Colleges With Culinary Arts Majors

Colleges With Culinary Arts Majors – Food is God’s gift that unites everyone in the world – everyone eats and everyone enjoys eating great food. When you study culinary arts, you go beyond a great culinary education, learning how to reflect God in the beauty, creativity and craftsmanship of food.

You will also learn how God uses food to remind us of His dependence on everything, and how He created the temporary satisfaction that people find in food to draw people to Himself as the only one who truly satisfies their souls.

Colleges With Culinary Arts Majors

As you prepare to become a professional chef, you will have a solid foundation in the concepts of the culinary arts. You will learn how to create delicious dishes from scratch, prepare food using a variety of cooking methods and develop complex flavors. In addition, you will gain valuable experience in a variety of settings to hone your culinary skills.

Culinary Arts Program

As part of your degree, you will develop the essential skills of estimating food costs so you know how much each meal costs and how you can make a profit as a food business. You’ll also take the ServSafe exam, a certified food and beverage safety exam administered by the National Restaurant Association. Many businesses in the food industry require employees to pass a pre-employment test, so you’ll be ready for your career right after you graduate.

Culinary arts is a two-year associate degree, but you may want to pursue a bachelor’s degree in another field. It usually takes three additional years to earn a bachelor’s degree.

With more than 20 million employees, the food industry needs Christians who walk faithfully to Christ. You will take maths courses that will improve your English and speaking skills, as well as food costs to improve your communication skills. Your Bible course will help you build a solid foundation in the truth of God’s Word so that you know what you believe in God and why you believe it. You will also be inspired to live out your faith in your workplace and share the good news of Jesus Christ with those around you.

Culinary Arts is a very important major and most of your class schedule is predetermined based on the courses you need. Therefore, the opportunity to attend additional courses will be less. If you still want to take additional Bible or liberal arts courses, you can take online courses during the summer.

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Maggie McDowell, ’14 Culinary Arts is not a major. The culinary arts are a family within a profession! The chefs have helped me improve and develop my God’s gift in the kitchen. They are more than teachers. I consider them family because of the care and dedication they have given in my life, helping me live a life dedicated to food and most importantly to Christ. I am encouraged to grow and challenged to become a better person as well as a better cook.

The Career Services Department assists students and alumni with career counseling, continuing education, job searches, hiring conferences and more.

The Culinary Arts Program is a hands-on program. It’s about cooking, developing tastes, experimenting and training you to be a great cook. During your training, you will work with commercial kitchen equipment and experience real kitchen conditions. With limited kitchen space, you will learn the importance of communicating with your classmates and organizing your tools and materials.

There will be plenty of opportunities for hands-on culinary experiences. In the first semester of each year, you can attend our Friday bistro meal. In the second semester, you will have the opportunity to participate in a special dinner event one night where you and your classmates will be responsible for preparing and serving a 6-course meal.

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At this event, you’ll learn how to choose flavors that appeal to the senses, appreciate each flavor for profit, and give your customers a great dining experience.

There are many opportunities to test your skills in a professional restaurant setting. Culinary Arts attracts several events on and off campus. Each catering event is carefully selected to provide you with valuable food service experience and help you familiarize yourself with all aspects of the industry.

The Culinary Arts Faculty is a member of the American Culinary Federation, a nationally recognized culinary organization, and has earned degrees and professional certifications including Certified Pastry Chef through the ACF Food Safety Manager certification and ServSafe through the National Restaurant Association.

They have over 45 years of combined culinary experience and an additional 15 years of teaching experience. About this program Your future in the culinary arts begins at Penn College. Professional faculty, small class sizes, and hands-on approach to education are just the beginning. Change your culinary creativity. Explore classic, regional and international American cuisine, styles and techniques. Take a tour of the world of flavors and come to a career you can truly enjoy for years to come.

Culinary Arts Programs

The exemplary program represents the highest educational standards recognized by the American Culinary Federation Education Accreditation Committee (ACFEFAC). This award is presented to programs that demonstrate full compliance with ACFEFAC accreditation requirements, along with good program management in the most recent visiting team report.

At Penn College, we believe that your educational experience should extend beyond your major. Real-world preparation means a broader approach that develops communication skills, inspires collaboration and encourages exploration of the arts, history and science.

Futures is a perspective that offers a different way to understand, interact with and influence the world. Students identify, interpret and apply approaches used by academics and professionals to study, analyze or understand problems and propose solutions.

Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the teaching kitchen and Le Jeune Chef, our upscale casual dining restaurant on campus. Hands-on labs allow students to put their talents on the table and work with real clients.

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Le Jeune Chef, our open and lively learning environment all year round, is another way to prepare for tomorrow.

Do you think Penn College might be right for you? Make a plan to learn what it’s like to go and learn hands-on.

“The Kentucky Derby wouldn’t be possible without the contributions of the Penn College kids. It’s amazing. They’re passionate. Their passion, their work ethic is second to none. They’re great kids.”

Penn College’s strong partnerships influence every step of your journey—from your first day in the classroom and lab to your career (often before graduation) and beyond.

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This national organization promotes the image of American chefs. Students are encouraged to join and obtain ACF certification. Graduates of this program who maintain active Junior membership in their local ACF chapter can earn free certification as Certified Chefs.

Your college experience is more than just the classroom. Join one of 65+ clubs and organizations or create your own.

The Spring 2023 issue of Penn College Magazine is available online (and on its way to mailboxes). Troubleshooting and…

See the world through Williamsport. Study abroad and gain experience in your field on a global scale.

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Explore the possibilities and feel what’s to come. Two summer internships provide valuable insight and field experience.

Amaris Smith and Dylan Therrien spent two months relaxing in the kitchen of Le Mas Candil, a luxury hotel and spa in Mougins, France.

There is much more to learn than just lectures and labs. Opportunities like the Kentucky Derby are just one of the many ways we put our students’ learning to work.

Dress Code: Professionalism is the signature of this degree and is an expectation of performance and appearance. Standards of finish and personal appearance are strictly adhered to. Students must have clean hair (a clean mustache above the lips is allowed), and their hair must be neat (above the ears and collar for men; tied and under the hat for women, and if necessary, use a net – not pulled too far) . Excessive makeup and jewelry, such as rings, watches, earrings, or any visible piercing style, are prohibited in the lab. Students in table service and/or wine and beverage training may wear appropriate cosmetics, watches and stylish earrings. Hair must be maintained – French braid or separate fixing/styling required.

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Culinary Arts degree students must meet the uniform and personal appearance standards listed on the academic school’s website in the “Additional Information” section and supported by the National Food Code. All food preparation will be strictly adhered to the same standards for dinners and special events or as dictated by course requirements.

This major is subject to transfer standards set by the college (see https:///access/transfer/transfer-credits). Exceptions must be approved by the School Dean.

Alternative credit refers to academic credit earned through methods other than completing traditional college courses, including: credit by examination;

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