledge that I can take with me into my professional future.

During the first two (freshman) years, the student takes a series of courses in biology and science. Entry into zoology is via TR060 Biological and biomedical sciences.

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In the Junior Sophister (JS, 3rd) year, students have a mix of compulsory and elective specializations building on the fundamentals of biology during the freshman years, with an additional focus in the Senior Sophister (SS, 4th) year through a Selection of small – group tutorials and the project and the thesis. These electives allow students to choose their desired balance of courses for a general zoology degree. Both Sophister years have a strong emphasis on ‘hands on’ aspects, with a high laboratory component and a choice of local and international field trips.

BA (Mod.) in Zoology is a four-year degree with access through the Science degree (TR060). The places in TR060 are assigned by the CAO according to Leaving Certificate Points and there is a corresponding conversion for Abitur and other qualifications – ask the admissions office for the current scale.

Our graduates develop an excellent basis for diverse careers. We are proud of the achievements of our graduates who have achieved success in a variety of industries including: academic research, education, veterinary medicine, journalism, engineering, banking, exploration, tourism, environmental consulting, career development, conservation, natural resource management, public service, aquaculture and filmmaking. Throughout our undergraduate studies, here we provide inspiration, guidance, feedback and practice so students can begin fulfilling and lifelong learning in zoology and science, whatever their goal after graduation.

From arriving at college to taking your final exams, Student 2 Student (S2S) is here to ensure your first

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